Epidermis Answers: Is Laser Skin Lightening Permanent?


Let’s face it, many people want lighter skin. Hence, it is no longer surprising that the skin whitening industry is thriving. Some products are effective, while there are others that are not. Aside from being effective, people are now also searching for a skin lightening treatments that can last for a long time.

laser treatment for skin whitening In addition to skin whitening products, there are also procedures that can provide almost immediate whitening. One of the most well-known skin whitening treatments are the ones done using laser.

People usually opt for this procedure because it is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. It is also non-invasive, so recovery time is faster, but the question is not about its effectiveness or safeness. This is because majority of people are asking, is laser skin lightening permanent?

People are searching for permanent skin whitening procedures now more than anything else. This is because they want to guarantee that their lightened skin tone can last for more than a couple of weeks, such as the case of most skin whitening products. Hence, people would spend a lot just to ensure their skin stays light and even toned.

Is Laser Skin Lightening Permanent?

Most dermatologists would agree, that yes, laser skin lightening is indeed permanent. However, there are things that you need to follow in order for you to experience long-term whitening. As it is, undergoing the procedure does not mean that you will not take care of your skin anymore. This is because there is still a chance that you will go back to previous skin color.

laser treatment dermabrasionFor instance, it is not wise to stay under the stay for too long. This is because too much exposure to the sun can darken you. Keep in mind that although you have undergone laser skin lightening, this does not make your skin sun proof.

Your dermatologist may also suggest for you to use sunscreen or sun block to ensure that your skin is safe from the sun.

For this reason, you should become extra careful after going through a laser skin lightening procedure. It would also be helpful if you pay attention to the advices that your dermatologist will likely tell you before and after the procedure. By doing this, you can guarantee that you will be able to get permanent Skin lightening.

How Does Laser Skin Lightening Work?

Among the skin whitening procedures that you can choose from, the laser skin lightening is the only procedure that can provide the fastest results. This works by using the laser to emit energy sources so that melanin will absorb it, which will cause its elimination. Destroying the melanin means that the skin will eventually become lighter.

As mentioned earlier, the process for this particular long lasting skin lightening treatment is easy. However, there are things that you need to prepare when undergoing the procedure. This includes choosing the type of laser skin lightening procedure, the specialist who will be doing it, and among others. These are all important for you to ensure that you are getting the right treatment.

laser treatment with dermatologistAs it is, there are dermatologists that are not too skilled with this procedure. Even though it is easy, it does not mean that you can simply choose a dermatologist randomly.

It is important to keep in mind that this non-invasive procedure still poses some risks that can harm anyone. Getting a dermatologist that specializes in laser treatments can minimize these risks.

However, it is important to take note that the results for every individual differ. This is because your skin can react to the procedure differently than others. It will also depend on the type of procedure that you have chosen. Thus, you have to make sure that you talk about your options with your doctor before deciding. It is crucial that you opt for a laser procedure that suits your skin type to guarantee positive results.

Moreover, there is a chance that you might get the results right away. Being the fastest skin lightening procedure does not necessarily equate to immediate whitening. Hence, you need to undergo several sessions for the treatment to take effect. This might make you have second thoughts, because more sessions mean you are going to spend more money.

If you have limited funds, then it would be better to reconsider and choose another option right away. You do not have to worry, though, because there are other permanent skin whitening procedures and methods that are cost-effective. All you have to do is consult your doctor about the other options you have that can easily suit your budget.

Is laser skin lightening permanent? Yes, it is. However, keep in mind that you need to do what your dermatologist tells you. You need to take note of the do’s and the don’ts, so that you will sustain your lighter skin tone for as long as you want.


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