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Your skin has worked hard for you from the day you were born. Over the years, it has endured many things that put tough demands on it. Constant exposure to the sun, the aging process, skin conditions like acne or rashes, can make your skin look worn out. You notice more and more scars from acne, freckles, blotchiness and brown discolorations.

Skin Rash ElergyPerhaps you have been looking for a way to lighten your skin and even out the tone. A lot of skin lightening products use chemicals that are very potent.

Although they may be effective in lightening your skin color, there is potential damage to  the quality of your health over the long-term.

Your other option, and a much safer one, would be to choose a skin lightening cream that uses natural and organic ingredients. This would be remove those dark and uneven patches without harming your health. Over your life time, it would help you stay more healthy.

You should gain an understanding on how organic skin products work. Then you would have a better appreciation of the best natural products and what they can do for your skin.

Organic skin lightening products improves the color of your skin gradually and slowly. Remember, these natural products do not contain any harmful, synthetic chemical that can be very harsh on your skin. The organic products will take more time to product the results that you want.

However, the advantage is that your skin actually becomes healthier. It will appear brighter, and it will not dry out from using the organic products. Dry skin speeds up premature aging of your skin, a result that you do not want.

MeladermIf you use a chemical-based skin lightener, you may see results withing a week or two. With organic products, it can take months. You will need to be patient to get good results.

Although results will come slowly, your skin will show positive results. Not only will it look better, but your skin will feel better and healthier.

Considering the advantages, the wait is well worth it. Once you decide to go the organic route, your skin will thank you for that. Here are some of the top organic brands of skin whitening products on the market today.

The leading brand right now is the Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream. Many websites that review skin care products gave this brand very high ratings. The product is made from natural ingredients. Customers who have used it report improvement with their dark spots, discoloration, and patches of hyperpigmentation. They were able to get rid of freckles and other discolored areas, evening out the tone of the skin overall.

The product also comes in a unique dispenser that does not allow air in. Most other products use the conventional pumping mechanism that lets air into their product. This form of pumping out the lotion lets the cream inside the container be contaminated by external air, making the product less effective.

LemonSkin lightening CreamBut with Meladerm, the airless dispenser prevents air from getting in and reducing the potency of the active ingredients. This has a big, positive impact on how well the product works.

The product is suitable for skin color of all ethnicities, including Caucasian, Black, Latino, Asian, and Indian.

The product has three natural, active ingredients. They are Kojic acid, lactic acid, and licorice extract. Kojic acid, which is derived from mushrooms, is one of the more potent active ingredients. It can make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s radiation and toxins in the environment.

Another organic skin lightening product that is very popular is Nature’s Gate Organics Lemon Skin Brightening Cream. This contains a large amount of vitamin C that can help you get skin that is lighter and brighter.

Vitamin C is a wonderful ingredient for skin lightening. It is rich in anti-oxidants that will fight against attacks on your skin cells by free radicals. The active ingredients include organic lemon, licorice, Japanese mandarin, and mulberry.

Reviews on Amazon are quite high, ranging between four to five stars. Considering it can take months for positive results to show up on your skin, and people are usually impatient about seeing results right away, this average rating is exceptionally good.

Amazon Product ReviewsPeople who used this skin lightening cream report a brighter complexion that glows, a significant reduction in dark spots, and an improvement in skin tone.

It is important to remember that you should continue to protect your skin with sunscreen before you go outside. The UV radiation from the sun triggers the production of melanin in your skin. All of these natural ingredients work in blocking the production of melanin.

So, you would not want to undo the benefits that these products can provide to you. Your sunscreen must have broad spectrum coverage, meaning that it must block UVA and UVB radiation. A wide-brimmed hat should also be worn when you are outside.

As you can see, effective skin lightening products do not have to contain chemicals. There are many organic ingredients that are effective when they are used together in a special formulation. Remember to use patience with these products because positive results will take time to appear.

Be assured that your skin will be healthier after using natural products on it. Use the products as directed, and do not try to speed up the process by over applying the product on your skin.


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