Is Your Lightening Lotion Effective?

The world must have gone crazy. Just as some fair-skinned people want to have summer beach tan skin, there are also some other people from different races who want to have porcelain-white skin. Increasing the melanin pigmentation in the skin is pretty easy. All you have to do is go sunbathing and in a few minutes, melanin starts to build up giving your skin a darker tone. Unfortunately, it’s the other way around when trying to whiten or lighten your skin. Avoiding the sun diligently won’t really work; you have to buy whitening products and wait for a very long time for them to take effect. But is your lightening lotion effective?

There are literally a thousand of skin lightening lotions that are widely available in the market nowadays. But do they really work? Below are some types of lightening lotions that you might already been using right now. Here they go:

Many skin experts say that a lightening lotion with hydroquinone is the most effective. Hydroquinone has the ability to inhibit the formation of melanin which is the substance that gives pigment to the skin. As a result, skin will look fairer with lesser amount of melanin. However, a lightening lotion should contain the right amount of hydroquinone for it to be effective. It should not contain less for it won’t probably take effect. It should not contain more than the required level for it can also cause side-effects such as skin irritation and chemical burn. The qualified level content of hydroquinone in a lightening lotion is 5% to 6%. However, there are only few brands of lightening lotion which indicate the level of hydroquinone in their product labels.

Another popular component of lightening lotions today is the kojic acid. Many people thought that kojic acid can whiten the skin but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t really lighten the skin in any ways. Kojic acid is first used as vegetable and fruit preservative. It is sprayed on the fruits and vegetables before exporting them to maintain their natural vibrant color which will make them look fresh and appealing in the eyes of the consumers. It was just recently when beauty product manufacturers utilize kojic acid as one of the main ingredients in their skin lightening products such as soaps and lotions.

The benefit of kojic acid when applied to the skin is the same when it is used in fruits and vegetables; it maintains the natural color of the skin. This is also the reason why kojic acid is often associated with other skin lightening ingredients such as the previously mentioned hydroquinone. As hydroquinone whitens the skin, the kojic acid will help to keep that lighter skin tone for longer time.

Glutathione is yet another innovative breakthrough in skin lightening products. But many skin experts say that topical application of glutathione such as that in your lightening lotion is not effective. Glutathione is a natural occurring amino acid that can only be utilized by the body as it is being processed in the liver and synthesize it into metathione. Glutathione was first ingested into tablets and its skin lightening effect is actually its side-effect. Because of that, skin manufacturers thought of the idea of also putting glutathione in their products for them to sell. Skin lightening products with glutathione is relatively expensive too compared to other products which make it another reason why most people think that it really works. Glutathione is effective only if you take them through oral ingestion and not with just topical application.

Lightening lotions with peeling properties are also getting popular. Some of these peeling solutions are AHA or alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acids and salicylic acid. When using them, you will notice mild peeling with your skin. This is to expose the newer skin which is a tone lighter than the old skin. With continued use, skin will get even lighter. Since the peeling solution is diluted with the base of the lotion, people are allowed to use them everyday. However, there is a certain period of time when you also need to stop and give your skin the ample time to recover and rebuild new skin cell tissues.
SPF or sun protection factor is very effective in preventing skin darkening. When looking for a product with SPF, make sure that it is labeled more than SPF 15. The higher the sun protection factor is the better protection it can provide to your skin. The most common SPF or sunscreen that is commercially used nowadays is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is very effective in preventing the harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin surface.

Skin vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, C, and E are also known as ingredients among skin lightening lotions. Vitamin B6 or niacinamide is also a melanin inhibitor. Vitamin A or retinly acetate has the lightening effects while vitamin C or ascorbic acid and vitamin E or tocopherol acetate are excellent antioxidants. All of those vitamins are very essential when repairing skin damages and maintaining the skin’s healthy condition. But just like the other ingredients, your skin lightening lotion should also contain significant amount of those vitamins for them to be considered effective. Another issue about vitamins in beauty products is that many skin experts also believe that vitamin C and vitamin E in particular easily loses their effects when exposed to the open air.

Going natural is the trend today. Most skin lightening lotions contain natural ingredients and one of the most popular is papaya extract. Papaya extract contains papain which is known to dissolve protein. Green papaya is also known to have stronger papain than ripe ones. When papaya extract is used in lightening lotions, its purpose is to remove dead skin cells and eventually encourage skin renewal. Your skin will appear whiter simply because younger skin is revealed after exfoliation. Some other natural ingredients which are popular in skin lightening lotions are argan oil, pineapple extract, sesame oil, sunflower oil, rosehip extract, licorice extract, chamomile extract and a whole lot more. The advantage of using skin lightening products with natural ingredients is that they are very safe and very effective at the same time.

Hopefully, you were able to find the answer as to whether your skin lightening lotion is effective or not. But if you really want to have a lighter skin, the idea of hiding from the sun and using an effective lightening lotion are the best thing that you can.