Lighten your skin tone with the best skin lightening creams


Everyone wants to have an even flawless skin tone. Apart from babies and few individuals, most people suffer from zit or acne marks, and blemishes or uneven skin tone. People living in equatorial and tropical countries naturally have a darker skin tone compared to those living near the poles. In the western world, many people spend huge amounts to get their skin tanned, while in other countries almost the same amount is spent in buying skin lightening creams. Even the whiter people get skin lightening creams to get rid of uneven skin tone. If you further want to know how a skin lightening cream will help you, and which one should you opt for, read further.

How does a skin lightening cream work?

The type of skin tome you have depends on the production of melanin in your skin. The lesser the melanin produced in your skin, the lighter will be your skin tone. Those who have darker complexion have plentiful melanin production in their skin. If you can control the melanin production in your skin, your skin tone can alter. Chemical and herbal ingredients are used to achieve this change. Using such ingredients results in a reduction in the melanin production, and thereby your skin tone gets fairer or lighter. You can notice changes in few weeks or may be months and all this depends on the concentration and type of ingredients present in your skin lightening cream.

Role of ingredients

Skin lightening creams can be herbal or chemical. The herbal ingredients present in the cream are obtained from plant sources like mulberry, scutellaria, arbutin and licorice. When combined together these ingredients produce a bleaching effect. Due to these ingredients the enzyme called tyrosinase gets inhibited and the production of melanin gets slower. Herbal creams can be used to lighten the face as well as the entire body. If you use the cream regularly, you will notice changes in about 2 week’s time. The chemical skin lightening creams contain synthetic ingredients to produce a similar effect. Hydroquinone was found present in most chemical skin lightening creams, as the most important ingredient, owing to its strong bleaching effect. However, it was discovered that hydroquinone might result in various disease including cancer. Hydroquinone thus was banned from being used in any skin care product. Other synthetic ingredients that you can find in skin lightening creams are kojic acid, mercury and glucocorticosteroids and so on.

Before you buy a skin lightening cream, make sure they are non-irritant and non-allergic. If you are allergic to any particular ingredient, make sure the cream you choose does not contain the same. There are many brands offering skin whitening creams, with new ones coming up almost every day. This only increases your responsibility of choosing the right one. Do not be swayed away by false promises, and choose only a reputed brand name which has safe ingredients. Skin lightening creams will not work miracles overnight, and you need to wait at least 2 weeks to notice changes. So, be patient, apply your cream as directed, and soon you will discover a fairer and more beautiful you.


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