Is Lightening Cream Bad for Your Skin: Ingredients to Avoid


In some countries, having light skin means prestige, sophistication and success. This is the reason why in some nations, people with dark skin are willing to invest on these cosmetic products. This is normal people are going beyond extra lengths just to achieve the look that they want. Though true beauty is more than what the eyes can meet, achieving to have a blemish-free skin will not hurt you.

applying cream for faceThere are many ways to have a beautifully white skin. In fact, there is a wide selection of skin whitening products that you can choose from.

You can see these products almost everywhere, from the ads of a magazine, down to the commercial ads in the TV. The presence of these ads makes people to want it and purchase one.

Before settling for a product, there are things that you need to consider. You need to be meticulous in choosing a product. Like any other products, there are some lightening products wherein instead of making your skin look better, will only result to skin problems.

Most of these products are too good to be true. They are only good in claiming that there products are the best but fail live up their claims.

For this reason, many are asking, is lightening cream bad for your skin? This is common question, since your money and your skin are at risk. Though there are many substandard whitening products, there are still effective whitening products that you can trust. In fact, most skin doctors are prescribing these products to their clients. Before which skin products to choose and avoid, let us first understand our skin.

What is Under Our Skin?

Our skin differs in color because of the amount of melanin present. Melanin is what gives our skin some tone. The amount of melanin found in skin will depend on a person’s genetic make-up. Aside from the genes, there are factors that may contribute to melanin production. Examples of these are skin damage and overexposure to sun.

How Does Skin Get Damaged?

acne scarsThere are many reasons why a skin can become damaged. Dark spots, acne marks, abrasions and other forms of skin damage often leave some unsightly marks to our skin.

When there is skin damage, it triggers the production of melanin, causing the skin to be dark. There is nothing for you to worry about, because there are many products and procedures available.

How to Get a Lighter Skin?

There are many ways for you to have lighter skin. One is through the undergoing a non-invasive procedure. Skin peeling and laser treatment are among these methods. Though these procedures assures you to have fair and flawless skin, still there are some factors that made some people step back from having these procedures.

Since there will be usage of modernized equipment, the price could really go beyond your budget. Aside from that, it takes several sessions for you to complete the treatment and see changes. You also need to pay for the professional’s service fee.

chemical peel treatmentHe may also prescribe you some medicines to maximize the results. Though this option is quite expensive, still you can be certain that you will see positive changes and that it will be risk-free, since you are under the supervision of a licensed doctor.

If you do not have enough funds to afford these sophisticated treatments, then there are skin-lightening products that are quite affordable. These whitening creams are good for your skin. In fact, you can see positive results after using it for a period. Most of these products contain natural ingredients, making it more effective.

Moreover, these are easy to use. You just simply need to apply the cream over the area that you want to lighten.

So, if you are asking, how effective are whitening creams, the  answer will depend on the ingredients present, as well as how regular you apply them.

Is Lightening Cream Bad for Your Skin?

People should be extra careful in choosing products. They should just settle for products prescribed by their friends. Remember, there are different types of skin; what works for them may not work to you. Thus, you need to do ample research and consult a doctor. To help you choose the right skin-lightening product, listed below are some of the ingredients that you need to avoid.

HydroquinoneHydroquinone – Any skin bleaching cream that contains more than two percent of hydroquinone, can be harmful to your skin. It can lead to skin irritation, a burning sensation and can even cause cancer. Some people even experience darker skin when they stop using it.

Mercury – Skin bleach creams that have mercury in them can be poisonous, and the mercury in it may even build up in the cells of your body. It is toxic, and can possibly cause liver damage and kidney failure.

Mineral Oil – This dries out the skin, and can even to lead to premature aging. Other chemicals, such as parabens present in the skin bleaching cream are cancer prone. In addition, avoid choosing skin-bleaching creams that have benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and other peroxide products.

Now that you know what ingredients to avoid and choose, you now know the answer to the question, is lightening cream bad for your skin. In using any kind of skin products, it is better to ask your doctor first about it.


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