Skin Lightening Treatments – 3 of the Most Common Options



There are plenty of reasons why people opt to lighten their skin. To begin with, most women regardless of their race find pale, flawless skin attractive and desirable. Others seek skin lightening treatments in an effort to conceal discolorations, age spots, scars or freckles. These conditions are made less noticeable as the skin lighteners even the skin’s pigmentation. While there are numerous ways to lighten the skin, some are more hazardous than others. It is thus prudent to find out the safest best skin lightening treatment and methods before commencing the process. Below, we take a look at 3 of the most popular skin lightening treatments as follows:

1. Natural Skin Lightening

A change in diet signals the first step towards realizing the flawless skin you have always desired. Although this does not directly contribute to the lightening of the skin, it nonetheless increases its quality making it possible for healthy changes to emanate from within. For starters, you need to eliminate all refined products from your diet as these contain ingredients that are genetically modified. These harmful compounds are likely to cause great harm to your skin and body thus diminishing the flawless, healthy appearance you so desperately seek. When this is done in tandem with the natural skin lightening process, your skin is bound to radiate and glow.

Undoubtedly, one of the best natural lightening treatments involves the use of raw milk, lemons, and flour/glycerin. The resultant paste is then applied to the face for between 20 to 30 minutes before being peeled off. Alternatively, mixing a few drops of lemon juice together with one or two grated tomatoes will also suffice. The resultant mixture is then applied for about 20 minutes before being rinsed off. Experts recommend doing this at least twice a day.

The efficiency of the foregoing methods is pegged on citrus fruits which are an effective skin lightening agent. In fact, citrus fruits are safer than many of the professional lightening treatments available on the market including those prescribed by doctors. How is this possible? Well, most of these professional treatments contain among others hydroquinone and mercury which are causative cancer agents. Therefore, taking the natural route in order to lighten your skin will ensure that you achieve the same efficacy levels without having to compromise your health.

2. Prescriptions

Those who wish to achieve instant skin lightening results could talk to their doctors about prescription medications which are known to bleach the skin but whose safety cannot be guaranteed. Some have even been proven to be toxic. These medications work by inhibiting melanin production which is responsible for pigmentation.

Although a small percentage of hydroquinone is allowed in commercial products such as skin lightening treatments, doctors typically prescribe these harmful ingredients in greater concentrations for the desired effect. This is likely to make you susceptible to health complications. Doctors should always ensure that they examine their patient’s skin prior to making a prescription so as to accurately provide for each situation.

3. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve the application of acid to the skin so as to reduce its pigmentation and consequently lighten it. Chemical peel treatments come in three types all of which have varying degrees of risks and effects.

Superficial peels only remove the skin’s top layer and are the mildest. They can be performed weekly for up to six weeks. Although the skin may turn pink after treatment, one should not experience any discomfort thereafter.

Chemical peels of a medium nature are akin to a second degree burn. Here, the acid penetrates to a deeper level and removes more skin than a superficial peel. It produces better results in those who are dark skinned and generally takes a week to heal.

Deep chemical peels penetrate most skin layers and are the most dangerous. They are worse than a second degree burn and recipients will usually require two weeks off work for recovery. Pain relievers may also be prescribed. Despite their efficiency, chemical peels lead to scarring, swelling, and infection.


Before settling for any skin lightening treatments, always weigh out the available options as what may be medically effective may not be safe. It is fool-hardy to only concentrate on the end result without having due regard to your health.


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