What is a Safe Skin Lightener that Gives Good Results?


What is a safe skin lightener?  Many people ask this question but fail to get the right answer from clinics and skin care product specialists.  Most products and procedures that are available today contain highly specialized ingredients and use methods that are formulated for any skin type.

Using Skin lightenerFortunately, the presence of regulating bodies that counter the use of harmful ingredients by skin care manufacturers and experts make it a lot safer for consumers to choose the best skin lightening treatment to suit their needs.

Here are the things that you should look for to make sure that your skin lightening journey is safe and effective.

Chemicals and Ingredients to Avoid

To answer the question, “What is a safe skin lightener,” it is important to identify which elements or ingredients are potentially harmful to individuals, so that they can avoid them and can consequently look for better skin lightening alternatives.

1. Hydroquinone : This is a controversial ingredient that is still being used up until today.  It is used for improving the skin complexion and is a popular agent for bleaching or reducing the production of melanin.  It is used to improve the appearance of areas affected by hyper pigmentation, dark spots of various origins and melasma.

HydroquinoneStudies also show that some people experience irritation when using products that contain hydroquinone.  Furthermore, its safety is much-debated because it contains cancer-causing agents and may not be right for people who are susceptible to cancer.

There are many products that use this ingredient in small amounts and are found to be effective when all sorts of treatment for hyperpigmentation fail.  Examples are Lumi Essence, Obagi, and Paris Fair & White.

However, if you want to avoid notorious agents, you might want to forego hydroquinone in your list of whitening agents or consider it last resort if you think that you can handle a small amount of this ingredient.

2. Corticosteroid :  This steroidal anti-inflammatory agent is typically used in conjunction with hydroquinone to counter the irritating effects of the previous ingredient.  One of its side effects is skin lightening.  For this reason, many unscrupulous skin experts try to pass it out as a skin lightening agent and because it quickly makes the skin look lighter, many people think that products that contain this ingredient are effective.

Corticosteroid treatmentCorticosteroid can easily be absorbed by the blood and one of its irreversible damages is kidney injury.  Furthermore, prolonged use of products and treatment with this ingredient can lead to hormonal disorders such as Cushing Syndrome.

Which can result to serious repercussions to a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, ability to produce hormones that are necessary for life processes, and other adrenal diseases.

3. Heavy Metals :  Mercury is a type of heavy metal that can cause anemia, poisoning, and death among unsuspecting consumers.  It is so dangerous an ingredient that smelling creams and other whitening products that contain mercury can get it into their systems.

Some cosmetic products and skin lightening creams and agents may contain this undesirable ingredient.  Other types of heavy metals that may be present in your skin lighteners are arsenic, nickel, lead, and chromium.  All of these are known poisons and must not be used with any product that people apply on their skin or take orally as whitening agents.

No MercuryAside from anemia and poisoning, these are known cancer-causing agents that must be avoided at all costs.  It is especially bad for use by pregnant women because it can cross the placental barrier and cause serious and permanent brain damage to the unborn child.

Recently, the FDA released a list of skin care products that may contain heavy metals like mercury.  Products that were included in the warning are Erna Whitening, Zhjren 7 Day Beauty Elegant Moisturizing and Whitening, White Magnolia Intensive Repair Essence & Powerful Spot Remover, among others.

Many of these ingredients are not only found on whitening creams and lotions.  They may also be present in whitening soaps and body wash.  Some products that contain these harmful ingredients are also sold as anti-aging ingredients and this is why it is very important to properly choose the right product and treatment for your skin lightening regimen.

What is a safe skin lightener then?  A safe product or treatment is one that uses all-natural, FDA-approved ingredients and procedures and have undergone strict manufacturing quality.  Furthermore, it must be thoroughly-labelled and meticulously explained to a consumer, if it were a skin lightening procedure, including all the risks and benefits from using it.

fda-approvedConsumers must be well-informed so they can better decide which whitening solution is right for them.  Furthermore, the cost of the treatment should not affect the amount of information that should reach the end-user.

So if you are seriously considering getting a skin lightening procedure done and trying out popular products in the market.  It might be helpful if you research about the ingredients before spending money on some potentially hazardous products that are out on the market today.

On the other hand, some effective skin lightening products may be unfairly judged by others and it is the individual’s responsibility to know more if these claims and complaints have real basis.

A safe skin lightener should also be reasonably-priced, is gradually effective, and should make the skin healthy and lighter in appearance after weeks or months of use.  And if you find something that does not work after several months, you can certainly choose one that will work best for you as there are thousands in the market that are far more natural and effective.


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