Best Tips for Natural Skin Whitening

Everybody dreams of a smooth complexion without any blemishes, but everybody is not that lucky and has to resort to various skin lightening products to lighten their skin tone evenly. However, there are only limited skin care products that can deliver what they promise, even though most of them promise excellent results within days!

Skin lightening for black skin is possible by using many natural products including some home remedies. The end results mainly depends upon several factors including the skin type, diet, environmental factors, and so on.

Important tips for getting quick results: 

* Choose a natural product-When you use a natural ingredients based product, you won’t experience any side effects. Mother nature has proper treatment for most of the disease and ailments. Look for product that has proven capabilities and has been manufactured by a reputable manufacturer.

* It will take some time- Skin lightening for black skin is possible but you should not expect results in hours or days as this process takes time. You will see results within few weeks. Be consistent when using some skin lightning remedy.

* An occasional breather for your skin is essential-Every person has different skin and need some time to breathe. So you should go for some time without treatment. It is not only healthier but would rejuvenate your skin and you will see much faster results this way. You can always start back after one or two weeks. Not all skin treatment products are created equal. So you should not allow yourself to be sucked by tons of promises by some product or even a home remedy.

Let’s now have a close look at skin whitening tips for black skin:

* One of the best and easiest ways to lighten your black skin tone is by regularly applying high quality sunscreen lotions. In most of the cases, sunburns are causes when sun rays become too harsh for the skin, and it starts burning. Well, you may not know but your skin starts getting affected by UV rays even when you are at home. Skin tone may become uneven and dark when melanin rate starts increasing. Melanin in the body is responsible for darkening the skin. Sunscreen lotions and creams can protect the skin by helping to lessen the effects of harmful sun rays on your skin. This will also inhibit the increase in the melanin rate.

* Another useful skin lightening for black skin remedy is adequate moisturizing. Dry skin almost always causes skin to darken. Aside from that, if your skin is dry, there are chances that it will also tan at a much faster rate. Skin will start looking much fairer than before when it is moisturized on regular basis. You should particularly moisturize those areas of your skin that are regularly exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. This will not only increase the glow of your skin, but it will also look more smooth, supple, soft and radiant

* Tomatoes also have a bleaching effect on your skin and is an excellent skin lightening agent. Without resorting to harmful chemical based whitening agents, you should gently rub a cut tomato on your face and other exposed areas of your skin to lighten its black color in a natural way. Tomato will have much better effect on your skin when you apply it chilled. You can take half a tomato and rub it on your face, and leave it as such for about 15 minutes. Now wash your face using simple tap water. Initially you will find that your skin has become bit dry, but there is nothing to worry as you can apply a organic moisturizer on your face and other areas. You can also apply grated tomato pulp along with cucumber juice.

* You can also apply wheat flour as it has natural properties to keep your skin soft and fair. Mix wheat flour and water for form a thin paste. Now you can apply it evenly on your skin. Allow this paste to remain there for about 20-25 minutes and then wash it off using plain water. You will be amazed to see your skin becoming so soft and smooth.

* Another skin lightening for black skin remedy is the application of papaya extract on your skin. You can mash a papaya and apply it directly on your skin. You should allow the pulp to remain there for about 15 minutes. Now lightly pat your skin dry. You will see a remarkable difference in your skin tone.

* Konic acid and Vitamin C can also help you in lightening your dark skin tone. It’s totally safe and highly effective too. It is important to remember that pregnant women should avoid this medication.

* Another simple yet highly effective skin lightening remedy is Aloe Vera. You can make the paste yourself by taking a aloe vera leaf and cutting it from the middle to extract the gel. You can apply the gel on your dark skin on your face, hands, and things. You should leave it for about 30 minutes to allow its juices to show their effect on your skin. You should repeat this treatment at least three times a week.

* You can also lighten your dark skin color with skin bleaching using natural bleaching agent, such as lemon. You can cut a slice of fresh lemon and start rubbing it on your dark skin areas. Once this process is over, you should leave it as such for about 20 minutes and then wash it using water. You should repeat this remedy daily for about two months to get a fair skin. You should bleach your skin before taking a shower. Once you are out of shower, you can apply a sunscreen lotion. This is very important if you plan to remain out in the sun for the rest of the day.

All these skin lightening remedies when followed on consistent basis will help you in getting a lighter skin tone. Best of all, all these remedies do not have any side effects as they are totally natural. You can also use a natural skin lightening cream as it can also show good results if used in combination with the above mentioned treatments.