Getting to Know Natural Skin Lighteners

Our skin, being the biggest organ in the body, is the first thing that’s noticed by people. In some countries, having a fair and smooth skin says a lot about one’s status in life, especially among women. In fact, it has become a craze that there is a rise of various whitening products for specific areas of the body. In most places of the world, a good, fair skin is tantamount to beauty.

With the many chemicals, and other beauty products used by people who are obsessed with skin whitening, it cannot be avoided that certain allergic reactions occur. At times, it is even possible that improper use, wrong knowledge and mismanagement of using whitening products on the skin may even cause further darkening. As the study for different skin whitening strategies, there has also been a rise of many natural alternatives that people can opt for rather than using harmful chemicals. Natural skin lighteners are used as safer alternatives to skin lightening.

There are various natural skin lightening products that one can use to gradually lighten skin tone. One may use products with botanical ingredients. Others opt for manufactured products that contain natural ingredients, minus the hydroquinone. There are also those who are patient enough to actually make natural skin lighteners made out of ingredients that can all be found in the kitchen or the nearest grocery store.

Here are groups of some natural skin lighteners that people and beauty companies use to aid in whitening the skin.

Botanical Ingredients

There are hundreds of whitening products that focus on botanical ingredients that are known to be effective in skin lightening. Here are some of the ingredients used by beauty and cosmetic companies all over the globe to come up with skin whitening products made from natural ingredients. It is best that one is knowledgeable on the specific ingredients that are present in the lightening products that one uses in order to know the product’s strengths and limitations. This is also the best way to know if the product is suitable for you and your skin, especially if you are someone who has sensitive skin and may be allergic to certain ingredients.

Kojic Acid- This is a very popular ingredient used in whitening products, like soap, face and body lotions, toners and moisturizers. This is known to inhibit the production of melanin in the same way that hydroquinone does. Kojic acid is gathered from a variety of organic substances and fungi. It is also known to reduce pigmentation problems in the skin, and fight freckles and melasma. It is most effective as a skin whitener especially when used with medical supervision.

Licorice Extract- This is the best known alternative to people who have hypersensitivity to hyroquinone. Licorice extract has glabridin, which hinders the activation of tyrosinase.

Tyrosinanse is an enzyme that is responsible in producing pigments, which in turn causes dark spots in the skin. Most skin cleansers and skin toners have licorice extract as its main ingredient since it disrupts melanin synthesis by the skin and helps fade hyperpigmentation.

Bilberry Extract – This is an effective antioxidant useful in treating sun damage and hyperpigmentation. This comes from the bilberry fruit, which is a relative of blueberries.

Bilberry extract has tannins which contains a natural astringent, also known in lightening the skin. Moreover, the chemical composition of bilberry includes vitamin A, vitamin C and natural botanical hydroquinone.

Lemon – This is a very well-known antioxidant that many manufacturers of skin products use because it has citrus and vitamin C that can aid in achieving a brighter and clearer skin. It can also bleach freckles. A lemon is also an effective skin lightener used by people who want to use natural ingredients. Most homemade preparations of skin lighteners always contain lemon.

Home Remedy Natural Skin Lighteners

There are also many products in your own kitchen or other natural ingredients from the nearest grocery store that can aid in skin whitening. By using these individually or combining them together, then one can already achieve all-natural skin lighteners without the fear of getting hypersensitivity and skin irritation. You can actually come up with your own natural cleanser, mask, and toner.

Natural Toner – There is nothing worse than dark and uneven skin tone. Synthetic ingredients can cause damage to the skin. If you need a rest from these harmful chemicals, you can use a natural toner made out of lemon, vinegar and triple rose water. You can use a spray bottle to contain a half cup of triple rose water, lemon juice, and one-eighth teaspoon of white vinegar. Mix and shake this ph balanced mixture well and apply on skin like a regular toner.

Natural Mask – One great advantage of using a mask made from natural ingredients is that you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects. With the use of one-eighth teaspoon on turmeric powder, two tablespoons of yogurt, and one teaspoon of lemon juice, you can already achieve a natural mask. These natural ingredients all have whitening components, thus you can be assured that when used regularly and consistently, you’ll get whiter skin.

Scrub – A good combination of ingredients can be used for a whitening scrub. One main ingredient that you can use is lemon. Lemon juice, brown sugar and olive oil are active natural ingredients that you can use for a whitening scrub. When applied to the face and body three times a week, you can get rid of dead skin cells and obtain whiter and brighter skin.

A whiter and fairer complexion brings out the glow of the skin. White skin emanates beauty. Though there are people who work more on smoothing the skin and keeping it young, others have beauty standards that include achieving fairer skin. It is always good to know that there are natural skin lighteners that can be used for people who prefer natural ingredients. The good news is that products with these ingredients work just as effectively as other synthetic chemicals. It is also a safer option for the skin. Knowing what these natural ingredients are can make you be aware of what they can do. This can be a good consideration when choosing to purchase whitening products.