Factors in Choosing a Whitening Body Lotion


People lighten their skin not only because they want to be fairer, but also because there are skin conditions that can be prevented or treated by simply using skin whiteners. There are different types of skin lightening products, like whitening body lotion, anti-aging whitening creams, and facial lightening products.

One important skin lightening product is the whitening body lotion. This is the best way to even out the lightening process. Most women usually just concentrate on putting lightening products on their faces, and forgetting about the other parts of their body. That is what whitening body lotions are for.

Factors in Choosing Whitening Lotion

1. Ingredients

It is only when knowing what types of ingredients are used for a whitening lotion or a whitening facial cream that you can determine how safe the product is for you. There have already been proven studies in helping identify products that may be harmful to your skin. There are products that contain hydroquinone and mercury. These two are known to be potentially harmful to the user. Mercury for one is really harmful to the body. Since they say that hydroquinone is supposed to be effective, using hydroquinone with less than 2% or lesser content may be considered tolerable. However, it depends on the person if they do want to take risks on the products that they want to use.

Some of the most effective and are known to be safer alternatives, are glutathione, azaelaic acid, kojic acid, gigawhite, and alpha and beta arbutin. These are substances that are naturally occurring, and have exfoliating properties that make them all the more effective.

2. Moisturizing Content

One thing that people also need to consider once they decide to purchase whitening products is its ability to moisturize. Fair skin won’t count as much if the skin is dry. It is important that each bottle or container of a skin lightener that you choose has a good amount of moisturizer so that you won’t have to worry about another skin problem; which is dry skin.

3. Skin Type

The thing with most whitening products is that you can’t just decide to purchase one based on the advertisements that you see. You need to check whether or not the product matches your skin type. Good brands actually offer the same whitening product performance for different skin types. However, it is best to look for whitening products that are suitable for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin, then the more that you should be careful about the whitening products that you choose to apply on your skin.

4. Money Back Guarantee

This may not be present in all whitening products especially for a whitening body lotion you need to apply all over your body, but sometimes, choosing a product with money back guarantee is the best way to try new products. This is the best way to find out if the product works for you without wasting time and money.

So, when choosing an effective whitening lotion, consider all of the factors above. By knowing about the ingredients in your lotion, your skin type, and its moisturizing content, you would be able to effectively whiten your skin with the right product.


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