Hydroquinone Cream: Beauty Enhancement for White Skin

Hydroquinone CreamWomen might not feel strange anymore with hydroquinone cream. It is a cream which is applied in order to get light skin. On the other side, it can be side that this is a bleaching cream. This cream is getting popular since a lot of brand names have used and included hydroquinone in their product. It is marketable name since the customers especially women have already noticed the benefit of hydroquinone. Actually, it is included as in type of phenol that is also called quinol or benzene-1,4-diol. In fashion, this ingredient has been well-known as an effective ingredient to make white and clean skin.

Women really pay attention on their appearance. Face becomes dominant part of their body which they are really care of. That is why they never stop hunting the beauty product to enhance their beauty. Some common unwanted problems on their face are freckles, scars, and some other skin discolorations for instance dark spots because of the age. They are serious problems for them. They will not let these problems remain on their face for long time. Treatment using hydroquinone cream is an effective way to get rid of these problems.

Actually, the effect of this kind of cream in term of lighten the skin is very simple. Everyone will experience the process of hyperpigmentation. This is a process in which patches of one’s skin is getting discolored. The skin is getting dark. Sometimes, it comes as a dark spot on face. In this case, the main duty of hydroquinone cream is to make the skin light again. In short, hydroquinone becomes reverse of the process of hyperpigmentation. This cream will stop the hyperpigmentation process in order that the skin returns to be light again. This is actually how this cream works on one’s face. In addition, they have to know that hydroquinone has melanin production which breaks down simultaneously existing melanin in the skin. With this process, the skin will get lighten gradually.

How to Apply this Cream

There are particular rules in applying this cream. At first, the users need to check whether this cream is good for their skin or not. Some people have sensitive skin. When their skin is sensitive, it is quite possible that this cream will give disadvantages. Therefore, testing is required. The test can be held by applying the cream on small part of their body. They have to wait till approximately 24 hours. If they don’t find any harmful signs such as side effects of this cream, it indicates that the cream is ready to use.

Having known that the skin is not sensitive with hydroquinone cream, they can start applying the cream on parts of the body which want to lighten. However, it is important for them to make sure that the parts of the body are absolutely clean. Clean skin means that there is no something such as dust, makeup, excess oil, or dirt which might block the cream. If their skin is not clean, the cream will not work properly since it cannot be absorbed by the skin well. Therefore, it is highly suggested that they wash the skin with clean water beforehand.

When they finish applying hydroquinone cream, they have to wash their hands. By washing their hand, their palm will not be getting light. If the most of their daily activity is on the outside in which they contact directly to the sunlight, it is better for them to use sunscreen. According to the beauty expert, this cream is useless if the users receive sunlight daily. The sun ray is damaging. It renders hydroquinone ineffective. Besides wearing sunscreen, protective clothes are also helpful for further protection.

Side effects of this Cream

Besides the advantages, medical experts also report that hydroquinone cream possibly causes some side effects. Generally, the side effect of this cream can be divided into two categories. The first category is non-serious side effect. When the users find that there is redness on their skin, it shows that they experience one of its non-serious side effects. Redness commonly occurs when the users’ skin is sensitive. It indicates that the cream doesn’t fit with the skin. Another non-serious side effect is dryness. Having been applied with the cream, the skin is getting dry. Moreover, they possibly experience burning as well. However, these non-serious side effects don’t need any serious concern. They can leave for a while till the condition of their skin returns like as usual.

Meanwhile, one of serious side effects is cracking. When there is cracking of the skin, urgent medical treatment needs to be carried out in order to avoid further serious skin problems. This effect might be caused by severe dryness. Therefore, it is recommended to stop using hydroquinone cream when it is found that there is sign of non-serious side effects such as redness and dryness. Another serious side effect is that the skin is blue-black skin discoloration. Sometimes, this sign is noticed on the near area which is applied. A help from doctor is required when the users experience one of these side effects.

Even though the beauty product containing hydroquinone has been approved by particular health institution, it doesn’t mean that it is absolutely safe for all people. In any cases, hydroquinone cream is not allowed to be used by people in some condition. Those who are not permitted to apply this cream on their skin are people with asthma. It is quite possible that this cream is able to make their asthma worse. In addition, this cream is not good for people with chronic skin condition either. Some chronic skin conditions are eczema and psoriasis. Moreover, this cream might affect to some medication especially those containing hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. For preventive from undesired health problems, it would be better that they consult with their doctor in advance.

Every woman wants to look beautiful with white and clean skin. Applying hydroquinone cream becomes a treatment to get that purpose. In this case, they have to be very careful when they apply it on their face. They have to keep this cream away from the eyes.