Is Rihanna Lightening Her Skin? The Truth Behind the Rumors


Rumors about celebrities lightening their skin are always circulating and the newest ones involve one of the brightest pop stars – Rihanna. Are these pure speculations or is there some truth behind the latest claims?

The Accusations

Vera SidikaKenyan model Vera Sidika is the one that started the latest controversy, making accusations about skin lightening procedures that both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj had gone through. Sidika herself had recently been criticized for having her skin lightened.

Unlike numerous other celebrities that try to hide the intervention, however, Sidika is open and willing to speak about it. According to Sidika, the decision to have her skin lightened was one of her best. It resulted in a bigger number of bookings and helped the model kick-start her career.

Sidika admitted that she has spent nearly 170,000 dollars on having her skin lightened! The model got a lot of criticism for her transformation but during an interview, she said that many other famous ladies had turned to the same possibility. She gave Rihanna and Nicki Minaj as two examples of famous ladies that have relied on the very same procedure to alter their appearance.

Has Rihanna Really Lightened Her Skin?

RihannaThe first time the media started thinking about the altered state of Rihanna’s skin was in 2012. During the London promotion of her new movie, the singing diva appeared to have a skin shade that was much lighter than usual.

The Daily Mail quickly produced a report that accused Rihanna of having her skin bleached.

Rihanna appeared in London with bright blond hair. According to some of the reporters, the incredibly light color of the hair was the main reason for the apparent lighter shade of her skin.

The singing sensation born in Barbados is known for her exceptional voice but Rihanna has often admitted that she has numerous body issues that she’s trying to deal with. This is why she came under a lot of criticism for a possible skin bleaching and the desire to alter her appearance in order to feel more attractive.

An Obvious “Yes”

While some media still wonder about the skin lightening possibility, others are 100 percent confident that the songstress from Barbados has opted for an intervention. According to the reports, Rihanna has followed in Beyonce’s lead. Beyonce has come under a lot of fire lately, as well, because of her incredibly pale and light complexion.

BeyonceNumerous media show before and after pictures side by side, revealing the significant change in skin color. A recent campaign that Beyonce shot for L’oreal shows a much paler skin color. In addition, the diva seems to have had her nose altered surgically, as well.

The campaign photograph looks quite different from Beyonce’s usual appearance. Whether the result stems from image editing or surgical interventions is absolutely impossible to tell.

Old and new photos of Rihanna seem to reveal a similar pattern. Rihanna’s pictures from 2006 show an African woman that is completely proud of her skin color and appearance. Several years later, the singer seems to have undergone a dramatic transformation that has made her features almost 100 percent Caucasian.

Many Celebrities that Opt for Skin Whitening

Beyonce and Rihanna are just two of the numerous celebrities that have opted for a skin whitening procedure. The list is very long and many are doing it because of the more versatile appearance that skin whitening produces.

Rapper Trina, Tamar Braxton, actress Trina McGee, Latoya Jackson, Iman, Halle Berry, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Lil Kim have all either openly admitted to undergoing the procedure or they have been accused of it.

Halle BerryDepending on the manner in which the procedure is performed, its result could look quite natural and attractive. Dermatologists have several choices when it comes to altering the darker skin of their patients.

One of the most commonly used product for the purpose is skin lightening cream. Such cosmetics contain active ingredients that affect melanin formation and can effectively alter the color of the skin.

Anyone who’s interested in skin lightening will need to talk to a dermatologist first. A high quality product should be chosen for the purpose to decrease the risk of experiencing hyperpigmentation after the procedure. It’s possible to undergo a complete transformation, as long as sufficient amounts of preliminary research are done.


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