Methods of Skin Whitening Treatments


Looking good has become a necessity for most people today, particularly to create a good representation. Over the years, the standards of having a more appealing look include having a fairer, whiter, and scar-free skin. Fortunately, new technological advancements can now be utilized to address people’s craving of having lighter skin complexion, and that involves the variety of skin whitening treatments.

Skin Whitening Methods

Unwanted discolorations in your skin are primarily caused by the abnormalities in the production of melanin, a natural pigment that is found on your skin. The irregularities in melanin production are generally the cause of certain skin conditions such as chloasma, melasma and other hyperpigmentation problems. With the increase incidence of this condition, skin whitening treatments are relatively becoming more in demand.

Topical Skin Whiteners

Topical skin whitening treatments are commonly utilized by professional dermatologists as they are the safest among other treatment methods. Topical agents for skin whitening usually come in a gel or cream form, made from different ingredients that are guaranteed to lighten one’s skin.

Common substances used for topical skin whiteners are the hydroquinone, mequinol, kojic and azelaic acid. All of these whitening substances are known to inhibit the production of melanin, thus resulting to whiter skin complexion.

Kojic acid, on the other hand, is mostly found in Asian countries and is known for its effectiveness for cosmetic whitening procedures. Essentially, these skin topical creams and gels are effective means for restoring the original state of skin that has been affected with certain conditions like acne and pigmentation.

Skin Laser Whitening Treatments

A more intensive method of skin whitening that is becoming popular nowadays is the laser whitening, which includes ablative and non-ablative procedures effective for hyperpigmentation conditions.

Although laser treatments are known to be effective in producing an even and fair skin tone, this method is not recommended for people with innate dark skin as it can be detrimental for their health.

Today, professional skin experts opt to user laser treatments to effectively reduce dark spots and acne scars, but are not generally used for whitening the entire face or body.


The last resort for skin whitening method is the cryosurgery. This procedure is specifically done when all other methods fail to produce the desired result for your skin.

Cryosurgery treatment utilizes liquid nitrogen, and unlike laser skin treatment, cryosurgery is safe for all skin types. This works by having the liquid nitrogen alter the melanin, primarily by making the melanin rise in your skin’s surface, which will then peel off after a few days, thus resulting to a whiter and fairer skin.

Cryosurgery is best used in small areas of the skin. However, it is believed to stimulate increased skin pigmentation issues.

With the different whitening treatments available in today’s market, you sure can find a procedure that will best address your skin needs. While it is true that skin whitening treatments are generally safe, it is still best that you consult a professional dermatologist beforehand so as to avoid any untoward incidents.


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