Find Out How to Maximize Your Usage of an Exfoliating Face Wash


Find Out How to Maximize Your Usage of an Exfoliating Face Wash

How many times has it happened that you arrive home after a tiring day and decide that washing off your makeup could wait a day? No one is judging you. We have all been there, done that at one point or other in our busy lives, but the next time you feel too tired to wash the dirt of the day off your face, take a few moments to do it anyway.

All that dirt, dust and pollen, not to mention today’s pollutants, can all build up and make you look and feel older than you really are. Aside from a quick washing, you should understand the benefits of using an exfoliating face wash, too. If you’d like your face to feel fresher than it has in a long time, here are some tips on how to exfoliate you skin.

Be sure to read all the way down to the end, because there are some precautions you should know about before you exfoliate.

1. Why Should You Exfoliate in the First Place?

Doctors and dermatologists have often recommended keeping our skin clean and also that the skin needs exfoliation, but most people don’t understand why they should do it and how.

There are many benefits of exfoliation, because it can:

Rejuvenate A. Give you with a dew kissed look by ensuring that you have an even skin tone.

B. Ensure that the signs of aging, namely the wrinkles and dry skin don’t appear so soon or so prominently.

C. Rejuvenate your dry and dull skin and replace it with super smooth skin.

D. Make your other skincare products more effective by removing the dead skin cells and other particles blocking your skin.

E. Keep your pores clean by unclogging them of all impurities. Bid adieu to blackheads and whiteheads forever.

F. Clears up all the dead skin cells, which clog up your razor blades when you shave. You will get a closer shave without spending money on a brand new razor.

2. Know Your Skin Type: Selecting the Perfect Exfoliating Face Wash

Even if you don’t have a dermatologist, you can do a lot to help your skin stay healthy by understanding the four basic skin types: oil, dry, combination and normal. Before you buy any kind of skin care product, it is imperative to find out what your skin type is, so that you can select the exfoliating face scrub that will work best for your skin type.

Here are the four skin types debunked:

Normal Skin: Women with normal skin have small pores, an even skin tone, which comes naturally through a good balance of moisture. They don’t need to do any elaborate skin care routines and can just apply some sunscreen.

Oily Skin: If your skin seems to be unnaturally shiny throughout the day due to the excess secretion of oil, you must have oily skin. It doesn’t matter whether you have washed your face just a few minutes before; it just takes a few minutes for your skin to be greasy again.
Your T zone goes across your forehead, and then down to your nose and chin. If these areas are perpetually oily and you are prone to blackheads and pimples due to your clogged skin pores, you have oily skin. You can do without a moisturizer, but using a good quality exfoliating face wash will be one of your biggest helpers.

Dry SkinDry Skin: This skin type is just the opposite of the oily skin type and no matter what others say, this one comes with its fair share of challenges. Since there is no or negligible oil in your pores, you face suffers from an extreme lack of moisture.
Your skin will be itchy, irritated and flaky most of the time and there will be a feeling of tightness even if you massage your face with a good quality moisturizer.

Combination Skin: Perhaps one of the most challenging skin types, those who have combination skin have an oily T-zone with dry patches on their cheeks.
Since your skin is extremely sensitive, you have to include a diverse range of skincare products into your beauty regimen if you want to save yourself from the mess of having oily and dry skin all at once.

3. All You Need to Know About Exfoliating Face Scrub

You have taken the first step towards attaining your perfect skin when you attempted to know your skin type. You must be wondering why we are spending so much time talking about skin types. Here’s the deal: Face washes and routines are not the same for all skin types. Each one has its unique requirement where an exfoliating facial wash is concerned.

Here we are going to deal with some of the most common queries people have with regards to exfoliation. After all, your skin deserves nothing but the best.

Which Exfoliating Face Wash is Best for Oily Skin?

If you are a girl with oily skin, select an exfoliating facial cleanser which has glycolic or salicylic acid as one of its ingredients. Such cleansers are able to penetrate the thick layer of sebum in pores and remove all the dead cells which are clogging your cells and making them erupt into acne.

Does Dry Skin Become Excessively Flaky When You Exfoliate It?

facial cleanserUse a mild, creamy facial cleanser which doesn’t strip your pores of the negligible oil they have in order to absorb moisture from outside. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer with emollients like dimethicone or glycerin in it afterwards. If your skin appears to be irritated when you use cleansers, simply washing your face with some water will do the deed.

Which Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Should a Person Use for Combination Skin?

If you have combination skin, you would need to invest in two kinds of facial cleansers to take care of the oily and dry patches on your skin. You should use a mild cleanser on your dry cheeks. Use an anti-acne cleanser with benzoyl peroxide for washing your T-zone.

