Find Out Which Are the Best Skin Products in the Market

best skin productsSkin is the outermost layer of our body and hence more exposed to sunlight, cold, dust, pollution and harmful radiations. In our day to day life we are so busy with work that we do not take out time to follow a proper beauty regime. We completely depend on the best skin products available in the market. The most common problem that people face is that of hyper-pigmentation. This causes the darkening of the skin in some areas. This is such a problem that affects everybody at some point or the other in our lifetime. With the advancement of science and technology, there are various products that reduce and sometimes also completely cure pigmentation.

The basic understanding of pigmentation

Our skin contains cells called melanocytes that are responsible for producing a pigment called melanin. This in turn determines the colour of the skin. Many metabolic reactions take place in the formation of melanin. Various agents such as amino acid tyrosine and enzyme tyronase undergo oxidation reaction to produce melanin.

There are various factors that can trigger hyper-pigmentation. Exposure to the sun, which is the biggest source of UV (Ultra Violet) radiations stimulate the melanocytes to produce more and more melanin pigments. This cause dark areas or spots in the skin. Inflammation in the skin can also cause pigmentation while healing. There are various hormones especially in the women’s body that can cause hyper-pigmentation in the period of pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. There are various treatments which includes hormone therapy, taking antibiotics or antimalarial drugs that can cause hyper-pigmentation. They cause excessive production of the melanin pigment and hence darkening of skin. To help with this problem, there are few of the best skin products available in the market that work wonders on your skin. These are the skin lightening creams which help in reducing the pigmentation.

What goes into the working of skin lighteners?

The magic that is seen on the face after the use of a good skin lightener is a result of the proper working of the ingredients on the skin. These contain active ingredients that remarkably reduce the melanin pigments from the area where it is applied. Many of them contain Hydroquinone which is less than 2 percent always. Sometimes by viewing severity of the problem, dermatologists may also prescribe upto 4 percent of hydroquinone. Many companies use drugs like steroids, vitamin A, vitamin C, Kojic Acid and Arbutin. These properties make them the best skin products out of the hundreds available in the market.

Skin care during pigmentation

best skin products - pigmentationThere are many companies that manufacture skin lightening products, but not all are good. There are majority of them which are just a waste of time and money. First of all, consult a dermatologist and understand perfectly about your exact skin type and the problem. Search for the best skin products range and see which cream suits your skin type. The product could be harsh on the problem but not harsh on your skin.

There are many reasons for which people can use skin lightening products. Problems like Melasma discolorations, spots caused due to aging, and reactions to various medications, which make people to use those skin lightening creams. Many people expect immediate results, and they do not realize that the problem that they are taking treatment for also did not occur overnight. It would definitely take sometimes for any cream to treat your skin so you have to be very patient.

The general precautions that one should take such as using any good sun screen lotions before going out, keeping majority of the body covered while out, using good quality sun glasses, and finally washing the face with cold water several times throughout the day.

Uses of the skin lightening creams and treatments

best skin productsThese creams are very useful for lightening the face and diminishing the dark spots. They help in treating the hyper-pigmentation caused by aging and capable of removing them. It helps in lightening of scars, blemishes and general discolorations caused on the skin. There is a wide range of skin lightening products available in the market claiming to be the best skin products. But many can contain harmful chemicals like Hydroquinone and mercury which are banned ingredients in many places. Hydroquinone if used, the percentage should not exceed 2 percent in any case.

Most of the products available in the market have poisonous effects on human body. So, you must read for the ingredients like Kojic Acid which is formed from organic substances like mushrooms, Shurbs like bearberry, cranberry, and mulberry which produce a substance called Arbutin that prevents any kind of pigmentation. Retinol, glycolic acid, and vitamin-C are some of the naturally available ingredients which may also helpful to you. Though pigmentation is not harmful in majority of the cases, still for cosmetic reasons people undergo various treatments available with the dermatologists. The treatments range from a Laser therapy, dermal rolling, peeling, and over all cell therapy.

Caution and precaution 

Past few years have shown how people are becoming more aware of beauty, health and fitness. This has resulted in more and more people searching for the best skin products available to them. The market of skin lightening products is under constant watch because if any harmful ingredients not avoided, they can cause hazardous effects on the skin. On the other hand, the market of quality product is also expanding as everyone wants the best for their skin. Despite of these products being so costly, people are buying them because of the wonders it does on their skin problems. The cost increases due to the ingredients put into them. Countries like Japan and regions like the Pacific are the promising markets for good quality skin lightening products. These are largely imported from Europe.

In short, there is always crowd at the bottom but always space at the top. Similar is in the case of companies claiming to sell the best skin products. The best are always few. When it comes to the matter of buying products for your skin then proper caution should be taken. Do not get overwhelmed by the advertisements and think twice before buying.