What is NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel? A Look At NeoStrata


Skin complexion plays a vital role in the esteem of many. In order for some of us to feel more confident about how we look, ensuring that we have a fair and even complexion will be very important. There are many reasons as to why one may need to lighten their skin.

Some of these reasons may include scaring caused by injuries or because of natural pigmentation issues. Overall, skin lightening may come in as a plausible option to ensure that one gets a fairer complexion.

What Is Skin Lightening?

hyperpigmentationBefore looking at lightening products, it is important that you first of all understand what skin lightening is and what it is all about. Lightening is the process of changing the skin’s complexion giving it a fairer complexion. In most cases this procedure is done on areas that have a darker complexion than the rest of the body.

To lighten the skin, a lightening product will usually have active ingredients like Polyhydroxy acid which helps remove hyperpigmentation by gently and gradually exfoliating dark spots and improving cell turnover. Over time, this leaves the affected area with a fairer complexion.

When looking for the ultimate skin lightening product, finding a brand that actually works is important. However, the problem is that with all the available options, choosing one that will suite your needs and is perfect for you may prove to be a challenge. However, the good thing is that of all available products, there are few that stand out from the rest. This then makes it easier to narrow down on a lightening product to go for.

For those looking for reliable lightening brands, there is one that you may need to consider as it stands out as one of the most sort after and relied on lighteners in the market. That product is NeoStrata Skin Lightening Gel.

NeoStrata Skin Lightening Gel

NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening GelNeoStrata is a reliable and trusted product whose proprietary ingredients includes 10% Polyhydroxy acid. This blend of ingredients is what works at exfoliating dark spots and improves cell turnover. NeoStrata also contains some Hydroquinone which is highly effective in the lightening of molten pigmentation.

It also contains licorice extracts, which is a natural botanical lightener, and Kojic acid. Together, they work at promoting a more even complexion. NeoStrata also contains antioxidant chelators which help detain pigment-supporting metals. This helps in preventing new cases of discoloration from developing.

The results of using this brightener is significantly lighter skin with more pigmentation. NeoStrata not only lightens the skin but also targets age spots, hyperpigmentation and freckles. This product is fragrance and oil free and is formulated with 5% Lactobionic Acid, 5% Gluconolactone, 3% Kojic Acid and 2% Hydroquinone and has a pH of 3.8.

Proof That Neostrata Actually Works

The most important thing when looking for any product is ensuring that it can be trusted. NeoStrata makers have taken time to ensure that this product is safe for use on almost any skin- in accordance to FDA regulations. Through a barrage of clinical tests, it has been proven that NeoStrata effectively reduces skin dark spots and discoloration.

According to their tests, about 77% of all participants showed some improvement in their skin’s pigmented spots after 6 weeks. After 12 weeks, 100% of them had improved pigmented spots; 77% noted that their spots were much lighter; and 71% said that the product was better than any of the products they were used to using.

How to use NeoStrata

using NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening GelWhen opting to use NeoStrata Skin Lightening Gel, it is important that one follows their proprietary anti-aging regimen for the best results.

When using this product, you will need NeoStrata oil free lotion SPF 15, NeoStrata Bio-Hydrating Cream and NeoStrata Facial Cleanser. Used together and accordingly, achieving a better complexion is almost guaranteed.


When using NeoStrata apply a thin layer of the lightener on the affected area two times daily or as directed by your doctor. If you see no improvement after the first 3 months, then it is important to discontinue the product. It is important to note that lightening effects may not be as noticeable on very dark skin.

It is also imperative that you avoid exposing your skin to the sun during and after using this or any other lightening product to avoid darkening from happening all over again. If you cannot avoid being in the sun, then using sun screen is advised.

What People Say

Considering its reviews, NeoStrata has plenty of positive feedback from previous and current users. When it comes to choosing any product, what people have to say about it plays a vital role in deciding whether or not it is worth your time. Most reviews from verified purchasers show that they are quite satisfied with the product. To find out more about what people have to say about the product, checking out NeoStrata review forums is what you need to do.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

buy neostrataThe beauty of technology, more specifically the Internet, is that it eases how we do things. Today, you can shop around for this product online and find great deals from different vendors, including the makers of the product.

Take time today and search for the best NeoStrata deals on the web and be amazed at what you will find. Another great thing is that NeoStrata is affordable and widely available.


When looking for a reliable Skin lightening product, NeoStrata Skin Lightening Gel is one formulation that you need to consider checking out. With proven and clinically tested results, this is one product that is relied on by many and is recommended by skin specialists the world over. Try it today and get the results that you have been looking for.


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