Choosing The Best Skin Lightening Toner


More and more men and women are opting to lighten their skin, either because they have skin that has patchy areas that have different levels of pigmentation, or because they want to have a lighter, smoother look all over. There are many different ways of lightening your skin, including laser treatments, natural skin whitening preparations, and commercial skin lightening creams.

skin pigmentationIf you want to use a skin whitening face mask or a skin lightening cream, then you should prepare your skin before you apply it.

All too often, people apply the products directly to their skin, without exfoliating or even cleansing their face. This is a bad idea because it means that the cream is not completely absorbed into the skin.

If the active ingredients in the cream are not completely absorbed then you are wasting a lot of time, and cream. Considering how expensive the creams can be – and how long it takes to see results, it makes sense to do things properly.

Why Use Pre Skin Whitening Toner

Using a skin whitening toner before you apply a cream makes a lot of sense for several reasons. Firstly, even after washing your face you probably have a lot of residue left on it. If you use tap water to wash your face you could be leaving a thin layer of minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants on your skin. Using a toner helps to strip your skin of that reside, and also restores the natural pH value of the skin, protecting it from potentially harmful bacteria.

dark spot on skinToner also helps to prevent ingrown hairs, dark spots, and other skin issues. It purifies your pores, stops you from getting bumps, zits and blackheads, and moisturizes your skin.

The moisturizing effect is particularly important because the acids in skin whitening creams – even natural creams – can be very harsh and can dry out your skin.

It would be unfortunate to get the white, porcelain like complexion you have always wanted only to find that it is also dry and flaky. Moisturising will keep your skin looking as soft and youthful as ever.

The primary benefit of using a toner before you apply skin whitening cream is that it helps to ensure that the skin whitening product is absorbed properly. Once your skin is free of residue, the pores are unblocked, and your skin’s pH is back to its natural level, your body is primed to receive the whitener. Some pre-skin whitener toners actually contain whitening ingredients themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the best of those products.

Which Skin Whitening Toner is The Best?

Diana Stalder’s skin lightening toner is designed to remove age spots and treat hyperpigmentation. It is intended for use on the face and neck, and is a very strong product. It is alcohol based, and is also perfumed, so it may not be suitable for use by people who have sensitive skin. However, if you can tolerate the alcohol in the product you should find that this skin lightening product is fast-acting, and can show results within as little as two weeks.

Rodan Fields Reverse Skin Lightening TonerRodan Fields’ Reverse Skin Lightening Toner is a powerful toner that contains hydroquinone at a two percent concentration. It also contains witch hazel, fennel and fruit extract.

Hydroquinone is controversial but incredibly powerful skin whitener. It is banned in Europe, because if it is used in high concentrations it can actually cause hyperpigmentation.

Hydroquinone is still approved by the US FDA, and it is generally considered safe to use in low concentrations.

If you decide to use this particular skin lightening toner, make sure that the skin whitening cream that you use after it does not contain hydroquinone.

Infinite Skin’s Lightening and Firming Facial Toner is a professional grade skin toner that serves several purposes. It removes dirt, oil and makeup residue, giving you a clear and clean complexion. It also hydrates your skin, helping to slow down the effects of aging and leave you with a firm and fresh looking face.

The toner contains a 5% concentration of lactic acid, which can help to remove melasma, hyperpigmentation, age spots and discoloration associated with scaring. This toner is quite mild and gentle, which makes it a good choice for people who cannot tolerate hydroquinone.

There are many other skin lightening toners on the market today. Before you purchase a toner, read the ingredients carefully and make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients, and that the ingredients will not interact with anything that is in the primary skin whitening product that you use.

sunscreen protectionIf you are not comfortable with the idea of using a skin whitening toner in addition to your skin whitening cream, just use a traditional toner. This will offer the same cleansing and toning benefits, and will still help to prepare your skin to accept the whitener.

After you have completed the skin whitening process, be sure to apply moisturizer to your skin. In addition, be sure to apply sun screen every time you go outside – even if you do not think that it is a sunny day.

Exposure to even mild sunlight encourages your body to produce melanin, which will darken your skin. Wearing sunscreen protects you from sunburn (which people who have whitened their skin are more susceptible to) and will speed up the skin lightening process too.


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