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Clients tried it and said in no uncertain terms how they felt about Meladerm Skin Brightener. I've tested it too and found it an effective route to better complexion, though its guarantee and value offered falls shy of Illuminatural.

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Meladerm Skin Brightener

Second Place Gets You Fabulous Skin

Civant Skin Care offers one of the best skin lightening products on the market today – Meladerm Skin Brightener. Some skin brightening products make promises they can’t back up, but Civant has spent many years researching and creating an effective and safe skin lightening product to help you achieve flawless complexion.

After years of testing and trials, they finally created Meladerm Skin Brightener which they continue to improve with emerging technologies in skin lightening.

Meladerm Skin Brightener Review

Consumer Rating: 8.5/10 Cost: $49.99
Results: Very Good Ingredients: All Natural
Product Type: Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 2-3 Weeks Customer Service: High Rated
Full Results: 2-3 Months Guarantee: 30 Days


Meladerm Skin Brightener Product Features:

Meladerm Skin Brightener packs some very powerful features in that little bottle.

Among the highlights are:

    • A proven series of ingredients
    • No hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or parabens
    • Cutting edge dispensing technology
    • Visible results beginning in two weeks

MeladermCivant Skin Care did not just quickly create a product, in order to get it on the market and make a fast buck. The company spent four years of researching and developing this product and took many things into consideration—from how the skin absorbs the ingredients to including moisturizers and preservatives to minimize irritation.

To their credit, there’s no mercury, steroids on hydroquinone in the formula. That’s a plus, because the health concerns linked to them are an immediate red flag. They not only created a scientifically proven product, but they also used cutting edge airless dispensing technology.

While this is nothing new, many manufacturers do not use it because of its high cost. But by using an airless dispensing system, the skin brightener does not get contaminated with air, which can significantly diminish its effectiveness.

Civant’s claim that you will see visible results in as early as two weeks is backed by its thirty-day money back guarantee. That should be long enough to see results, though there’s no chance of your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results in that time.

What Buyers Like About Meladerm Skin Brightener:

Those who bought Meladerm Skin Brightener were generally satisfied with their purchase.

Among their positive comments were:

    • How quickly the product lightened their skin
    • The reduced appearance of sun spots, acne and freckles
    • A new-found self-confidence

While Civant claims you will see results in two weeks, some did not believe it until they tried it and saw for themselves. Not only did their skin get lighter, Meladerm successfully reduced the blemishes, age spots, acne scars and blotchy skin that made them seek out a skin brightener in the first place. As a result, they became more self-confident and loved the way their healthier looking skin made them feel about themselves.

One woman was so excited about how Meladerm Skin Brightener worked that she no longer uses makeup to hide a very bad case of acne. After just one week, she noticed a difference and then after one month, she could not believe how much better her complexion looked.

Another woman who used the product was overwhelmed by how well it worked in lightening her skin. Her pigmentation was darkened greatly after playing outdoor sports for three years in college. In just one month, she saw that the color on her hands was two shades lighter.

One male customer was skeptical about the product working for men, but decided to try it anyway. He proudly states that after a month and a half, his skin tone is much lighter and his acne scars are a lot less visible.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product:

Not every client who used Meladerm Skin Brightener was lavish with praise.

Some of their issues with the product were:

    • Sensitivity to the product
    • The price
    • Short Guarantee

Some people who used Meladerm experienced some irritation and redness. The company notes this can happen to anyone with sensitivities to common skin care products. One customer in particular found that Meladerm caused facial redness – an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the formula, no doubt. And though she’s in a small minority, this is something to consider if you’ve got sensitive skin.

As far as value goes, a 1.7 ounce bottle will set you back $50. Some buyers were left a bit shell shocked by that cost, though the money-back guarantee offers reasonable protection.

The bottle should last about fifty days, according to the website, which amounts to one dollar a day. For one woman, this seemed a bit steep, in terms of a skin brightener. If she kept up with it for a year, it would cost her more than $300. However, she did admit the product seemed to do the trick in evening out her complexion.

A pregnant customer was displeased to learn that she could not use the product while she was pregnant—especially since she had been using the brightener prior to pregnancy. It worked so well with her sun spots that she wanted to use it on some of the discoloration on her skin that was a result of pregnancy. She will have to wait until giving birth to continue her regimen.

My Personal Recommendation:

If you are bothered by discoloration on your skin or marks like scars, acne, moles and freckles, this product is worth a try. Meladerm Skin Brightener is a quality skin brightener and a solid second to Skinception’s Illuminatural. The difference? Skinception’s name, slightly higher quality and length of guarantee.

Meladerm Skin Brightener

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