The Best Skin Lighteners For Ethnic Skin


The African-American skin or ethnic skin is quite different to that of a Caucasian. The difference is the ethnic skin has more melanin than the Caucasian skin. Melanin is a substance responsible for the dark pigmentation in their skin. The degree of pigmentation depends on the amount of melanin present in the dermal layer of the skin.

all natural ingredientsThe best remedy for such skin types is a good bleaching cream made of natural ingredients. The ethic skin can always be bleached to the color you prefer. There are so many bleaching creams on the market for this purpose, but not all of them are top-notch.

This is why you need to perform some research when choosing the best skin lightener for the ethnic skin. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best skin lighteners for ethnic skin.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing the best skin whitening cream for African-American skins. Go for a product that contains 100% natural ingredients without harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals and parabens have been linked to various skin cancers by the skincare experts.

There are so many skincare products that are made of 100% natural ingredients. A little research on your part will reveal so many brands of skin lighteners that fall under such a category. Here are some of the most effective skin lighteners for the ethnic skin.

Lightenex Cream – This is one of the best skin whiteners for the African-American skin. The moisturizing texture soothes the skin. It comes in a nicely packed jar, and is highly effective in lightening the tone of the ethic skin.

The product is easy to apply, and should be used according to the instructions provided on the label for best results. This bleaching cream is priced at $79.99, and could be purchased from many online e-commerce stores.

kojic acidKojic Acid – This is one of the cheapest but effective skin lighteners for African-American skin. It is priced at $14.99. It is skin-friendly and could be used by a person even with a sensitive skin.

Some users have said that the product causes a dry skin. The best results are visible with prolonged use. The product has been receiving some raving reviews on many online forums and discussion boards.

Euoko Intense White Serum – This white serum lightens the African-American skin quite effectively. The deep moisturizing action of the product helps hydrate the skin while lightening it. The product smells great and is packed in a fancy bottle. The product is a bit expensive at $149.99, but is quite effective in whitening the ethnic skin.

Dark Marks Away – This product surely makes a statement when it comes to lightening the African-American skin. This product is manufactured by a skin doctor after 100% research. Hence, it is quite safe and effective on the dark skin. It works best to even out dark spots on the skin, and is priced at $30 on numerous online e-commerce stores.

Extra Strong Skin WhiteningExtra Strong Skin Whitening – This product is a concealer which comes in 3 concentrated bottles. You get a serum, moisturizer and a cream for the price of one. There are reports to say the product promotes dryness of the skin, but it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

You can request for a 100% refund if the product doesn’t do what it promises. You have no risk whatsoever in trying this product due to this guarantee. The product has a tingly feel upon application as stated by some of its users. This product costs $98.

Makari-Caviar Face Lightening Cream – Makari is a leading brand that produces ethnic skincare products. This product is approved by the FDA. It doesn’t include hydroquinone but 100% natural ingredients to lighten the skin. The product is made of vegeclairine and caviar. Vegeclairine is a good bleaching agent that helps lighten the black skin. This product is priced at $52.45.

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Cream – This is one of the most effective pigment reducing creams on the market. It is powerful and effective in healing age spots, dark spots, freckles, It evens the skin and make it look vibrant and radiant.

Meladerm Pigment Reducing CreamThe product will also help moisturize the skin giving it a smooth look and feel. Meladerm is also effective in removing melasma. The product is priced at $49.95 on many online e-commerce stores. There are so many positive testimonials and reviews about the product on numerous online forums.

You can expect to see positive results within the first two weeks of using the product. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which helps you try the product without any risk on your part.

The aforementioned are some of the most effective skin lightening products for the African-American skin or ethnic skin. Use them as per instructions for best results.


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