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An uneven skin tone is an issue that everyone has to contend with at some point in their life. In some cases the uneven skin tone will eventually clear up by itself, this is however a rarity of sorts. Such a chance occurrence thus necessitates that you take some measures to even out the tone of your skin- a scenario that will require that you purchase a skin lightener.

Before you go out shopping for the best skin lighteners you do well to understand how these products work. A short lesson is given below.

If exposed to the sun for prolonged bouts of time the skin develops a condition referred to as hyper pigmentation. This is basically a condition that is associated with the melanocytes – the skin cells that produce the hormone melanin. When an inordinate amount of melanin is produced, that area of the skin becomes darkened; this darkening is the condition that we are referring to as hyper pigmentation.

Hyper pigmentation can occur for a variety of reason, for purposes cosmetic however the article will focus on two. The first reason is referred to as sun spots, where the skin is exposed to harmful rays of the sun – to protect the skin an inordinate amount of melanin is produced. The second instance where this hormone can be released in excess is during periods of pregnancy when the flush of hormones in the system stimulate an increase in the hormone melanin in the system.

There is nothing magical about how the best skin lighteners work. The modus operandi of how these bleaches cum moisturizers work relies on a two pronged approach: First the products (best skin lighteners) have ingredients that minimize the stimulation of melanin. The next stage in the process involves waiting on the processes of nature – the outer layer of the skin slowly erodes away as part of the dead skin cells, and the new shell (sic) that develops is clear. Minus the inordinate secretion of melanin the end result is that you have an even skin tone.

As with all industrial products in the market the best skin lighteners come with their fair share of challenges. If you are an ‘ingredient freak’ then the red flags that you need to look out for are the ingredients Hydroquinone. This product is a constituent of most lighteners and when highly concentrated has been attributed to cases of cancer as well as the further darkening of the skin. Other products that you do well to steer from are those that have a tinge of mercury. Mercury plays havoc on your kidneys and you do well to flee from any product laced with mercury.

For specific brands that pass the test on what are the best skin lighteners, you will need a blow by blow account by reviews more so about their ingredients. Finally you can also pitch a homemade product into the sanctified hallways of the best skin lighteners – a concoction of lemon juice (that has some lightening properties) has usually been known to do the trick.


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