How to Lighten Black Skin Safely

lighten black skinThere is nothing that is usually more becoming than having an even and clear skin tone. Hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes can be very destructive to a person’s body image and self esteem. At the same time, there are certain people that prefer having a lighter skin tone to being dark skinned. All these and many more are reasons why people look for brands of skin whitening cream to lighten black skin. However, before you begin shopping, there are several things that you should have in mind.

One: Selecting the right cream to work with

The fact that there are very many skin lightening creams in the market makes it really difficult to select the right one. The key to getting a great product is in identifying the exact result that you have in mind when you decide to start lightening your skin. It is important to take time and assess one’s skin tone. Determine how many shades lighter you want to go and look for the products that will help you achieve that safely. There are two general categories of lighteners in the market:

a. Those whose main active ingredient is hydroquinone and other artificial lighteners.
b. Those that are based on natural plant and herbal extracts.

Hydroquinone based skin lightening creams

There is a common misconception that hydroquinone creams have negative side effects for users. Most of the fear stems from the fact that the ingredient has undergone a lot of negative publicity and has even been banned in several countries. However, lab tests that have been carried out indicate that there are very few side effects that actually result from hydroquinone. As a matter of fact, dermatologists usually administer the approved 2% hydroquinone as treatment for skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation and other skin blemishes. The only thing you should take care about when using any skin lightening cream for black skin is that you have to minimize your exposure to the sun.

The advantages of hydroquinone based lighteners

One of the main advantages of hydroquinone based creams is that they are very effective in lightning the skin. As long as you are sure that the active ingredient in a cream is hydroquinone, you can be assured of results. Secondly, it takes very little time to start getting results from the treatment. Within three to four days, you will have started to notice changes in skin tone.

Natural skin lightening creams

The other option that has gained a lot of popularity in skin lightening is the use of natural products. These usually include certain herbs, fruits and even leaves. The most popular ones include lemon extract, Aloe Vera, tomato juice, sandalwood paste and cucumber juice. Most of the products will have a combination of several herbs and extracts combined to make the perfect mix.

Advantages of natural lighteners

The main advantage is that you are assured of little to no side effects when using natural skin lighteners. That eliminates the fear of your skin ageing too quickly after you use these lighteners. Secondly, there is a guarantee that no toxic substances will be introduced into your body.

How skin lightening creams work

Regardless of whether they are natural or artificial, skin lightening products work by somehow stopping the production of melanin in the body. One the production of melanin has been reduced; your skin will eventually become a few shades fairer. Users are usually advised to keep using the lightening cream until the desired skin tone is achieved.

Two: Maintaining the lighter skin tone

The first part of using a skin lightening cream for black skin is usually meant to reduce the production of melanin and become lighter skinned. That is usually the simple part. The difficult part comes when you have to maintain the new tone. There are several things that make skin lightening unsuccessful.

Too much exposure to the sun: when there is too much exposure to the sun especially when you are using skin lighteners, your skin usually forms dark blotches, or gets sunburned. This is why dermatologists advise staying out of the sun when using skin lightening creams. In case you absolutely have to go to the sun, make sure you take an umbrella or a hat with you. In addition to that SPF is the best way to avoid the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Lack of proper skin care: getting the lighter skin tone is usually the first part of the process. The second and most important part is maintaining the new skin tone. Cleansing the skin regularly is the first part of the process. In addition to that, it is important to note that skin lightening never ends. You have to keep doing it if you are to maintain the desired skin tone.

Three: The don’ts of using skin lightening cream for black skin

There are several things that make an attempt at skin lightening end up in total chaos. The first is mixing several types of lighteners and thinking that they are going to achieve faster and better results. Make sure that a qualified person helps you select the combination of products that will help improve your skin.

The second common problem in the mistake that people make is going for creams that have more than the recommended 2% hydroquinone content. While it might seem as a great way to achieve faster results, it is potentially harmful to the skin. It is much better to follow the regular 2% regime and even though it will take time, be assured that the results will be excellent.

The third mistake people make with skin lighteners is assuming that you only need it for a localized area. Unless you are dealing with hyperpigmentation, it is advisable to use the cream on the face, neck, arms and legs. This will help you avoid the common funny look whereby the skin tone on the face is different from the arms, legs and so on.

In conclusion, the choice of whether to use natural or artificial lightener usually lies with the user. However, as long as the skin lightening cream for black skin has been tested and proven to be safe, there is no need to worry about anything.