Do People with Normal Skin Need to Buy an Exfoliating Cleanser?

In an ideal scenario, the girls who have normal skin wouldn’t have to do anything to take care of their skin. However, the pollution and stress which comes as a part and parcel of modern day living sees to it that you buy an herbal cleanser and a basic moisturizing cream. They protect your skin against all the external factors, which are just waiting to spoil your skin tone and texture.

4. Avoid Irritation: How to Get Your Water Temperature Right

Your exfoliation would be meaningless if you don’t wash your face with water of the right temperature.

Dermatologists have consistently advised to reject steaming hot and arctic temperatures in favor of some lukewarm tap water. While hot water would make your skin dry and even cause burns if you have sensitive skin, cold water would close your pores but wouldn’t get rid of all the dirt.

Lukewarm water cleanses away all the sebum layers and dead skin cells. However, you might want to splash some cold water on your face after you are done. That way, the dirt from pollution would have a hard time sneaking into your skin whenever you step outside.

5. The Method: The Be All and the End All

wash their facesEveryone washes their face differently. Do an experiment and ask your friends and family how they wash their faces. You’ll be surprised to find each one will probably have a different answer to your question.

Aside from using the right temperature, here are additional tips on washing your face properly:

i. Begin by splashing lukewarm water on your face.

ii. Apply your exfoliating facial cleanser in a gentle, circular motion.

iii. Pay special attention to your T-zone and U-zone just below your jaw line. Those are the areas that experience breakouts and blackheads.

iv. Rinse off gently with lukewarm water and pat dry.

You might have heard of facial brushes, but refrain from getting too excited about cleaning your skin and assaulting it in turn. Your thin and soft facial skin doesn’t need physical exfoliation from abrasive brushes, which are much more suited for use on your body surfaces.

6. Wowing Your Skin With the Right Washcloth

You have successfully mastered the art of washing your skin and you have probably assumed that letting your skin dry by itself will be the best way to go. Who would want to rub away the essential goodness of the expensive products you have just used, right? Wrong. The moisture from the water can be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria so that it becomes vital to use a washcloth for patting your skin dry.

Did you know that you can’t just wipe your face with any washcloth you find lying about your house? Invest in one particular kind of cloth, which would bring a fitting end to your exfoliating facial routine?

Choosing the Material: You should always choose a soft and gentle washcloth We would recommend you find materials such as muslin, micro fiber and bamboo which are easy to clean and would make your face feel like a million bucks.

Less is Always More: You have already spent a long time washing your face. Rubbing your face vigorously to get rid of the water would create a lot of friction on your face leading to redness, irritated skin and blemishes. Don’t rub instead just pat it dry.

Your Washcloth Needs Care, Too: Most of us keep washcloths in the damp, humid environment of our bathrooms, which makes it prone to mold, mild and different bacteria. You should always hang your washcloths in well-ventilated places. Send your washcloths to the laundry after using it once or twice. Nothing beats a fresh, clean washcloth waiting for you each time to go to wash your face.

Exfoliating Washcloths: Exfoliating washcloths are available in the market these days, which manually exfoliate your skin. Though these are quite effective, you must use them if you don’t have the habit of using an ordinary cloth after washing your face. Even then, you must use these according to directions, which is usually once or twice in a week and not more.

You can also include your washcloth into your skincare routine by letting it soak in the warm water from your tap and placing it on your face when your cleanser is still on.

7. The Exfoliating Face Scrub-Body Scrub Dilemma

You have often wondered whether your bottle of body scrub would be enough for your face cleansing purposes too. After all, the granulated textures of the exfoliating face wash and body scrub is quite similar.

However, we would strongly advise you against this decision as the body scrub is comprised of larger and harsher granules, which work wonders for the thicker skin underneath your nape but can strip away all the natural oils if used on your face.

The granules in your face scrub are just the right sizes to even out your facial skin. We promise you wouldn’t regret those extra few bucks you shell out for best exfoliating cleansers in the market.

8. Strike The Right Balance When It Comes to Skin Care

You must be thinking that you have to subject your skin to a facial scrub at least five times a day. But such a perception couldn’t be more far off from the truth.

Your skin acts as a natural protective barrier from the pollution with the help of the natural oils that the pores secrete. When you clean your face too often in a day, you also wash away those essential oils so that blemishes form easily and your skin doesn’t remain as soft and supple as you desire.

But don’t interpret what we just said as an excuse not to wash your day twice a day, or maybe more in accordance to your skin type. If you have been out swimming or in cases when your face has built up sweat, you should clean it immediately afterwards. The keyword here is balance.

