Helpful Skin Lightening For Birthmarks


A birthmark is something that not everybody may have, while there are some people that will have large and very noticeable marks on their skin. Basically speaking, a birthmark is an irregularity on the skin that is benign that has been present either since birth or it will appear shortly after during the infant years.

birthmarksThe majority of birthmarks are not inherited from the mother or father and they basically come from the overproduction of the color of the melanocytes found in the skin. These are the skin cells that are responsible for the pigmentation and coloring of the skin.

If you are unhappy with your birthmark, you will be happy to know that there are several different methods that you can try to help get rid of it or even work on lessening the appearance over time. The more you learn about fading the birthmark you have or shrinking it down, the better chance you will have of getting some visible results.

If you are looking for more involved procedures, there are treatments that you can discuss with your dermatologist or even a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in treating skin conditions.

In general, you will see that there are two major categories of birthmarks. One of which is the red birthmark that will often be called a stork bite, salmon patch or strawberry birthmark.

The other is the pigmented birthmark that will usually just be a few shades darker than the actual skin tone of the rest of the patient’s body and not reddened in any way. The red birthmarks are actually quite common and will appear in roughly 25% and up to 50% of newborns.

birthmarksWhile a lot of birthmarks will start to shrink, fade or even disappear over time, there are still many people who are unhappy with the way that they look. Very rarely will a birthmark need treatment for discomfort or due to being a problem for the patient.

With that being said, if there is a birthmark that you are dealing with that is contributing to a health problem you will need to have it treated. In some cases, there could be a large hemangioma that will be addressed via a physician with a round of medications and even topical treatments.

Topical Lightening

There are a lot of different topical treatments that you can try when you are trying to lighten the appearance of a birthmark. Quite often, a patient will try a topical gel, cream or ointment. When these products work to penetrate the skin, they can break down some of the pigmentation that has clustered in a certain area.

They will also work to help loosen any of the skin on the surface that can be sloughed off. Your physician or dermatologist can also prescribe a medication or topical treatment if you are finding that over the counter topicals are not giving you the results that you desire.


CorticosteroidsThese are treatments that can either be taken orally or injected directly into the area of the skin where the birthmark or marks are present. Usually, a corticosteroid will work to slow down the overall growth of the birthmark and will eventually start shrinking them within a few weeks.

There are certain side effects that are known with this particular course of treatment and they can actually start to lead to other problems so it is best that you work on the advice of your dermatologist or physician.


If you are hoping to get more involved with lightening up your birthmarks, you may eventually turn to laser therapies. This is a popular procedure that will work to improve upon the color or even remove birthmarks completely. This form of treatment is very popular for breaking down the appearance of port-wine birthmarks as they can be very staggering in appearance and many of them occur on the facial area of the patient.

laser tretmentsWhile complete removal is rare in nature, the majority of laser therapies have the ability to lighten the area even after a few treatments with a professional. Some of the birthmarks may start to return and it will require more treatments with lasers to maintain the results desired.

Most of the time, you can start laser therapy during the infancy years. The blood vessels are a lot smaller when they are present in a baby. Older stains on the skin or deep birthmarks can be a bit more difficult to completely break down and get rid of.

In order to get a lighter shade, you will usually need to have around four laser therapy treatments. The darker stains or marks on the skin will usually require seven or more treatments for good results.

When lasers work, there is a yellow light, or flashlamp pumped dye laser, that is used to work on removing the stains and birthmarks in children of a young age and infants.

Overall Results

The results that you are able to achieve will depend on how diligent you are with your treatments. If you simply try a product and do not follow through with it and use it as prescribed or on a regular basis, you are not going to see the results.

Because everyone has different skin and no two birthmarks are alike, you may find that it will be necessary to try a few different treatments until you are able to successfully lighten your skin wherever a birthmark is present.


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