How You Can Effectively Begin Fading Brown Spots that May Make You Appear Older


While many women, and even men, worry about wrinkles and fine lines appearing on their faces, many do not consider the implications of uneven skin pigmentation. There have been some research studies that indicate dark spots are seen more unfavorably than the lines everyone works so diligently to counteract.

Brown SpotsHowever, if you have brown spots, also known as liver spots or age marks, you may realize how these affect your overall appearance. If you are tired than looking older than you are or feel, then you can do something about it!

The fact is that there are a wide variety of remedies that you can use to begin fading those spots. You can use one or more of them regularly in order to begin treating them. However, it is vital that you realize you are not going to see immediate results.

It has taken time for the spots to develop, and it will take a consistent effort on your part to eradicate them. If you are diligent and monitor the reactions of your skin over time, you should be able to find the best natural remedies to keep your skin looking smooth and fresh for many years to come.

Everyone has some pigment in their skin, the levels of which determine how dark a person appears. There are many things that can increase or decrease the amount of pigmentation that is in the skin. One of the ones most familiar to people is sunlight. However, just because skin cells in an area are exposed to light at the same time does not mean that they will all develop pigment at the same rate.

Because the cells react differently, someone who has been in the sun may end up with their freckles showing, even though the spots were not visible prior to the outing. This is because those cells create pigment more quickly when exposed to the right catalyst, such as the UV rays in the sunlight. Even those who do not have this experience will frequently develop an uneven complexion, particularly those with darker skin.

slathering on sunscreenHowever, slathering on sunscreen is often not the best solution to avoiding this type of uneven exposure to the rays of the sun. It is better to use alternative clothing and products to keep the sun from coming into contact with your skin.

Most of the sunscreens that are on the market are filled with chemicals which can harm your skin at the cellular level. This is particularly true of those with sensitive skin or that are experiencing skin problems.

You may be able to find good products to use at your local health food store, or through a good online retailer who deals in natural goods. Remember to wear a wide hat and light colored clothing in order to stay cool and keep the rays off of your precious skin. Also, attempt to avoid going outside during the peak sunlight hours where you live. This will usually fall between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon, and may change depending upon the season.

A chemical peel will get rid of the spots but requires a visit to a qualified professional in order to guarantee the results. If you do not have the time or money to invest in visiting a cosmetic surgeon, you still have a wide range of options available that will work to bleach the spots that are on your skin.

Stay working with them and follow all of the directions for maximum effectiveness. If you become disenchanted and stop after a few weeks, or only perform the treatments once in a while, you will not get the results that you desire from your efforts to fade your brown spots.

Retinol CreamYou have probably heard of products that can be purchased in stores containing retinol in order to combat wrinkles and fine lines. However, you may not have been aware that it is also an effective choice for reducing hyperpigmentation, which is what is happening with these troubling spots.

You can investigate the various products available to you that contain retinol so that you can find out which you would like to use. Make sure to check out the other ingredients and how much of the effective ingredient is in each application. Otherwise, you may end up getting a product at a discount because it does not contain enough active retinol to be effective and is primarily fillers.

In addition to lightening your skin cells, it is also important that your routine has steps to exfoliate regularly. Not only will this remove the dead skin cells that make your skin look ashen, it will also give you the chance to expose fresh new cells to the lightening treatments, maximizing their effectiveness.

Remember that you want to look at this trouble from every angle so that you can get it taken care of for good. Keeping yourself covered and making smart choices regarding your activities and products is a great place to begin your new skin care routine.

Also remember that you can use many of the treatments in order to keep your skin soft and supple on your entire body. This may even help to reduce the chance of other problems arising down the road. Even once you have seen the spots faded away, you can continue to use many of these home remedies for those areas and any others that you want to make sure look and feel fantastic all of the time.

horseradishOne great treatment that is quite effective is the use of horseradish. While many associate this spicy herb with fantastic deli sandwiches, it is also wonderful for lightening skin. Make your own preparation by grating the top four inches from two fresh horseradishes that have been thoroughly washed.

Add this to one half a cup of fresh apple cider vinegar and place container in a mason jar in a cool, dry place. You must use apple cider vinegar for best results. This type has stuff floating around the bottom of the bottle, and should be shaken prior to use.

After two weeks have passed, use cheesecloth or a fine sieve in order to strain the horseradish pieces from the liquid. Store the liquid in your refrigerator. Three times daily, apply this liquid with a fresh cotton ball to all of the areas that you are attempting to lighten.

You will need to do this for at least a month to see results. Once you have achieved the desired pigmentation, you can reduce the application to once per day. Should you notice any spots re-emerging, you can increase your application until you get your skin looking great.

The next remedy involves the tropical fruit papaya. If you have never eaten it before, you should do a small skin test to make sure you are not allergic to it before you use on a larger area of skin. Grate one or two inches of fresh papaya, or more if you have multiple areas to work on, and rub the fruit into your brown spots.

There are enzymes and naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids in this bright orange fruit pulp that can improve the appearance of skin. Leave on for between 15 and 30 minutes before gently washing the area clean.

yogurt face maskYou can also create an excellent yogurt mask to use regularly in order to lighten your skin. This particular one should be completed each day for a week.

At that time, you can reduce your mask application to twice a week until you achieve the desired results, usually less than three months. Continue to use it every week or every other week as a part of your skin maintenance program.

In a small bowl, mix together one tablespoon plain, unsweetened yogurt with two tablespoons finely ground oatmeal and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice. Once you have a consistent paste, apply it to the affected areas and allow to sit for at least thirty minutes.

You can leave it on for up to one hour. Use cold water to rinse the skin thoroughly. Rub some avocado oil into your skin and pat dry. You can use a different all natural moisturizer if you want to.

Many people do not realize that garlic and onion both have healing properties for the body. In addition to being fantastic antibacterial agents, both of them can be used to help fade your age spots. Slice, grate or press the garlic and/or onions until you have enough to cover the areas that you want to. Rub the slices on them two to five times each day.

Alternatively, you can finely chop up the onions and garlic to mix with honey equal to approximately twice the vegetables. This can be rubbed into the skin and left on for up to half an hour. The skin can then be rinsed clean, with a light apple cider vinegar water to help remove the smell.

Follow up with one tablespoon of almond oil mixed with five drops of lavender essential oil to help heal the skin and reduce the odor associated with the garlic and onions.

Aloe veraAloe vera is incredibly good for the skin and can help to clear up a wide variety of ailments. First of all, it is very important that you get all natural aloe vera gel or juice for anything that you are using in or on your body.

Unfortunately, there are some products out there that have a bunch of chemicals added or other things that can counteract the positive effects of using the aloe vera products.

You can grow a plant at home if you would like, then remove parts as needed. Otherwise, use a reputable product from your local or favorite online health food retailer. Apply it to the spots and allow to dry. Leave it on for at least thirty minutes before washing. You will need to apply it two or three times a day for a month or more.

Fortunately, aloe is gentle enough for you to easily incorporate into your other skin care ideas. For instance, you could use it after an exfoliating mask to help soothe the skin. Rinse it off half an hour later and follow through with some avocado oil for a healing and luxurious experience.

If you are tired of the brown spots on your face and body making you look older, start using these all natural remedies today for a better tomorrow.


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