Skin Lightening Lotions – A Detailed Outlook

skin whitening treatmentSkin lightening lotion is used to lighten discolored skin. It is used to reduce age spots and skin hyperpigmentation giving an even skin tone. There are loads of skin whitening and skin lightening creams and lotion that can do wonders to your tanned skin. Women use skin bleaching cream to get rid of dark patches but this product contains hydroquinone that causes side effects. Women have always wanted lighter skin despite tan and brown skin tone being common in certain regions. Skin lightening cream can help achieve a light skin tone on regular use. With the craze for lighter skin increasing, cosmetic companies are making a fortune out of this cultural bias. But what is on top of the mind of prospective users of skin lightening lotion is “if the cream really works?”

Ingredients used in skin lightening lotions

The most basic ingredient used in skin whitening creams is hydroquinone that has a bleaching effect on the skin. Another basic ingredient that controls melanin production is licorice extract. It has the potential of absorbing UVA and UVB rays. One more ingredient commonly used is Kojic acid. It is most commonly used in Japanese cosmetics to lighten skin. Octyl-p-methoxycinnamate is also used that acts as a sunscreen in combination with Octyl salicylate and Oxybenzone.

How to choose a skin lightening lotion?

There are many skin lightening lotions available in the market but not all are suitable for every skin tone. Before making a choice it is important to consider the skin type and the level of skin pigmentation. Instead of using random creams it is best to seek medical help. A dermatologist with experience can help in this case. They can even explain how the product works and how to use. The need for medical help is suggested because certain skin lightening products contain acids to remove old skin and expose the new layer of skin. This process is called bleaching. This has a number of side effects starting from itching, skin dryness and peeling.

There are lotions that are meant for everyday use and then there are ones that can be used on a weekly basis. Also look out for creams that come with Vitamin A or Vitamin E. This could be beneficial as your skin can get all the essential nutrients required to keep your skin healthy while lightening your skin. Never give importance to price while choosing a skin lightening cream. Online shopping can prove beneficial as the choice is abundant and loads of discounts are available. Moreover online stores offer trial pack. This can prove beneficial before spending loads of money on the product only to find out that it is not suitable for your skin type. Though lightening creams can be expensive it is definitely worth the money spent.

How to apply and remove skin lightening cream?

Using skin lightening cream is simple. Most creams come with the instructions on the pack. These creams are applied on the face and around the neck. A regular massage is needed to be given using the cream so that the cream is slowly absorbed into the skin. The cream or lotion should spread evenly. While massaging remember to be gentle. Do not rub too hard as it may cause allergic reaction. Do not use the cream around the eyes or nostrils as the skin is sensitive in these areas. You can use them once during the day and at night for better results. For better results read the directions and use the cream accordingly.

Removing the cream also requires additional care. You can find the instructions for removing the cream mentioned on the pack. Go through them carefully and follow it to the core. After about 15 to 20 minutes it is advised to wash off the cream instead of wiping it. Washing off the cream with luke warm water can be beneficial.

Benefits of skin lightening lotion

Despite the fact that advantages and disadvantages of skin lightening lotions and creams being subject of debate there is no doubt that there are certain benefits in using lightening creams. The cream helps give a paler and lighter skin tone especially if you are suffering from acne blemishes or freckles or age spots. Lightening creams can give an even skin tone and can remove any blemish or discoloration on regular use. Most lightening creams guarantee a flawless skin. It gives you a fair complexion that you have always longed for.

Depending on the ingredient and the brand you choose the effect can vary. But they definitely have the capacity to turn your skin atleast a few shades lighter. Do not expect instant results. Allow recovery time. For some the results will be visible in few weeks and for others it may take months depending on the discoloration on the skin. Though the effect may be gradual it is sure to produce desirable results on regular use.

Where to buy lotion to lighten skin?

Skin lightening lotions are available across the counter even without any prescription. Incase you buy over the counter products it is better to run a test before trying it out on your face. Some products may cause rashes and hence it is important to test it before regular use. Buying products across the counter are easy and the choice is abundant. Check the ingredients before making a final purchase. There is no doubt that a visit to the dermatologist can prove beneficial in the long run.


Read the ingredients and components carefully on the back of the pack before start using with the lightening cream. If you find that any ingredient may harm your skin stop using it right away. Creams that contain bleaching compounds should not be entertained. People with dry skin should use moisturizer once removing the lightening cream.

It is always advised to opt for natural skin lightening products that are made of rejuvenating herbs and vitamins that can heal your skin naturally. For skin softening just use basic lightening cream and for removing heavy discoloration stronger lightening cream is recommended.