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How much do you value your health? That's the real question with NanoDNA Skin Brightener because of a potential carcinogen in its formula called hydroquinone. Fair thee warned.

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One Word: Hydroquinone. Tread Lightly With

NanoDNA Skin Brightener

If you want to see a major difference in the way your skin looks in just a few short days, you’ll be waiting a while with NanoDNA Skin Brightener. On the other hand, the look on your doctor’s face when he (or she) finds out you’re using a skin brightener with hydroquinone could be truly priceless.

For those in the know, there are several ingredients you want to avoid in your search for an effective, and of course, safe, skin brightener. Mercury is the worst. But hydroquinone is way up there. A potential carcinogen, hydroquinone is banned in many countries, including Canada, Japan and the European Union. Even the FDA has considered removing its sticker of approval.

The word on NanoDNA’s skin brightening results aren’t worthy of neon lights either. Many clients, disappointed with their results, now wonder if there is in fact a “doctor” behind NanoDNA or if it’s simply a feeble attempt to sound like Murad skin care.

NanoWhiteHQ Review

Consumer Rating: 6/10 Cost: $59.00
Results: Below Average Ingredients: Terrible
Product Type: Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 2-3 Weeks Customer Service: Below Average
Full Results: 90 Days Guarantee: 30 Days

NanoWhiteHQ Product Features:

NanoDNA Skin Brightener covers the absolute basics to get clients who’d like to brighten their skin. Some of those nifty features include:NanoWhiteHQ

    • A proprietary emulsification process
    • Free shipping in the United States
    • A thirty-day money back guarantee

OK, there’s a little love from the natural skin brightener scheme of things. NanoDNA Skin Brightener has some of the better natural skin brighteners. There’s alpha-arbutin, niacinamide and kojic acid. The basics are there to give you some, though modest skin brightening effects.

Free shipping is nice too, and almost compensates for a less-than-impressive 30 day money-back guarantee. Incidentally, you’ll probably have to use NanoDNA for twice that length of time to see any results.

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to do a full-body bleach with NanoDNA skin brightener. The second-last thing you want is hydroquinone applied over every inch of your body. The last thing is mercury, of course, and its absence is why NanoDNA doesn’t score any lower.

What Buyers Like About NanoWhiteHQ:

There were a few things. Consumers wrote in and said their results with NanoDNA weren’t a complete disaster. NanoDNA did well for:

    • Natural skin lighteners niacinamide and alpha-arbutin
    • Free shipping in the United States

A few customers saw results within the first two weeks of use. Their skin got lighter and dark spots and random marks began to fade. They also reported it was easy to use. Just one application at night was all it required.

Some customers bought NanoDNA skin brightener under the belief there’s a doctor behind the product. In that light, the product at least gave the impression of doctor approval. If there is a Dr James Mourad, he gave slight reassurance.

One customer tried NanoDNA Skin Brightener and reports she enjoyed a noticeable difference with her hyperpigmentation. Her age spots were less visible and she was pleased.

Another customer used the brightener on her hands which were covered in age spots and made her feel much older than she was. And sure enough, in a month she noted they were less prominent.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product

There were more customers displeased with NanoDNA Skin Brightener than those who were happy with it. Their major complaints?

    • Hydroquinone
    • Mediocre skin brightening results
    • Deceptive marketing
    • A short guarantee

From a health perspective, the obvious question is why would anyone buy NanoDNA Skin Brightener if they thought it was unsafe? Most of them didn’t know about the link between hydroquinone and cancer – until reports surfaced in the media about the dangers of toxins in many common skin brighteners. On top of that list? Mercury first, hydroquinone second.

Several customers bought NanoDNA Skin Brightener under the impression it was a safe skin lightener. They report that they promptly discontinued use of the product when they learned that hydroquinone may cause cancer.

One young woman was particularly distressed because she’d applied NanoDNA on every inch of her body in a practice called full body bleaching. When she learned that everything applied to the skin is absorbed into the blood stream, and the health risks linked to hydroquinone, she immediately stopped using NanoDNA. Now she’s peeved.

There were also issues with the skin brightening results, or rather, lack of them. The company suggests that NanoDNA Skin Brightener be used with two other products, including a moisturizer and a ‘face-firming serum’. While it’s advisable to use a skin brightener with a sun screen, as the process can increase sensitivity to sunlight, a skin brightener should be able to deliver results on its own. Many clients found NanoDNA too expensive to use on a long-term basis. With that hydroquinone in the formula, though, that might be a good thing.

And that whole issue of ‘Dr. James Mourad’. One woman tried NanoDNA Skin Brightener on the basis it was designed by a qualified dermatologist. On seeing no improvement for her complexion, and when she learned of the health risks associated with hydroquinone, she contacted the organization but was given the run around. Is there a real Dr. Mourad or is the email address on the website answered by an uninterested customer service rep? Some clients found that deceptive.

My Personal Recommendation:

Fifth place means mediocre skin brightening results. The bigger issue with NanoDNA Skin Brightener is that hydroquinone. While it’s a proven bleaching agent, it’s banned in many countries and the European Union. The DNA in NanoDNA skin brightener may in fact be more relevant to what this lackluster product will do to your risk of cancer. Get the picture?NanoWhiteHQ

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  • Andy says:

    I personally would not go with a product that contains any ingredients banned in civilized countries – that is a bad sign. They have done it for a reason..

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