Best Skin Lightening Treatments

Skin lightening treatments includes whiteners, skin brighteners and bleaching creams. They work by reducing melanin, which is a pigment found in the skin. Most people actually use skin lightening treatments to treat skin problems such as acne scars, age spots and skin discoloration that are normally related to hormones. Besides, they are used to lighten natural dark skin. It is important to note that some skin lightening treatments come with side effects. It is therefore advisable to read the label carefully to establish the facts before using any skin lightener, just as you would do with any product.

Let us look at the determinants of skin color. This will help us understand how skin lightening treatments work. The amount of melanin in the skin determines your skin color. This is a pigment produced by melanocytes, which are specialized cells in our bodies. Individuals with dark skin have a higher amount of melanin and vice versa. The amount of melanin in the skin depends on your genetic makeup. Moreover, it can be a matter of exposure to certain chemicals, skin damage and sunlight exposure.

Changes in skin color normally resolve themselves. Nonetheless, certain discolorations occur over time and become more or less permanent. Skin lightening treatments work to reduce the prominence of such discoloration. The good thing is that you can buy skin lightening treatments by prescription or over the counter. Some people use skin lighteners over their entire body to change the complexion of their skin. However, this can cause great harm to the body because they contain harmful ingredients, such as mercury. Therefore, it can easily lead to poisoning.

Mercury can cause serious kidney, neurological and psychiatric problems because of its toxic nature. It is more fascinating that pregnant mothers can even pass it to the unborn child. This has seen use of mercury as an active ingredient in skin lightening treatments banned in most countries. Nevertheless, skin lighteners produced in some countries may still contain mercury. How do skin lightening treatments work? They contain ingredients, which reduces the amount of melanin in the body. Hydroquinone is widely used as the active ingredients in most skin lighteners. Some use ingredients such as retinoic acid and steroids as active ingredients, while others use natural ingredients.

Potential Risks

Prolonged use of skin lightening treatments can lead to premature aging of skin.

Prolonged use can lead to skin cancer.

Some skin lighteners contain steroids, which may increase the risk of acne, skin thinning and skin infections.

Hydroquinone may lead to permanent skin discoloration.

Some skin lightening treatments can cause allergic reaction or skin irritation.


It is advisable to consult your doctor before using skin lightening treatments. Medical practitioners are actually in a better position to offer specific instructions for skin lighteners. You should ensure that the product does not contain mercury. Note that some products list mercury under other names, such as mercurio, mercurous, mercuric and calomel. Moreover, over the counter skin lightening treatments should not contain more than 2% of hydroquinone. Do not buy a product that does not indicate the amount of hydroquinone. In addition, talk to your pharmacist or doctor to be certain that you are using safe products.

Best skin lightening treatments

It is a daunting task to find the best skin lightening treatments. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable about the available options. You can begin with natural products, which you can prepare in your own home. However, most people find use of such products time consuming. Therefore, an easier solution lies in choosing the right skin lightening treatments. Let us focus on the factors that will assist you make the right purchase.

To begin with, you must consider the effectiveness of a product. Most people hate doing trial and error. You might also hate doing it, but it is essential to identify the most effective product. All you need is to give your skin some break before you try different skin lightening treatments. You can also assess the efficacy of skin lighteners based on feedbacks provided by previous users. Testimonials actually boost one’s confidence toward a given product. It is also a guarantee that you are getting the right skin lightener to make use of.

Last but not the least, look at the list of ingredients carefully. You do not want to buy a product that is harmful to your health. Most importantly, the product should have a guarantee. The guarantee must be positive enough to rely on the product’s benefits.

Natural skin lightening treatments

This is the most safest and economic way to lighten one’s complexion. The good thing about natural skin lightening treatments is that they have no chemicals. Their ingredients actually come from nature itself. Therefore, there are minimal cases of side effects. Some of the natural remedies are highlighted below.

Lemon Juice

This is one of the oldest skin lightening treatments. The lemon contains acid and vitamin C, which acts as a natural bleach for the skin. Besides, its has nutrients that enhance growth of new cells. Research also indicates that lemon juice contain antioxidants, which makes the skin look young and fresh. The advantage with this home remedy is that it is easy to use. You just use a cotton ball to apply freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on your skin.


Milk is a good source of calcium and protein for the body. When milk is applied topically on the skin, it acts as a skin lightener. This is because of the action of lactic acid in the milk. The lactic acid has a non-abrasive effect on the skin. In addition, it moisturizes the skin.

Honey and Almond

When used together, honey and almond can be effective in removing tan from your skin. Besides, they also moisturize the skin.

Oatmeal and Tomato

Oatmeal is effective in exfoliating the skin while tomato maintains its youthful glow. Moreover, tomato is effective in moisturizing the skin.

It is essential to supplement skin lightening treatments with sun block creams or other devices when going outdoors. Sunscreens should be hypoallergenic and have a higher sun protection capability.