Skin Brightening Cream Reviews

Stop ogling over celebrity skin. We all do it. It’s so easy to compare our skin against their glowing, bright, healthy features. But instead of pining away for what we think is simply a pipe dream, let’s actually do something about it. Even Jessica Alba doesn’t wake up looking like that every singly day (and she frequently takes to her Instagram account to prove this). These celebrities (or, more specifically, their genius makeup artists) have plenty of tricks up their sleeve for a vibrant face, and many of them are easy for anyone to take advantage of. Just a little skin brightening cream can give your face a pop, and maybe even make people mistake you for someone famous!

Skin Brightening Creams to Embrace

New Luminosity Ultra Advanced Skin Brightener, by Avon

This cream is the perfect treat for when your skin needs some quick rejuvenation. It is light in feel, and customers report feeling a wonderful bright glow to their face. Splotches and problem areas become yesterday’s news after an application, and the brightener also easily evens the tone of your skin. Even stubborn age spots have reportedly faded away after use of this product, a perk that is not even advertised as being the main benefit of this cream. In case that wasn’t enough, the cream also smells fantastic, and contains an spf 15.

White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream, by Shiseido

At $59, this product is a bit more on the expensive side, but when you find its consumers raving about its ability to work miracles, you have to take a closer look. This cream seems to work after as soon as two days, making skin noticeably brighter and smoother. All the buzzwords from makeup commercials become truth with this cream: skin becomes radiant, soft, luxurious. Even hydrated. If you can set aside some cash for this one, you should do so. According to consumers, this luxury skin brightening cream is well worth the price.

Skin Brightening Daily Treatment, by Aveeno

Reasonably priced for daily use, this cream comes backed with an SPF 15 and a promise to even out complexion and moisturize. Customers say it lives up to these expectations, and then some. Skin with a tendency towards hyper-pigmentation will find this cream is not only effective in a coloring sense, but it makes skin incredibly soft to the touch. For a cream so powerful, one would not be inclined to think it was light to the touch, but believe it or not, this one is. A powerful recipe that helps save pennies in your pocket, this cream is worth the investment.

Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, by Caudalie

This is the most expensive of the offerings here (it rings it at around $80), but according to consumers, it is well worth the investment. Many even report that once they found this cream, they never needed to use another one. Milky in texture, this serum creates a glow so powerful it seems to be radiating from underneath the facial skin. Remarkable, and effective. You really may not need anything else.

For every excellent skin brightening cream, there are several more that promise results but fail to deliver. Here are a few that consumers are saying to steer clear from as best you can.

Skin Brightening Creams to Avoid

Lumedia Facial Brightener, by Bremenn Research Labs

You would think that when a skin brightening cream is priced at $80, it must be good for something. Right? Not so with this unfortunate offering. Some consumers have reported that after using the product for several months, nothing seems to happen. There was no change in redness, and no supposed transformation of problem skin into anything resembling baby soft, as advertised. Even after six months, the only comment most users were able to have was that the cream felt too dense on their face. That’s a pretty heavy chunk to take out of your wallet, for what appears to be little more than a heavy cream.

Potent Botanical Skin Brightening Gel, by Peter Thomas Roth

Even the most devout users of this product have come up empty handed when it comes to results. Those who used it for almost two months saw absolutely nothing in terms of change when trying to improve brown spots. Other consumers reported their skin being too sensitive for this kind of cream, but the overall opinion here is that nothing seems to happen when applied, so you shouldn’t waste your money. For $50, that is one expensive nothing.

Fade Cream by Ambi

In the case of this cream, no change would be better than the change users actually get. General consensus here is that nothing productive can come of this cream. In fact, some users’ skin actually flared up shortly after their first application, with others reporting terrible breakouts, and an all around greasy feeling unless additional moisturizer was applied. It seems the only reason someone should actually use this cream is if they want to make things that much more difficult for themselves.

Porcelain Skin Brightening Cream by Barielle (Advanced Formula)

While not taking a $80 chunk out of your cash reserves, this product has still caused much disappointment for many users. This cream is so thick, according to consumers, that it is impossible to rub all the way into the skin. Clumping is an inevitability here, making the skin appear an unnatural shade of ghostly white. Customers have also complained about a less than pleasant smell with this product, along with an inability to lighten problem spots on skin. In short, you’re better saving your money for something else.

As evidenced by these creams, you don’t have to shell out a ton of money to have the skin of a celebrity. However, by the same token, shelling out a lot of cash does not necessarily mean a cream is going to work. Stick with the best skin brightening creams on this list (and, of course, avoid the worst), and you and your skin will start to get along famously.

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