Effective Body Whitening Lotions

Body whitening lotion normally works by inhibiting the formation of melanin present on an individuals’ skin and thus considerably lightening his or her skin. Scroll down if you want to know more on the body whitening lotions.

The popularity of the body whitening lotions has spurred on some debates about the effects that these cosmetic products has on the skin. However, as usually advertised by the many whitening products, the use of these lotions is not to make the skin pearly white. In fact these lotions cannot in any way change your original skin tone color. Rather, most of these effective body whitening lotions usually lighten a person’s skin by reducing the blemishes and the dark spots caused by hyper-pigmentation. This is normally as a result of the body producing either too less or too much of melanin.

An increase in hormone production, exposure to too much sunlight, damaging of the skin due to blemishes, rashes and wounds are some of the factors likely to lead to hyper pigmentation. Let us now have a look at the effectiveness of these body whitening lotions.

How a Body Whitening Lotion Work

Most body treatments and whitening products that are normally used tend to inhibit or reduce the production of melanin by suppressing tyrosinase enzyme present in the body. The enzyme is responsible for imparting people with the color of their skin, hair and eyes. Thus, a skin whitening lotion usually whitens our skin by;

* Protecting our body against the harmful ultraviolet rays

* Speeding up the process of cell rejuvenation

* Sloughing off any dead cell build-up

* Targeting the process than involves melanin production

Let us now have a look at some of the ingredients that are contributing to the effectiveness of these skin whitening products.

Ingredients in Skin Whitening Lotions

The following are some of the harmful ingredients that are present in most of the skin whitening lotions. They include;

* Mercury

Many body whitening lotions normally use mercury chloride or ammoniated mercury as the active ingredient. Basically, this is quite harmful as it may easily cause neurotoxin problems like ataxia, hearing and speech impairment, kidney problems such as immunotoxicity ,an mercury induced nephropathy, mental problems, etc.

* Hydroquinone

This is one of the primary ingredients that are mostly used in most of the body whitening lotions. It is a popular ingredient due to its antioxidant and melanin inhibiting properties. By disrupting the production and synthesis of melanin, this ingredient normally works well when it comes to skin lightening.

However, there have been some concerns which have been raised in relation to the safety of this product. For instance, research has show that this product not only may irritate your skin but also might as well result in Ochronosis, which is a blue black discoloration caused by the deposits of the ochre colored pigment.

Moreover, this product is an unstable component that when exposed to direct sunlight and air can easily become ineffective.

Some of the other harmful ingredients that are usually considered not ideal to make the body whitening lotion include; dioxane, mineral oil, alcohols, fragrances, parabens, etc. Instead of using the above mentioned ingredients while you are in the process of making an effective skin whitening lotion, you can use the following effective ingredients; liquorice extract, kojic acid, extracts of bearberry, azelaic acid, white mulberry, paper mulberry and mulberry, to inhibit gradually the formation of melanin and thus whiten your skin. Let us now have a look at the procedures you can use to make a body whitening lotion by yourself.

How to Make Body Whitening Lotion

There some naturally occurring substances that acts as perfect skin whitening agents. These substances will work for you as long as you ensure that you use the right proportions and combinations. Here are some of the homemade whitening lotion recipes.

Recipe# One


*1 cup of lemon juice

*Some rose water


To the cup of lemon juice, add a few drops of rose water. Mix properly the two ingredients and leave it for at least 5 minutes. Into the mixture, deep a cotton ball and then rub it throughout your entire body. Let it stay on your skin for approximately 20 minutes and then use warm water to wash it off. The natural bleaching features present in lemon juice will assist you in achieving an ideal white skin tone.



* Two tablespoon gram flour

* A pinch of turmeric powder

* Two drops of lemon juice

* Two teaspoons of milk cream


Carefully make a mixture of gram flour and turmeric inside a bowl and then add lemon juice and milk cream to it. Stir it well for you to be able to get a creamy, uniform consistency. Carefully, apply this lotion in form of a thin coat on the surface of your skin and leave it for the next 20 minutes untouched. After this, use lukewarm water to wash it off.



* One cup of yoghurt

* Drops of orange juice


Extract about 4 to 5 drops of fresh orange juice in a cup and then pour in it a cup containing yoghurt. Stir it very thoroughly for the ingredients to mix well. However, you should note that using large orange juice amounts in this mixture can easily end up causing skin irritation.

Now, carefully apply this mixture on your dark skin parts and allow it to stay on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with water. For you to get the desired results, it is essential that you continuously use this lotion for at least not less than one month.

The ingredients that are normally used in these body whitening lotions will assist you whiten your skin and at the same time provide your skin with a lot of nourishment. Thus, these lotions will generally bring an improvement in your overall skin condition.

Last but not the least; in case you resort to using any of the body whitening lotions, you should not expect instant results. You have to make use of them for at least two weeks before you start witnessing their effectiveness on the skin.