Looking For The Best Skin Lightener Without Hydroquinone


Women have been looking for the best solution in lightening and evening out their skin color for ages. All sorts of products have been tried, from the formulations from cosmetic companies to the home-made concoctions that people experiment with. One ingredient has attracted a lot of attention because of it effectiveness but potential harmful effects.

That ingredient is hydroquinone. Many cosmetic companies use this ingredient in their formulation because it is effective in lightening discoloration on the skin, such as melasmamelasma face woman, age spots, and damage from the sun.

However, there has been growing concern about the safety of this ingredient. Some research has shown that there may be harmful side effects when hydroquinone products are used for the long-term.

There has been some talk by the FDA that hydroquinone products may be banned from retail shelves and made only available by prescription. Because of the potential harmful side effects, many women have been looking for the best skin lightener that does not contain hydroquinone.

There are actually other ingredients that have skin lightening effects comparable to what can be achieved by using hydroquinone. These ingredients include licorice, kojic acid, and alpha arbutin. When these ingredients are combined, the results have the potential to be better than hydroquinone. The good thing is that you get results without the risk. With so many options, looking for a safer product is certainly worth the investment of time.

There is one product in particular that has gained popularity because of it effectiveness. The product is from Ceviant Skin Care. In 2003, the company introduced its product, Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex. This was shown to be effective in lightening problem areas like age spots, freckles, liver spots melasma, sun damage, old scars and all types of discolorations, including birthmarks.

Meladerm Pigment Reducing ComplexA lot of customers have provided testimonies on how the Meladerm product helped them gain a brighter, more even tone on their skin. It has been showcased in the media and gained a lot of positive publicity.

How does this product work? It combines several active ingredients that have shown skin lightening properties. These are safe ingredients that come from natural extracts of plants.

These plants are licorice, bearberry, and mulberry. The formulation does not contain hydroquinone, steroids, mercury, or another substances that have the potential to harm your skin. The company has focused their attention to provide a safe product to its consumers.

It is important to understand how your skin obtains its color in the first place. The color of your skin is determined by the amount of a natural pigment called melanin. This pigment is made at the cellular level in melanosomes.

Within these, the amino acid tyrosine is converted to melanin by the enzyme called tyrosinase. The darker areas of your skin have melansomes that are more active, with higher enzymatic activity. So, if the activity of the melanosomes and the enzyme tyrosinase can be blocked, less melanin will be produced, and skin color can be lighter.

Skin lightening is not a fast process. In order to get the even tone that you want, you have to commit your time and patience to the treatment. Your skin will need to be exfoliated, along with using the Meladerm product, in order to kojic acidget positive results.

The company claims that you can see positive results in as little as two weeks, with full results taking two to three months. Of course, this will depend on the skin type and make up of the individual.

There are many products on the market that claim they can lighten your skin color. Many of these may even contain similar ingredients as what Meladerm contains.

The company claims that their product is different because of the amount of research that went into it. Not only do the ingredients have to be the right ones, but the process in which the product is manufactured must be perfect as well.

For example, kojic acid is sensitive to light and air. So, during the manufacturing process, those conditions must be controlled. Ingredients are stored in a dry, vacuum environment in order to preserve their potency.

In addition, the company carefully filters the extracts and active ingredients for maximum potency. Other manufacturers who may use the same ingredients do not spend the time paying attention and taking these precautions.

Other ingredients in the formulation that are not active are no less important because they provide support to the active ingredients. The right carriers need to be use so that the active ingredients will be efficiently absorbed into the skin.

broad spectrum sunscreenThe right kind of moisturizer and preservative must also be used to minimize irritation on the skin. Meladerm contains the maximum amount of active ingredients that the skin can tolerate. The company prides itself on the high quality of all the ingredients used in its formula that makes it the leader in the industry.

It is important to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen as you are undergoing skin lightening treatment. You want to avoid triggering the skin cells in producing melanin. The whole point is to block melanin production activity.

Your sunscreen should contain broad spectrum active ingredients like zinc, titanium dioxide, mexoryl, or avobenzone. You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat that can provide shade for your face.

Meladerm is the leading skin lightening product without hydroquinone. It may be worthwhile to try it to see if it will deliver the results that yo are looking for.


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