Homemade Almond Skin Lightener Can Help You Whiten Your Skin Naturally


If you are concerned about applying harsh chemicals to your skin (as well you should be) you probably do not want to use commercial skin lightening creams and bleaching agents. Luckily, there are many natural products that can gently and gradually even out your skin tone and help you achieve and attain a lighter complexion. You can make these gentle products yourself affordably and easily in the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn more.

Making Your Own Skin Care Products Is All About Creativity

home remediesIt can be a lot of fun to dream up and create natural, homemade beauty products.

Gentle skin lightening mixtures that you create with ingredients found at your local grocer, farmers’ market and health food store, pamper your skin without exposing you to harsh chemicals that can damage both your skin and your general health.

Here are a few easy recipes you can use to make pleasant, all-natural skin lightening products that will not only balance the tone of your skin, but also improve its overall condition.

It’s A Harsh World, So Your Skin Care Products Should Be Gentle

Uneven skin tone is often caused or exacerbated by environmental conditions such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollution, arid conditions and more. For this reason, most people display a various array of uneven skin tone, dark spots and farmer’s tan. This is caused by the multiplication of melanin in the skin. This is also called hyperpigmentation.

All Natural Skin Lighteners You Can Make At Home Using Honey, Almond, Rose Water, Lemon Juice And More!

rose 0water tonnerHere is a sweet scented honey and almond skin lightening mixture you are sure to enjoy. People have used honey to soften and heal the skin for many centuries.

It is a natural emollient and humectant, and it is included in many commercial skin care products. Almond is another classic addition to skin care products, and it is well known for being an excellent, gentle and effect skin lighteners.

To use honey and almond for the benefit of your skin, just mix a teaspoon of each of honey and lemon juice, along with a half teaspoon of almond powder.

Apply this paste to the area of skin you wish to condition or lighten. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse it off with clean, lukewarm water. Follow up with cold water. This will help lighten darkened areas of skin and leave your complexion healthy and glowing.

Whole Milk Is A Natural Moisturizer

You can also use a combination of almond and milk to condition, moisturize and lighten the skin. In this recipe, you use fresh almonds. Just toss a few pitted, plain almonds into your blender and grind them up finely. Add enough whole milk to form a paste. Apply the paste to your skin and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash with warm water and rinse with cold water. This recipe gently exfoliates the skin and moisturizes.

Many Natural Ingredients Make Great Skin Lighteners

Another recipe that does not involve almonds makes use of rose water and lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural lightener that delivers a powerful dose of vitamin C (an antioxidant) directly to the skin. Simply mix rose water and lemon juice half and half and use this mixture as a toner after treating your face with one of the recipes above and rinsing with cold water. You can also use this mixture as an everyday toner after your usual beauty routine. This mixture should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid spoiling.

tomato juiceMany acidic food substances can be used to help lighten and brighten skin tone. Tomatoes and tomato juice are often helpful.

You can make a nice treatment for unevenly toned skin by blending a tablespoon each of sandalwood powder, lemon juice, tomato juice and a few slices of fresh cucumber to form a paste.

Apply as a mask and allow to set for fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water followed by cold water and toner if you wish.

These ingredients can be used in various combinations. The more you experiment, the more you will get a sense of what works best for your skin. Many people like a simple treatment of sandalwood powder and rosewater. Mix these ingredients to form a paste and apply as a mask. In this combination, you should leave the paste on your face for a minimum of twenty minutes before rinsing.

Tomato juice or fresh tomato slices can also be blended with oatmeal to form a paste for washing. This is an excellent, natural way to exfoliate and lighten the skin. You can use this mixture to wash your face as part of your regular beauty routine.

Yogurt is an excellent healing and moisturizing agent for the skin. Mix it with fruits that contain healing enzymes such as strawberries and papaya. Throw in a little honey, oatmeal and a natural oil, such as olive oil to moisturize, pamper and lighten the skin.

Save Money And Enjoy Creating Your Own Healthy Products

save moneyWhen you make use of all natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboards and your refrigerator, you can save money and enjoy gentle, safe skin lightening results. Pay close attention to your results as you move forward.

They will be subtle. Working with natural ingredients takes patience. Remember that you are the expert in terms of your body and your health. Feel free to experiment with safe, all-natural ingredients to create the best and most effective recipes to benefit your glowing and healthy skin.


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