Facts about Hydroquinone Cream: How to Use It Properly and Safely

Lots of people use hydroquinone cream when they want to lighten up the tone of their skin. Although this cream is considered and guaranteed successful to make the skin become lighter, its existence has caused some controversies in the society. Some people say that this cream is fairly safe as long as it is used under strict observation and used according to the instructions. Some people say that the cream is dangerous and even lethal, no matter how much cream – or little – is being used.

Learning More about Hydroquinone

Although this cream is considered dangerous – for some people – lots of popular skin care products include small amount of hydroquinone cream within their main formula and ingredients. Hydroquinone is believed to reduce the spots of skin scars, age spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations. It is also used in products to treat melasma, a skin disorder where there are skin spots in darker hue on the skin. Since hydroquinone has very strong trait to change the pigments – the natural skin colors – people need to be extra careful when applying the cream. It is important that they apply the cream only on certain spots where they experience the skin problems. If they apply the cream at any places they want, they may experience skin lightening problem that they don’t actually want.

The body experiences the so called hyperpigmentation, which is the discoloration process of the skin. The hydroquinone cream can reverse the overall process and make it stop. When this process is completely halted, naturally the skin will be lighter on its own.

Fair Skin and Culture

The usage of hydroquinone cream depends greatly on a culture of a nation and how the native people perceive the context of beauty. The skin care products with hydroquinone content are very popular in Africa and other countries where the people have tanned or darker skin. Western countries like America or Europe don’t really prefer using the products. In fact, in European countries and America, the popular products are the tanning products, which are the contrary to the whitening products. It is because the countries have different perspective and beauty concept. People in Africa think that beauty is always connected to fair and white skin. On the other hands, people in western countries think that beauty is always associated with brownish and tanned skin. That’s why the products have different popularity level in different areas of the world.

The Possible Danger

There are some considerations when people want to use the hydroquinone cream. The cream isn’t for everyone, especially for people with certain conditions, such as:

– Asthma
– Eczema and psoriasis
– Pregnant moms
– People with sensitive skins or allergies to the hydroquinone

It is possible that the cream may interfere with certain medications, like the phenol, hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid, or the benzoyl peroxide. Some people may experience slight dryness or redness when they first using the cream. It is also possible that they experience a little bit burning or stinging sensation when it is applied. When they are no longer experiencing the issue on the second attempt or try, then they will have no problem at all. But if the problem persists although people have tried the cream again and again, they should stop and check their condition right away. if they experiencing skin cracking, skin discoloration in blue black condition, severe dryness, or blistering skin, they really need to stop and check it right away.

In order to limit the possibility of side effects or further issues, there are several considerations that people need to consider before they use the hydroquinone cream. Since the cream can counteract with certain medicines, it is always better to tell their doctors about their intention of using the cream. When people are within these conditions, they need to be extra careful:

– They are planning to get pregnant or they are within breast feeding period
– They are taking herbal medicines or being involved in any herbal treatments
– They are using medicines – whether it is prescribed ones or the non- prescribed ones.
– They are consuming dietary supplements or products
– They have allergies on foods, medicines, and other stuffs

Sometimes, it is best to have their doctors observe and monitor their condition when they do take certain medications and they want to use the hydroquinone cream as well. When the doctors are monitoring their condition, at least the possibility of side effects can be minimized and doctors can find out the right solutions, in case something wrong happens.

Using the Hydroquinone Cream

When people want to use the cream, be sure to do preventive steps to avoid side effects.

– If they are using the cream for the very first time, apply a little cream on the skin with unbroken patch. Wait for about 24 hours in case there is blistering, excessive irritation and redness, or itchiness. When they spot these issues, they need to contact their doctors right away. Ditch the idea of using the cream at all. But if nothing happens, it means that the cream is quite safe and they can use it within the proper dosage and amount.

– Before using the cream, be sure that the area where they are going to apply the cream is clean and dry. Apply the cream and distribute it evenly. After using the cream, wash the hands right away.

– When people miss a certain dosage of the cream, apply it right away. When it is close to the next dosage, forget about the missed one and go back to the regular schedule. It is important not to use double dosages at the same time.

Safety Tips on Using the Hydroquinone Cream

There are some handy tips to avoid side effects or further issues when using the hydroquinone cream, such as:

– Never use the cream on open wounds or injured skin
– The cream is only for topical application or external use. Never inhale, swallow, or put it into the eyes.
– When using the cream, it is better to avoid sun ray exposure
– The cream may not be used for kids under the age of 12 years old
– Make sure that the cream is away from the children’s reach

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