Complete Guide on Best Skin Products


You know that the skin is one of the most important parts of the body when you visit a beauty store and find that there are thousands of products, all dedicated into making it softer, lighter or well-protected. However, the fact that there are numerous skin products does not do the situation any good; it becomes hardly possible to distinguish the best from fake ones. This means that without sufficient technical knowledge about the best skin products, it would be challenging to know the kind of products suitable for your skin. Fortunately, this article tells it all, outlining some of the top tips that will guide you into finding the best products for your skin type.

To start with, it is essential to note that skin care products range from creams to lotions, powders, lipsticks and perfumes among many others. They are generally designed to improve appearance or body odor, and most importantly, protect the skin from harmful micro-organisms. In order for you to find the best skin products, it is imperative that you know your skin type. A vast majority of these products are meant to be used by people with specific skin types although there are also a variety of universal products; the ones that can be used by people of any skin type.

Normal Skin

How do you know that yours is a normal skin? Well, if it has an even, fine and smooth surface, it definitely is the normal type. Besides, it is rarely greasy and requires minimal treatment. Normal skins are not really specific on skin products because they can respond well to various lotions and lightening creams. However, be sure to particularly use products which will enhance or maintain your skin’s smooth surface and prevent it from developing blemishes or spots.

Oily Skin

This is probably the most troublesome skin type. It needs extensive care because it can get oily few hours after washing, gains dirt easily and very prone to breakouts. Therefore, the best products for this skin type are the ones which have the ability to address these issues. For instance, they should be able to maintain the rate at which the skin gets oily, prevent excessive shininess, and unclog the clogged pores. Avoid the use of very harsh cleansers which may rob the skin of all its natural oils hence making it dry and dehydrated.

Dry Skin

Flakes easily, prone to wrinkling and a parched appearance describe everything you need to know whether yours is a dry skin. You need to constantly use moisturizing creams or skin lightening lotions to keep it soft and hydrated. Such creams protect it from drying up thus the emergence of fine line and wrinkles are kept under check. The skin has a natural self-moisturizing ability, something which the dry type lacks.

Sensitive skin

The best skin products for the sensitive type should be able to address its high sensitivity to touch. Normally, people with sensitive skin have fair complexions and can easily swell when subjected to minimal pressure. At times this skin tends to blotch or redden, especially on the neck and face. The suitable products for this skin have to rectify this problem and improve its response to ordinary creams and lotions which usually have a stinging effect.

Combination Skin

Just as its name suggests, it is a combination of normal, oily, dry and sensitive skins. It is also the most common of all skin types and responds relatively well to ordinary skin care products. The oily part is usually found around the nose and forehead while the dry areas are found near the eyes and mouth. Each part should be subjected to products suitable for the particular skin type.

There you have it, a complete guide on how to find the best skin products for your skin type!


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