Are Skin Lightening Facial For Men Any Good?


The skin whitening craze has swept thorough Asia, and now it is turning up in every other continent on the planet. The vast majority of customers are female, however there is a trend of skin lightening facial for men products being bought on a more frequent basis.

This isn’t unusual, as a lot of facial lotions and moisturizers are now bought by men, as they start to take care of their appearance. The skin lighteners for the facial area are best if they include a moisturizer, rather than using two different products.

So is skin lightening facial for men any good? Well it all depends on what your intentions are, and what color is your skin prior to starting treatment. If you are doing it just to lighten your skin a little then you are best staying out of the sun, and using a sunscreen (factor 50) when you are in it, along with a hat.

After doing that for 2 to 3 months then your skin tone should have gone one level lighter. This may be enough for some people, and you should try and avoid chemicals are used on your body if at all possible, as they are unnatural.

If you have dark brown skin, then skin lightening facial for men will work best. If you only have skin that is relatively brown, then there will be very little change, regardless of what product you use.

If your skin is extremely dark, then you are best seeking medical advice before you do anything, as a doctor will be able to prescribe super strength treatment. For those with brown to dark brown skin, then you will find that skin lightening facial for men will work the best, and show more positive results.

Which product is used depends on the individual. Not only are there numerous products on the market these day, in fact hundreds of them, some of them come in different strengths. However, just because you have dark skin does not mean that you should start with the strongest.

From a health point of view, as some of these products do contain dangerous chemicals, you should always use the weakest product first. Apply it as per the instructions each day, and keep doing that for at least a month. If you see no noticeable difference, then move to a higher strength product. If you do see a difference, stick with it.

Although some of these whitening products are designed for facial use only, you can buy others to put on the rest of your body. The difference between the facial ones and the body whiteners, is that the ones for your face have to be a lot gentler. The ones for your body do not have to be as gentle, and you will usually find that they are also a bit cheaper.

A word of warning with any chemical products you will be putting on your face, and this also applies to make-up. Apply a very small amount of the product to the back of the hand you use the least, and leave it on for 24 hours. If it doesn’t do anything, then you are fine to use it elsewhere on your body.

If your skin goes red, itchy, or a rash appears, then you cannot use that product. In some severe cases, even applying a small amount to the back of the hand can land someone in hospital who has a severe reaction. So always make sure that when you are testing something, make sure someone else is with you.

After applying the product, pay particular attention to the instructions. Some of them will start to burn after being on awhile, and they may need to be washed off after a certain number of minutes. If that is the case, then do not leave them on longer, as the burning sensation is just that, it is burning your skin, and can result in serious injury, and even scarring.

So be very careful. Some products you just rub into your skin, and that is it, job done, you do not have to wash them off. These are probably the easiest whitening products to use.


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