9. The Plus Point About Face Peels

Engaging in the same skin care routine day after day can get a tad boring till the point that you give up on it completely. As always, we are here to bring you out of your skincare rut.

The glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids as well as the fruit enzymes act as brilliant face peels, making your dark spots vanish and keeping all those ingrown hairs and clogged up pores at bay.

If you want to make the most of your exfoliating body wash, occasionally try the chemical peel treatment which exfoliates your face like never before. Also did we forget to mention? You get something new and unique to try.

10. Morning or Night? Know When To Give Yourself An Exfoliating Facial Wash

Both. Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin once in the morning and once at night. When you clean your face in the morning, you are making sure that you get rid of all the dust and dirt particles which your pillow case might have transferred to your face.

Whereas when you use an exfoliating face wash at night, it removes all the residual sweat, oil and dirt from the day. This enables your skin can heal while you rest during sleeping.

11. Knowing Your Exfoliating Cleanser Before You Use It

bannedBy July 2016, President Barack Obama passed a law that banned the manufacture of the plastic micro beads present in many exfoliating face washes for men and women. This is because after going into drains, they caused pollution.

The best exfoliating face washes have already started using natural, biodegradable alternatives like bamboo extracts, rice and wax in place of the plastic pellets.

12. The Question Zone: Can Exfoliating Lead to Skin Lightening?

Beauty bloggers have often forgotten to sing praises of the skin lightening effects that exfoliating face washes have on your skin. This is because when you exfoliate your skin, you remove all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on your skin and dulled your skin tone. This immediately brightens your complexion.

Remember, you will be disillusioned if you place all your skin lightening hopes on your cleanser. If you want to get that glowing beautiful skin, you must use Illuminatural 6i- Advanced Skin Lightener.

No matter whether you suffer from freckles, birth marks, age spots, liver spots, acne scars, hyper pigmentation, sun spots or moles, this cream will be your one stop solution to each and every one of them. Use it and forget your skin care woes for a long time to come.

13. Prevent Inflammation: Know How You Can Beat Allergic Reactions Like A Pro

It might happen occasionally that your skin gets inflamed after using an exfoliating scrub. This usually happens when you select an exfoliating cleanser, which is not at all suited to your skin type. This is why it is important to visit or call your doctor if you suffer from skin allergies before using any new product.

Wash any leftover product from the facial areas where you notice inflammation and call your doctor. Most doctors will recommend you apply a hydrocortisone cream on them.

14. Fresh Face Washes: Home Remedies for Exfoliating Your Face

Avocado WashHere are some home remedies for making your own exfoliating face wash with the ingredients which would ordinarily be present in your kitchen. The best part about trying these out is that you most likely won’t have to worry about allergies and it would cost you absolutely nothing.

Avocado Wash: Mash an avocado and mix one teaspoon each of sugar and honey in it. While the sugar would exfoliate your skin, the avocados and honey would nourish it. If you have oily skin, don’t forget to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the mixture.

Baking Soda Paste: Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with water. Scrub your face with the paste.

Ground Coffee Scrub: Mix one teaspoon of ground coffee, one teaspoon honey and a few drops of olive oil together for creating a face scrub which would tighten your pores.

Coconut Oil Scrub: Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to one tablespoon of oatmeal. Apply it on your face to have more supple skin.

15. Before You Exfoliate: Important Precautions You Should Keep in Mind

Though exfoliation is one of the most influential skincare practices you can invest your time in, you should always keep some precautions in mind, so you won’t cause any harm while working to enjoy beautiful, glowing skin. Here are some important precautions to bear in mind:

Moisturize: Your skin might feel a little dry after you exfoliate, so it is essential that you apply a good hydrating moisturizer on your skin afterwards.

Don’t Rub: Don’t rub your skin raw while exfoliating. It would lead to irritated skin with redness.

Watch Out for the Sun: Do not expose your skin to a sunbed, UV rays or the sun within 24 hours of exfoliating your skin. Even after 24 hours have passed, you should wear sunscreen when you step out of the house.

drink lots of waterKnow Your Skin Type: Be certain that the exfoliating face wash you have chosen is suited to your skin type.

Hydrate: Since you will be removing dead skin cells, you should drink lots of water so that new cells can grow and replace the ones removed by exfoliation.

With this information, you should know how to get the most from your exfoliating face wash. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the results you desire in a couple of weeks. Be consistent in practicing your skin care regimen every day and soon you will be amazed by the fresh face awaiting you in the mirror. Exfoliate regularly today and your skin will reward you tomorrow. After all, it’s time for your skin to shine now.


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