Bleaching Lotion for a Whiter and More Beautiful Skin

Man and woman are two different creatures. Besides both have difference physically or psychologically, they own preference as well. Even, there is significant contrast between both of them especially dealing with what they like. It is a fact that most women from all races are more interested in darker and brooding men. This characteristic might refer to mystery, virility, danger, and sex. On the other hand, men consider women with white skin as attractive creatures. Women with light skin are able to reveal their beauty. Based on that fact, women are trying to attract men by whiten their skin. In order to make it true, applying bleaching lotion is considered as one of the most effective ways to have white skin.

Types of Bleaching Product

Hydroquinone CreamNowadays, the product to whiten the skin in the market can be divided into two different types. The first type is chemical bleaching lotion. This type is not quite recommended to use since it possibly contains harmful ingredients. Chemicals are ingredients which are commonly not good for human being. Even, some of them can be bought without any prescription from dermatologists. It means that they are easily found in the market. In addition, some of chemicals are illegal. Some countries ban the production or publication.

The other type is natural bleaching lotion. It is different with the previous type of whitening product. This kind of product consists of natural ingredients. It can be assured that the ingredients will not give any harm to the users’ body. The most frequent natural ingredients included in this product are lemon, milk, alpha arbutin, aloe vera, and honey. Moreover, there are some traditional recipes which are combined in the natural whitening product as well. Compared to the chemical whitening product, natural bleaching product is regarded as a safe product to apply.

Side Effects of Bleaching Product

There is such a warning for women before purchasing whitening cream or lotion. They have to be careful to decide which product they want to use to whiten their skin. It is not guaranteed that natural product is 100% safe. When they have made a decision to choose natural bleaching lotion instead of the chemical one, there are some considerations that have to make. First, they have to make sure that the ingredients in the product are good for their skin. Sometimes, people have the skin which is very sensitive with certain ingredients. The most common problem found is allergic reaction. This problem can be identified with by the change of the skin. Frequently, allergic reaction is signed with burned skin. It is different with mild skin irritation. The pain due to this allergic reaction will be intolerable and severe. If it occurs, the first thing that must be carried out is to stop applying the product. If it is necessary, they have to consult with the doctor in order to get immediate treatment.

The second common problem is mercury side effect. Almost all whitening product include mercury. Even though the manufacturer states that the ingredients are natural, small amount of mercury is found in the product. Even though the product consisting of mercury is not banned, it is not suggested to use it for long time. It is not impossible that it is poisoning. Even, some serious health problem can be caused by mercury such as liver damage or kidney failure. In addition, they have to stay out of the sun when they have applied bleaching lotion. Wearing protective clothes will be beneficial to avoid sun ray exposure without having to leave their daily activity outside of the house.

Some other side effects can suffer someone in certain conditions. For example, pregnant women will possibly experience severe pain, burning or itching. When there is harmful chemical in the product, it is quite possible that it will lead to birth defect. It is caused by the chemical which enters the bloodstream and fetus. In short, it is better for pregnant women to avoid using the product. In addition, it is not good either to apply the product during breastfeeding.

Finding Good and Healthy Bleaching Product

It can be noticed that not all natural products are healthy and good to apply. Besides, some products have been made by combining natural ingredients and chemicals. In order to get good and healthy bleaching lotion, women have to know some tips. The most important thing is that they have to check their skin and their body condition to the dermatologist. They will be provided with information about their skin condition and health overall. Therefore, the dermatologist will be able to know which product is the best for them.

Besides, they may not be easily teased with the advertisement. Some advertisements might state that the product can whiten the skin in short time. In fact, the best whitening product is a product which can slow down the melanin production without making over bleaching. In this case, they have to do research to find the information about any kinds of ingredient that can slow down the melanin production without giving over bleaching effect.

It is almost impossible to get bleaching lotion with 100% natural ingredients. Since some products consist of combination between natural ingredients and chemicals, it would be better to pick the product which the percentage of natural ingredients is higher than chemicals. It will reduce the risk of experiencing some common side effects of the product.

It is not true that expensive lotion is the most effective product to whiten the skin. Recommendation from friends or other trusted users will be more beneficial instead of looking at the price. Besides, it is also important to consider about the manufacturer. Well-known manufacturer shows that it is credible and the product is reliable. Approval from particular organizations related to health can be another reference as well to ensure that the product is safe.

In short, it is not impossible to make the dark skin into the white skin. Bleaching lotion comes as the product to make women’s dream to have bright skin come true. Nevertheless, they have to be very selective to choose the whitening product. Beautiful with bright skin has to be balanced with healthy.