The Importance Of Using All Natural Gradual Skin Lighteners For Healthy Skin Tone


There are a lot of different reasons why people want to either whiten or lighten their skin. It can become a controversial subject for many people who take pride in the color of their skin, however, most of the people that are most anxious to lighten their skin, are usually looking for products that will help them level out the variances in darkness of their skin rather than lighten all of their skin.

Prevent-sunburn using sunblockThere are a lot of different reasons why people can have an uneven skin tone, and there can be quite a large difference in skin tones in a small area on a person’s body. In order to decide if lightning your skin is for you, and which methods you’d like to use, let’s go over a few tips to help you decide.

First let’s go over probably the most important way to achieve and maintain a level skin tone throughout your body, and that’s to avoid the sun. It probably goes without saying, but it is far easier to avoid sun exposure by wearing the appropriate sun blocks, than it is to remove darkened areas after the fact. The biggest problem with the sun’s rays are that they never hit you evenly throughout your body.

Since the sun tends to be above us, the shoulders and neck tend to get overexposed, while under the arms and between the legs are shaded most of the time, plus your face, depending on whether you wear a hat, can become much darker than other parts of your body. The absolute best solution is to cover up with adequate clothing, and then to use a high SPF sunscreen on any exposed parts of your body.

Unfortunately, parts of your skin that have become dark due to overexposure to the sun are difficult to lighten with skin lightening products. This is due to the fact that the pigmentation from ultraviolet rays goes deep into the skin, and all of those layers will need to be removed or lightened in order to have an effect on skin tone.  This means many applications of lightener, over a long period of time, to get the desired effect.

hyperpigmentationOn the other hand, areas of hyper-pigmentation, scars, birthmarks, holes and freckles tend to be in the outer layers of skin, and easier to lighten with skin lightening products.

You can almost look with the naked eye at a dark spot, and tell how deep it goes into the underlying layers of your skin, in order to know how difficult it’s going to be to remove.

It’s important to understand that not all skin lightening products are the same. Some of the most powerful and effective products may not be safe for your skin or overall health. Other products, that may not work as quickly, are completely safe and there’s very little risk of overuse or side effects.

It’s also important to be aware that the words “all-natural” don’t necessarily mean safe, and can be overused at times when dealing with health related products. However, it’s still fairly important to use all-natural skin whitening products whenever you can in order to avoid harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to your health, and cause problems for your skin as well. Let’s go over some of the more popular skin  whiteners that are safe, effective, and natural.

Melladerm  is one such natural product that is safe to be used on nearly all skin types from Caucasian to African-American. African-Americans use Melladerm  frequently because it works fairly well on their dark skin. This natural product takes about two weeks before results will become obvious, and about a month or more to reach a level skin tone.

MelladermOf course, wide variances in skin tone will take longer to fix than lesser variations, so take that into consideration in your expectations. One advantage of Melladerm is that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results.

Since not every skin whitener works the same on every skin type, this is an important consideration when choosing any of these products.

Another all-natural skin lightener is called Kojic acid, and it’s usually made into a soap that is quite convenient to use. The advantage of using such a soap is that the effects are gradual and cover the entire body at the same time.

However, this is also a disadvantage if you have some extremely dark spots that you wish to work on, while maintaining the rest your body the same.  You can use Kojic acid soap in combination with other whiteners as well. You can use a whitener such as Melladerm on the darkest spots that you want a faster result with, and then use Kojic acid soap on your entire body for a gradual overall lightening effect.

Glutathione There are also skin whitening pills available at your local health supplement store, usually containing a chemical called glutathione.

This is a powerful antioxidant with quite a number of good health benefits involving the immune system, cancer fighting, and skin lighting is just a side effect that happened to  users of the product.

The supplement L-Glutamine is a common way to take glutathione and is fairly inexpensive at your local health food store. One advantage of taking these pills is they can work in conjunction with Melladerm,  and Kojic acid soap at the same time, each ingredient having a different effect and timeline for results.

When lightning your skin, for whatever reason, it’s always best to go with the most gradual, and safe ingredients in order to protect your health, and the health of your skin. By sticking with all-natural skin lighteners, and doing plenty of research to avoid harmful chemicals, you’ll be able to lighten your problematic dark spots and maintain a smooth overall skin tone.


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