Sixteen Healthy Alternatives To Hydroquinone For Dull, Lifeless Skin


Hydroquinone is an active ingredient found in most of the world’s skin lightening creams. It is imperative to understand this moving forward for those who are trying to find out whether or not they are using the right option. Now, this is an effective ingredient, but there are also studies that have shown it might not be the best for your health (in certain cases).

So, if you are apprehensive but have dull skin, what can you do about it? Are you going to stay with the status quo? Well, it is up to you, but the last thing you should have to do is stick with how things are at the moment. In fact, you should be willing to step away from such options and go with all of the natural potential around you.


BlueberriesThe first option on this list would be blueberries. If you are going to add something to your diet and only have one option to go with, this is the one to go with.

It is simply the best. Raspberries are filled with ‘antioxidants‘ that are going to replenish the body and get rid of bad toxins.


The second option in this list of berries would be raspberries. They are easy to eat and the best part is you can include them with blueberries to get even greater value in the long term. Make the most of this option and watch as your skin starts to radiate.


kale for skinThis is one of those vegetables that has to be included in your diet. It is a must. The reason for this has to do with a number of factors and not all of them relate to your skin. It is simply better for the body and that alone should be reason enough for you to add kale in.

The skin is also going to benefit as kale makes the body that much healthier. This is a truly powerful option that is going to ensure the skin brightens up as time goes on. A high quality option that is a must.


Take a little bit of yogurt and begin to apply it to your skin. it is going to make a massive difference to how the skin looks and feels. You are never going to go back to any other option after giving this a shot. Yogurt is great because it looks appealing and it is going to be easy to include in your diet in the long term as well as the short term. Those who don’t use yogurt are not getting maximum value out of their foods.

You don’t have to eat it. You should be looking to apply it to your skin as soon as you can. This alone is going to make all the difference. Your skin is going to start to feel buttery smooth and that is going to make you happy as it should.


Honey for skinThis is one of those natural ingredients that are going to ensure you will love the process from start to finish. Why should you have to go with something that has chemicals in it?

This is one of those high quality options that is going to do the trick and you are not going to have to think about it a lot. A powerful solution if there ever was one and you will have to apply it a few times during the week in order to be happy with the direction you are going in.

Green Tea

Who doesn’t like a bit of tea here and there. IF you are living in a cooler climate, you are certainly going to enjoy a cup of tea and while you are doing that, your skin is going to be able to get better as well. For dull skin, green tea is going to do the job and then some.

What green tea does is work from under the surface. It is going to destroy bad toxins that are looming about and ready to do damage. It is these toxins that have to be eliminated. Once that happens, the skin looks and feels better.

Argan Oil

Argan OilsThis is the first ‘essential oil’ in the list and there are quite a few that are going to provide tremendous value to you and your skin. Out of all the options you are going to get the chance to use, this might be the best one.

Argan oil is one of those natural oils that is going to be easy to apply, is not going to stink things up, and will provide results fast. You are not going to have to wait around for too long.

Coconut Oil

Let’s look at another essential oil you could put to the test. Coconut oil is great for an umber of uses and one of them would be your skin and how it is going to look moving forward. it is going to bring your skin to life and if you have a lot of dryness, it is going to start to fade away as well.

This is the value of going with something that stands out in the short and long term. Those who get it are the ones who are most happy.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil for skinThis might be one of the most underrated options you are going to come across when it comes to food items. It is one of those options that go under the radar because people rarely get a chance to put them to use and therefore don’t even know about their existence.

For those who do realize the value of this option, it is one of those powerful foods that are going to make your skin come to life like never seen before. It is remarkable how good it is.


This is a wonderful addition to your diet and is going to make a difference. It is these little changes that can go a long way. Just adding fish to one of your meals on a regular basis is going to be all that you need moving forward.

So many people don’t do this and regret it. You should be taking a look at things such as tuna, salmon, and other options to see the value you are going to get. It is going to change the overall complexion of your skin.


Nuts for skinThese are easy to eat and the best part is you can mix things up and try whatever you want with regards to the nuts you are using. It does not restrict you to the type of nuts you are eating as long as they are natural and have not been flavored.

The last thing you should be doing is using salted options as that is going to start to tap into your water levels. This is when your skin starts to look dried out. Be careful and only go with natural nuts and nothing else if you want to be safe.


This is not only a great source of protein, but it is also one of the best options you are going to get for bettering your skin. Make the most of your eggs in the morning and be able to enjoy better skin. A lot of people don’t use this as a solution because they never associate it with skin care.

However, the nutritional profile of this high quality food is going to ensure you don’t even think twice about hydroquinone again. It is that powerful to use.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil for skinApply olive oil onto your skin is going to do the trick for those who don’t seem to be getting results with other options.

You are going to enjoy this option because it is going to be silky smooth on the surface of the skin and this is one of those choices that you can even add to your food, if that is the direction you are looking to go in. There is a lot you can do.


Moving onto something that is smaller and easier to consume in comparison to eggs and/or other options that have been listed here, you are going to have the chance to go with almonds. These are great for the skin and are going to ensure you are easily able to grab a few and eat them.

This is the beauty of almonds in general. They are great for the body and the skin is going to benefit the most from this change in your diet as long as you are willing to be patient with the results. This is all about long term results.


Strawberries for skinThis is another addition to your diet that can make the difference. Strawberries are backed with nutrients just like all of the other berries that have been listed in this read and you are going to notice how they are going to have an impact on the skin.

Make sure you are using these options as they are going to go a long way and you are going to enjoy eating them as well. Plus, you can toss them into a fruit salad and truly get something that is enjoyable to eat.

Dark Chocolates

Yes, you would never assume this addition to your diet could make all the difference, but it indeed can. The cocoa in the chocolate is going to ensure the skin looks and feels better. However, you have to indulge in this dietary change with patience and not go overboard.

You don’t want to be making unhealthy choices. Only a piece or two are going to suffice and the results are going to come as you want them to. The dark chocolate will get the job done.

Dark Chocolates for skinThese are sixteen of the most powerful, organic options you are going to have available to you and using hydroquinone is not going to make sense.

Those who are in a rush might like to go with such chemicals on the surface of their skin, but those who are not and are willing to use natural options are going to realize it does not get better than what has been pointed out here.

You are going to get wonderful results and you are not going to have to worry about anything either when it comes to side effects. This is one of those comprehensive lists that is going to leave you with more than enough options to ensure that you do go down the right path and don’t end up using chemicals that are going to make things worse.


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