How to Get Brighter Skin

Clear, luminescent skin is not just for the likes of the social elite. You can easily take advantage of celebrity tips and tricks for how to get brighter skin. The best part here is that several of the steps employed by professional celebrity makeup artists are ridiculously simple, and the ingredients for many may already be in your medicine cabinet, or even your refrigerator! Don’t wait another minute to learn the steps from the stars, and brighten your face to brilliant proportions. You can make a huge change in your life, and it’s easy! What could you possibly be waiting for now?

How to Get Brighter Skin: Stay Away from the Tanning Bed!

Want to know how to get brighter skin? Step one- protect yourself from the sun, or mechanisms (ie. tanning beds) that imitate the effect of its light. UV rays and artificial UV rays will blast the life right out of even the fairest skin. Racing after tan skin is the fastest way you can possibly take to get a tired, leathery, faded face. Protect yourself now, by wearing proper sunblock.

UV rays do their dirty work by stimulating the production of melanin in your body. This is what causes skin pigmentation, as well as burns. The most powerful sunscreen blocks and scatters these rays, which prevents this melanin production and prevents, naturally, the tanning process.

Do It Yourself Remedies for Skin Brightening

Believe it or not, there are some easy solutions for getting rid of blemishes and discoloration, and they can be found right in your kitchen. Yogurt, anyone? This breakfast treat can actually serve as a very effective facial scrub. To take advantage of it, use fresh, plain, unsweetened yogurt. Apply a thin layer onto your face once a day, and you’ll start to see that suntan lightening, and your skin brightening. All you need is the persistence to stick with them for up to a month, to get a precise look on exactly how they affect your skin.

Another savory way to brighten up your face is by chopping up a tomato, and scrubbing it across the tanned parts of your skin. Besides lightening your skin tone, this solution will also even your skin tone. Cucumber juice is also a great, natural way to do this. Just don’t make a salad out of them afterwards.

For an at home remedy that doesn’t involve food, stick with a standard aloe vera lotion. Just make sure you apply this inside. Aloe vera is a photosynthetic synthetic substance that, if exposed to the sun, can actually darken your skin!

How to Get Brighter Skin: Exfoliator? But I Barely Know Her!

Please excuse the pun. Exfoliation of your skin is an extremely useful step in how to get brighter skin. When your skin is cluttered with dead cells, it can tend to look a bit darker. Through the removal of these skin cells, not only to you boost the likelihood of how to get brighter skin, you also allow for new skin to generate more easily. Here are some powerful and safe ways to give your skin a deep and thorough exfoliation.

Monobenzone Cream

This is a standard cream recommended by dermatologists for exfoliation purposes. When using it, make sure you cover the entire area that you wish to make lighter. This means if you want an exfoliation all over your body, apply all over. This will also help lighten and “depigment” the body, promoting an even skin tone throughout.

This kind of exfoliation, when done properly, also prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs, resulting in smoother skin that you simply can’t help but touch.

A Good Old Fashioned Scrub

A scrub can help stimulate the flow of blood to the body, which in turn provides more oxygen and other vital nutrients to the surface. It also, of course, does away with dead skin cells, for a softer skin that looks much healthier than it did before. A good tool for these kinds of scrubs is a body brush, either wooden or with plastic bristles. Loofah brushes are also used, as are facial sponges. These can be found as locally as your nearest Walgreen’s or CVS. A beautiful feeling of all over smooth, and it is just down the road from your house!

A Squirt of Lemon

We have been talking a lot about using food to help your skin glow already, so we would be remiss if we did not mention lemon juice as an integral part of the exfoliation process. This juice provides a number of benefits for your body, both in an internal and external sense. Rich in fruit acids (surprise, right?) it has the power to gently remove dead skin from your body, and can also lighten any discoloured sections. Combine with a skin lightening cream for a double whammy of brightening power.

Lightening Soaps, as Opposed to Lightening Rods

Who would have thought a soap could help make your skin brighter, along with cleaning it? Many beauty product manufacturers have created lines of cleansers that have made a proven impact on lightening skin, as well as improving the effect that brightening creams have on the appearance of your skin. Besides being powerful, these soaps are also extremely safe, and pleasant to the senses. Some popular names of this specialized kind of soap are Daggett and Ramsdell, Clear Essence Complexion Soap, and Fair and White Lightening Soap.

Have you resigned yourself to thinking that bright, vibrant skin is not in the cards? Well, stop it! There are so many ways that you can learn how to get brighter skin. Many of these solutions are extremely easy, and almost all of the best cleansers and lightening products can be found either in your kitchen, or down the street at your nearest convenience store. Celebrity makeup artists have been keeping these secrets for years, and now light is being shed and they are become available to everyone. Take advantage now, and show the world your bright and shining face!

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