Skin Lightening Before And After – What To Expect


The ability to control the pigmentation of your skin is actually within your grasp if you are able to utilize certain procedures and products that can help you accomplish this goal. Some of us would like to have a lighter complexion as a result of wanting to look different, or perhaps a skin disease that we have.

VitiligoSome skin diseases such as vitiligo actually motivate people to find a way to lighten your skin so that it evens out with the cells in your hands, arms, or wherever the exceptionally white skin has appeared so that it looks more natural and balanced.

Those that have used skin lightening products will often look at before and after pictures and will see dramatic changes as a result of using products and procedures to help them lighten their skin.

Here is a quick overview of what to expect when you pursue this goal of lightening your skin with treatments that are available today.

Reasons To Use Skin Lightening Products

There are a few reasons that people will use products and procedures to lighten their complexion. If a person would prefer having a lighter complexion, just to change their appearance, many of the skin drains that have Tretinoin and hydroquinone will do the trick.

improve your complexionSome people will opt for using ablative and also non-ablative lasers which can produce similar results. This is slightly more painful than using creams because it is actually affecting the surface of your skin.

It can go directly into your cells, in order to effect a change. If your goal is to simply improve your complexion by lightening it up, these will all work very well.

Unfortunately, other people will develop conditions on their skin which they want to rectify. Let’s look at a condition that affects thousands of people that requires skin lightening products and procedures to make their skin balance out.

Understanding What Vitiligo Is

Vitiligo is a condition in which the cells of your skin stop producing pigmentation. Cells that are called melanocytes, those responsible for producing your pigment, unexpectedly die off.

It can happen in patches which is very unsightly, and the reasons vitiligo pigmentationbehind its occurrence are many. It could be the result of a viral infection in your skin, neurological problems, oxidative stress, genetic problems, or autoimmune diseases.

As you can see, science has not clearly identified what causes this to happen. However, there are many treatments that you can use in order to make this look much better. These treatments may involve the use of certain products that use chemicals, or all-natural solutions.

Modern science has also made it possible to use lasers that can affect a positive change. Let’s look at a few of these products and treatments to see what is available today.

Different Types Of Skin Lightening Products

When you go on the Internet, or if you talk to your dermatologist, you will notice that there are many different products available that can help with lightening your skin. Some of them have been used for several years and have an excellent track record for producing good results. It really depends upon how light you want your skin to be, and the reason that you are choosing to do this.

HydroquinoneIf you simply want to lighten your complexion on your face, this is a relatively simple that can be achieved by most of the products that are available. If you have vitiligo, a condition in which the cells in your skin in certain areas will no longer produce melanin for pigmentation.

It can take more extreme measures to balance the appearance of your skin so that you can feel confident going out in public. One of the most popular products that is used is called quinol or hydroquinone.

It is a chemical based upon phenols that has produced excellent results. What it is able to do is affect the normal cells in your skin causing them to produce less melanin for pigmentation. By using this cream regularly, you can slowly start to see a noticeable difference, and the areas that you want to lighten up will begin to balance out with the rest of your skin.

Skin Lightening Before And After – What To Expect

There are a few expectations that you should have when you are trying to use skin lightening products and procedures. In most cases, the effects will be very positive. There is the possibility that adverse reactions, even hyperpigmentation where your skin cells will begin to produce too much melanin, can create the reverse effect.

OchronosisAnother problem that may arise is called Ochronosis which is caused by too much homogentisic acid in your skin. It’ll actually become yellowish in color, and is very common with those that accessibly uses products that are phenol¬† based.

Despite the possible adverse reactions that can occur, if you use these creams for lightening your skin in moderation, and if you go to your dermatologist to get a laser treatment to achieve the same results, it is possible that you can begin to even out the blotches white skin with the rest of your epidermal layer, giving you a much more normal appearance.

And, if your goal is to simply lighten your complexion, using these products and treatments very infrequently, you can achieve the results that you desire without the risk of the adverse reactions that were aforementioned.


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