Skin Lightening For Celebrities Today


skin lightenersIf you have ever considered lightening your skin, you are not alone. Many people are unhappy with unsightly blotchy marks that may be on their face, arms, or legs. There are a variety of creams that can be used in order to affect a gradual change.

Unfortunately, depending upon the severity of the mark itself, and how quickly you want to have it removed, even creams that have vitamin A or vitamin C may not be able to help you remove the scar, tattoo, or other mark that you want removed right away.

As a result of this, laser treatments can be used to do what topical creams cannot. They are able to specify certain frequencies of light which are able to effectively remove marks in a very short amount of time.

Although the results are not always guaranteed, they are definitely much faster than anything you could experience with the topical cream or gel. Although average people would like to get this done, it is very expensive.

Many of the treatments cost thousands of dollars, something that most of us cannot afford. On the other hand, celebrities are doing this all the time. They make millions of dollars every year, and therefore have access to the funds necessary to have these types of treatments done. One of the most popular treatments that are done today is to lighten your complexion. There are many celebrities that have been accused of doing this, a few of which are mentioned in this article today.

skin lightening creamA notable star that has recently been accused of lightening her skin is Tamar Braxton. This outspoken reality star was accused of bleaching her skin. In a recent issue of the magazine Ebony, she told the readers that she actually has a condition very similar to what Michael Jackson had called vitiligo.

It is a condition in which the pigmentation of your skin begins to lighten in certain areas. It is the opposite of having dark scars, with light blotchy areas appearing on certain parts of your skin. In order to remedy the situation, skin bleaching is often used. She admitted that she had this done, not out of vanity, but because of this sometimes extremely embarrassing skin disorder.

Another very popular star who has dramatically changed her outward appearance is Lil Kim. Not only have her facial features dramatically changed, but the skin tone on her face is most definitely much lighter. Unlike Tamar Braxton, she seems to have simply done this in order to change her image. It is not because of a skin disorder that she had this done, but simply because she had the funds necessary to do so.

A songstress by the name of Dawn Richard has had a dramatic complexion change as of late. She sparked a great deal of controversy with not only definite facial characteristic changes, but with an extreme lightening of her face. She did not admit to having any type of surgery done, nor skin lightening. However, when looking at before and after pictures, there has definitely been some modifications.

Neo-soul singer India.Arie has also lighten her skin to some degree. In a recent promotional video and picture, it is very obvious that her complexion was many shades lighter. She even sat down with Oprah Winfrey at one point and denied that skin lightening had actually occurred. She did say that her complexion was much brighter, but remained defiant in regard to any type of skin whitening procedure. best skin products

Gabrielle Union, a star that has been featured in BET recently posted a photo online which shows that her complexion is not as dark as it used to be. Although she has only stated that it was merely the makeup that she was wearing for the photo shoot, it is clear that there is something different about her face and complexion.

One of the most recognizable African-American stars is Nicki Minaj. She has been featured on a variety of videos, and was also a judge on American Idol. Her rise to fame was actually started when she used an inappropriate gesture toward the audience of the Super Bowl a few years ago.

This catapulted her to fame and fortune on American Idol, one of the most popular television shows of all time. In recent photos, especially when compared to images of her years ago, not only is her hair a different color, but so is her complexion. She only admits to using lighter colored makeup, and that she has done nothing to the complexion of her skin.

A very popular baseball player, Sammy Sosa, posted a photo of himself that caused people to take notice. The African-American baseball star was noticeably whiter by several shades. He stated that he used a skin cream which inadvertently caused the pigmentation oskin lightening milkf his skin to change. He also said he was surprised by the controversy that it had caused, despite the fact that old photos of Sammy Sosa are undeniably different from those taken recently.

In conclusion, whether these popular stars of music or sports have actually done any type of skin whitening, that remains to be seen. Even though a few of them admitted to this type of procedure, we will probably never know what has actually occurred.

All that we do know for certain is that all of them have the funding necessary to not only use skin lightening creams, but any type of procedure that they choose, including laser treatments, because they have the capital to do so. Hopefully, one day, we will know whether or not they had any type of treatment on their face. Until then, we can only speculate as to what has actually occurred. Skin lightening for the celebrities is definitely a possibility, and it can be seen in the pictures that are taken every day.


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