Lighten Skin Naturally -Nature’s Skin Formula For Radiant And Lighter Skin

Skin is darker or lighter according to the racial group we belong to. In simple terms, the warmer the country one lives in, darker the skin and the closer you are to the upper latitudes, the lighter your complexion is. Apart from geography and heredity many other factors play a role in deciding skin tone. But, above all these scientific facts known to us, there has always been a tendency the world over for women to desire more lighter skin color. Whether African, Asian or European, every woman wants pale flawless skin that is blemish -free. Some are willing to apply the harshest of chemicals to achieve this. However, with the passage of time, the long term usage of chemical formulations violates the healthy cell structure of our skin leaving it prone to sun damage and hypersensitivity.

Over the years, the growing interest in natural skin lightening methods has resulted in astounding findings through research. The long forgotten ancient roots of natural skin care have been rediscovered and botanical or plant extracts and natural mineral based formulations have rebounded back to popularity. This research has made many popular cosmetic brands include a herbal botanical range to their product line up in the market.

While skin may be dark due to heredity, meaning a dark complexioned couple usually has a dark child, another factor that is a natural cause for skin darkening is hyper-pigmentation, which is a condition when the skin produces excessive amounts of melanin causing your skin to be darker than usual. Age ,over- exposure to sun, prolonged medication and even childbirth can lead to darkening of skin. Off -the -shelf skin lightening products over a period of time cause irreversible damage apart from the huge sums of money squandered in a worthless experiment with the most frustrating of results . It’s time to explore the more natural ways of skin lightening.

Here re some of the most effective natural ingredients that lightens skin naturally:

*Kojic Acid -Formed during fermentation process,it is known to reduce melanin production. It has found immense popularity in the cosmetic industry and is used mainly in soaps ,creams and lotions.

*Arbutin Extract-Derived from the Bearberry plant, it has the same effect as hydroquinone which is today being shunned for its harsh effects on the skin. With the same effectiveness , Arbutin complies with the skin’s natural needs making it a safe option.

*Licorice – An old favourite, this natural substance inhibits the production of tyrosinase that is related to overproduction of melanin. Its non-toxic nature makes it a popular choice for targeting hyper-pigmentation particularly with people with sensitive skin.

*Papaya which produces the enzyme papain is rejuvenating for the skin allowing a natural exfoliation and cell turnover . containing viatmin A and C ,the alpha hydroxy acid in this wonder fruit is one of the safest bet to lighten skin naturally.

*Lemon- A natural product deserving greater attention is lemon. Its benefits in lightening skin naturally is known but the missing of the finer details in its usage can result in sensitive skin. Lemons are acidic and potent enough to eat through tooth enamel! Discretion in its usage is necessary.Using lemon juice directly on to the skin is not recommended. Mixing it with your regular scrub ,lotion, aloe gel or honey which will lessen the effects of its acids to harm your skin’s PH balance . What it needs is immense patience . Do not expect lemons to work magic from the first application,but gradually the difference to the skin tone will become visible.

Here are some easy to make formulas that you can whip up with amazing convenience to lighten your skin naturally.

*The buttermilk formula- You may use whey in case buttermilk is unavailable. Soak a tea spoon of fennel seeds in boiling water. Strain and mix the seeds with the buttermilk or whey. Apply on the face like a mask. Wash off with plain water and apply a skin emolient to take care of any dryness.

*Use the magical concoction of chamomile soaked in boiling water and strained after ten minutes. Add to it a teaspoon of honey and rose water. Apply directly to the face and let it remain for a good twenty minutes. You may store the rest of the face mask for use through the week . Known to reduce the effect of sun damage , the amazing therapeutic and soothing effect of rose water contributes to skin rejuvenation and repair.

* To lighten skin naturally use oatmeal and tomato juice in equal proportion to create a natural bleach. Mix equal parts of both and apply on the skin. Keep it on for twenty minutes before washing it off with plain water. Used almost everyday,bits gentle exfoliation will reveal a lighter skin tone .

*Give the humble potato a chance! Cut three or four slices of a potato and place on the skin directly. You will need to be still and wait for the skin to absorb its starchy goodness. Wash off and pat dry. Mild enough to be used everyday, potatoes have the amazing ability to reduce spots, blemishes and patchiness to lighten skin most naturally.

* The turmeric and lime formula -The antiseptic qualities of turmeric added to a natural bleach like lemon juice is the perfect salve for your skin.

*Yogurt mixed with honey is an age old formula for a fool proof recipe for instant lightening of skin.

*Aloe vera used directly on the skin is endowed with many forms of goodness. Not only is it anti-septic, anti-bacterial, it also has the ability to treat mild sunburns and other forms of skin damage. Cool and mild it’s a proven and popular ingredient in most skin formulas known to lighten skin naturally.

*Mint’s natural cooling effect has wonderful benefits . Grind ample number of fresh mint leaves to make a smooth paste. Leave it on the skin for about twenty minutes. Wash off for a more brighter radiant face.

*Dried orange peel mixed with lemon yogurt is a double edged weapon to lighten your skin naturally. The paste is smooth and works wonders as a natural bleach.

*Honey , almond oil, milk powder and lemon juice taken in equal proportions is the quick-fix formula for skin lightening and is used in spas and skin treatment salons.
While nature provides us the bounties that can lighten skin naturally but with a little help it is likely to happen more expeditiously.

* Drinking plenty of water to keep the body detoxified is necessary.

*Clouds can block the harmful sun rays by a mere fraction. Sunblock therefor is an imperative choice as a skin shield.

* Getting adequate sleep and rest and above all keeping anxieties at bay shows on one’s skin .

*Keep your patience and do not resort to quick-fix formulas that do more harm than good

*Focus on alight and healthy diet that include skin rejuvenating elements such as Omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fiber. Go easy on oils and spices and add fresh fruits and vegetables to every meal along with some lean meat.

Trust in nature for giving yourself and your confidence the lift it needs. Nature is endowed with the innate power to benefit every aspect of our well-being.