Skin Whitening Products Reviews


Skin whitening can be described as a form of cosmetic treatment that is used to get lighter shades of skin tones as well as solve problems related to pigmentation. They are commonly available in the current markets. Majority of the skin lightening creams are made of chemical components which could range from retinoid, kojic acid, arbutin hydroquinone, azelaic acid etc. Some could contain components extracted from natural plants.

Reducing Skin DarknessThe whitening products mainly work by playing around with melanin in the body. Sometimes it works by reducing the rate of production of melanin hence leading to reduced skin darkening.

A majority of these products are in essence skin shading agents that are they enhance the process of slight peeling of a small layer of the skin. This then gives way to creation of new lighter skin. Skin color is determined by melanin pigment. If you have dark spots on your skin, it means melanin is excess in that particular part of the body.

Currently we have numerous products in the market dealing with skin whitening. It is difficult to ascertain that the products brands will deliver the expected appropriate outcomes. It is therefore quite hard for people to differentiate finest and proper products form the rest. Other people take a lot more time to find their desired brand. To help individuals figure out what products to use, we classify some of the best in the current market.

Revitol and Meladerm stand out to be the best; their ingredients are superb and have shown the ability to provide unfailing outcomes. Most importantly, these products are sold at reasonably affordable prices yet they remain very dependable.

Ambi Fade Cream Reviews

ambi fade creamAmbi fade cream is a great skin brightener as it can be used by men and women and the results on the external appearance are like magic. This skin whitener is not only great with skin lightening but also works well to reduce dark spots on your skin; it also combats freckles, sun burn.

It also incorporates three powerful components hence it is referred to as a triple action formula product.

Barielle Reviews

Barielles porcelain skin brightening cream is sold as an over the counter product that deals with entirely all physical marks on your skin while at the same time working to lighten your skin. This particular cream is great for handling black spots and visible spots on your skin. It also handles freckles and anything related to uneven skin surfaces.

Clinique  Better™ Reviews

Clinique  Better Skin Tone Corrector is one of the newest entry in the skin care marketplace. It’s a skin whitener product that helps one deal with acen, aging spots, and uneven skin tone issues. The product is free from hydroquinone and is known to suit all kinds of skin.

Crystal Clear Reviews

Skin Brightening ComplexCrystal clear skin brightening complex is one the natural skin whiteners that is mostly useful in brightening a person’s tired skin. It also contains powerful ingredients that can moisturize and prevent your skin from any other damage.

The company has been in operation since 1995 and one of the reputable companies In the skin care industry.

Esoterica Reviews

Esoterica Fade is a skin lightener that is in cream form and is particularly helpful to people with freckles, spots on their skin, blemishes and sun spots. Apart from lightening your skin, its manufacturers assert that it can also remove pregnancy marks and skin discoloration that comes about because of lack of medication.

GLUTA-C Reviews

GLUTA-C lightening cream is a skin whitening solution that contains anti-aging ingredients and also other natural properties. It is designed to counteract common skin problems and lighten your complexion too. GULTA-C is also used to eradicate marks from acne, aging spots, stretch marks, dark spots, birth marks, among others.

Glyquin XM Reviews

Glyquin XMThe Glyquin XM is a type of cream applied on the skin that is popular among individuals that are seeking a skin discoloration solution for freckles and melisma.

Unlike the other skin whiteners, Glyquin Xm is not sold over the counter but is rather a prescription based product. This means that it can only be used upon prescription by a physician.

Godiva Skin Care Reviews

Godiva Licowhite is a series of skin lighteners that are known to offer quick results when compared to other products in the market. It is manufactured with ingredients that have been approved by FDA. It works to rid off dark spots, acne marks, aging spots and also deals with pigmentation.

Nur76 Reviews

Nur76 is a cosmetic product, which is promoted by the UK skin lightening and is also referred to as an all in one skin care regime as it is useful in dealing with pregnancy marks, dark spots, blemishes and melisma. The result is lighter and brighter skin.

Palmer’s Fade Cream Reviews

Palmers fade creamPalmers  fade cream is  a type of solution applied on the skin which has been received well in the market ever since it was introduced.

Promoters of this product that it can deal with melasma, acne and skin discoloration. Besides the product is can be used by everybody.

PharmaClinix Reviews

PharmaClinix Lightenex Is a skin lightener that help deal with freckles and hyperpigmentation. It does not contain bleach and has however not been tested on animals. It contains all necessary ingredients that boost brighter and fresh looking skin.

Proactiv Reviews

Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion sold to the buyers over the counter and is said to contain all skin related problems in one go. It is marketed by Guther Renker LLC.


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