Facts and Substances within Skin Lightener Products and Variants


The term and concept of beauty has been different in different eras and different time. For example, the beauty concept in Middle Age was about being plump and overweight, while the one during the Renaissance era was about being pale and white in appearance. Today’s beauty concept is about having fair and light skin, which is considered better and more attractive than the tanned or darker skin. That’s why skin lightener products are available in many places and sold freely in various places.

Skin lightener is usually referring to the skin whitening products. The skin whitening itself often called as skin bleaching or skin whitening, a procedure when people use chemical compounds to make their skin tone lighter or to produce even complexion. The products work by lessening the melanin concentration on the skin so the skin will appear brighter and lighter – at least less dark. There are some products that have been proven to be quite effective in producing the required result, while other products have been proven to be harmful, toxic, or not quite safe according to the federal regulations. Some people or ethnic groups may also have skin sensitivity over these products, so they need to be extra careful when using the products.

skin lightenerThe application of skin lightener has gone back to even ancient times. Sometimes, the method was quite extreme and quite barbaric. Lady Bathory from Hungary was notorious for her dream of having perfect white skin during Elizabethan era. But she achieved it by killing people – especially young virgins – and bathe in their blood. She believed that the blood will retain the suppleness, firmness, and whiteness of her skin. Of course we don’t need to do such thing to gain such desired result, but some people are willing to take risks in using chemical substances that can actually cause greater skin issues. People should be careful with skin care products that contain mercury or hydroquinone, as they are dangerous for the skin. Mercury is dangerous metal element that can destroy the skin, while hydroquinone contains cancerous agent that can make the skin get darker with skin problems.

When people want to choose the perfect skin care products, they need to consider alternative substances, such as kojic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic, and alpha hydroxy. Alpha hydroxy is believed to make exfoliation process gets quicker, while kojic acid is believed to have high levels of antioxidants that can improve the skin condition and health. Choosing products that have high level of vitamin C can also help because vitamin C is rich in antioxidant and can effectively make the skin lighter. Of course, people also need to consider their skin condition – whether they have sensitive skin or other issues or not. It would be better if they can check their condition first and consult everything with their doctors.

There are loads of skin lightening products sold in the market. Most of them are easy to find and purchase. But it would be better if people can be wise and smart, and not rush things. They should be able to find the perfect products without putting themselves at risks.


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