In The Best Skin Lightening Products Hydroquinone Is Not There


Hydroquinone used to be one of the most popular ingredients in skin lightening products all over the world. It is known to be a very effective ingredient in creams or lotions that lighten and brighten skin because of its ability to inhibit melatonin production. It is also used in photographic developing chemicals because it reduces silver halides to the element silver.

However this ingredient has come under fire in recent years for use in topical creams and lotions. Studies on lab animals have suggested that this chemical is potentially carcinogenic. Numerous studies have proven that this chemical is irritating to the skin after periods of use. This is because it can actually cause skin sensitivity.

Even though this ingredient is still approved for use in the United States, many European countries have banned it. Is should be avoided by anybody who already has a sensitive condition. Everybody is advised to use a sunscreen if using this product. It should never be ingested, but only used as an ingredient in topical creams and lotions.

In The Best Skin Lightening Products Hydroquinone Is Not Included

Since this cream has come under fire because it has a potential to cause disease, it can certainly be avoided. Even though it is legal to use in the U.S., many manufactures have replaced it or omitted it from their products. There are plenty of skin lighting and brightening creams that use other effective ingredients. These natural and gentle ingredients are safe for the majority of people to use regularly.

Vitamin C is a well known nutrient that is an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is also known to be an effective skin lightener. Furthermore it is not irritating to most people. Because of these properties, it has become a popular ingredient in many creams that can help reduce discoloration and even skin tone.

Even vitamin C can be irritating to people who already have a sensitive skin condition though. That is because it is an acid, even though it is a generally safe and natural one. If you have problems with your skin, you are well advised to ask your doctor before using almost any topical skin lotion or ointment that has not been specifically developed for use for people with your condition.

Kojic acid is another ingredient that is generally considered safe for the vast majority of people. It is also a natural product, being produced from the natural fermentation process done when rice wine is produced. Like more dangerous ingredients, it is also known to reduce melatonin (pigment) production. It has the added benefit of being able to keep skin moist.

Many popular products contain kojic acid and vitamin C. These two ingredients work together to help reduce the appearance of discoloration, even out skin tone, and brighten skin. Most people who use products with these ingredients say that their skin feels good after use and the products are effective.

Mild alpha-hydroxy creams are considered generally safe for the majority of users when used according to the manufacture’s directions too. These actually peel off the top layer of “old” skin and encourage the growth of new skin underneath. Stronger facial peels may be performed in a doctor’s office.

The same warning about using alpha-hydroxy products would apply to people with sensitive skin conditions. They can be be irritating, and it would be best to consult a doctor first.

Just because products say they contain natural ingredients does not mean that they would be considered safe for everybody. Some individuals have medical conditions or allergies that can cause seemingly benign products to act as toxins or irritants to them.

Many natural things are poisonous or harmful. For example, while it is perfectly safe and even healthy to eat certain fruit, the leaves of these same plants might be toxic. Many people find peanut butter delicious and healthy, but it can be toxic to people with peanut allergies. Prudent people will avoid any substances with the potential to harm them even if those substances are actually good for other people.

In The Best Skin Lightening Products Hydroquinone Is Not On The Ingredient List

Skin lightening creams can be very effective for people who want to brighten their complexion or even out their skin tone. Some creams can even fade age spots, scars, and other dark areas. It is possible to find a variety of effective topical lotions and creams on the market today.

Your best choice will be a product that is gentle and effective. This means that you will probably have to wait for a few weeks to see any improvement. In the best skin lightening products hydroquinone is omitted from the ingredient list because it is potentially hazardous. If you do use this ingredient, use it with care.


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