Significance Of Skin Lighteners In Skin Care Talk

Meladerm Skin BrightenerNo skin care talk is complete without the mention of ‘skin lighteners’. But before we get to that, we need to understand the culprit behind dark skin. Our skin consists of a naturally occurring pigment called ‘Melanin’. This pigment determines the skin color. When the concentration of melanin is more, the skin tone would be darker and vice versa. Skin lighteners refer to those chemical substances that help reduce melanin concentrations in the skin, thus providing a visibly lighter and even complexion.

Skin Lighteners

The world of skin lighteners include various creams, serums, lotions, gels and other such products of cosmetic value. There are a number of cosmetics that are composed of natural substances too. All types of products, natural or otherwise may prove to be effective, but come with an element of risk related to their impact on the skin, side effects, composition and the like. Some products may contain toxic ingredients, therefore it’s wise to do some research before experimenting with your skin. Today, a number of brands offer skin lightening products. The mind-boggling variety can be quite confusing. Therefore, every skin care talk guides you towards a trusted brand that has been tried and tested over time.

Brands like Shiseido, Avon, Aveeno, Olay, Caudalie, L’OREAL, Revlon, Obagi, Nivea and others provide high-quality skin-lighteners that have received good customer reviews. However, one must remember that one particular product will not suit every kind of skin. The choice of a skin-lightener would depend on specific skin types, weather conditions encountered, lifestyles etc of the prospective users. An insightful skin care talk can go a long way in helping us decide on a product that’ll work for us.

Skin Lighteners That Dominate Skin Care Talk

Out of the numerous products available, here’s a list of some of the best and safest:

* Obagi Nu-Derm Clear- Many users can swear by this product. It is supposed to transform the skin and give it the perfect smooth makeover and a lighter tone. It has been claimed to reverse sun damage too.

* Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum- This creamy concoction works to even out the skin, leaving it with a lasting glow. The cream helps mask skin-imperfections and diminishes dark spots.

* Olay Natural White Day Cream- This contains Vitamin B3 and E and is known to lighten skin tones with dedicated regular use. The cream is believed to be suitable for most skin types.

* Dermology Skin Brightener- This is an all-natural cream with herbal ingredients like Shea butter, fruit extracts, primrose oil etc. The cream is believed to give the skin a healthy and youthful glow along with lightening the overall skin tone.

* Revlon Touch And Glow- Rich in multi-vitamins and botanical juices, this product stimulates the renewal of cells and carries sun protection factor too.

* Avon Anew Luminosity Ultra Advanced Skin Brightener- An effective cream, it gives the skin a delicious glow and tone.

* Aveeno Skin Brightening daily Treatment- Moisturizer based, this product fights hyper-pigmentation and makes the skin soft and supple.

And there are many more to spice up any skin care talk. A bright, flawless and glowing skin is a goal we all aspire to achieve. The right skin lightener may indeed prove to be the miracle we have been waiting to happen.