The Facts about Body Whitening Lotion

Lots of people – women, especially – try to find out the best and the perfect body whitening lotion to help them improve their appearance and their looks. The lotion is included in today’s skin care products that are quite popular and well known among women users. Since women mostly think that fairer and brighter skin will make them more attractive or more beautiful, such products are gaining in popularity.

The Bright Skin Concept

The concept of beauty is always changing from time to time. In the past, the term and meaning of beauty was completely different from today’s concept. For example, around the Middle Age, obese women were considered highly beautiful and sexy, while in the 17th century, paleness was considered as the attractive beauty concept at that time. For today’s concept, fair and bright skin seems to be the most popular beauty term. That’s why most women – and some of the men – are always trying to make themselves look better, brighter, and fairer.

People need to realize that the color of their skin depends greatly on their skin pigmentation or melanin. If they have natural dark skin pigmentation, it will be impossible for them to have perfectly bright skin because that how their natural condition is. People need to know the true facts of such body whitening lotion and the so called perfect skin before they purchase any product recklessly. If they have understood the concept and the facts, they won’t fall into traps of misleading advertisements or concept.

Understanding More about the Whitening Lotion

Besides the lotion, people will try to use such bleaching creams, lightening treatments, and many other ways to help them get the skin perfection they have sought after. Besides using the creams and the treatments, there are also natural methods and techniques that people can use to help them improving their looks.

First of all, when people consume whitening pills or use whitening creams or lotions, the products’ content contain the melanin, a special chemical produced naturally by the body in order to protect people from sun damage. Lots of people are interested in using the skin products because of various reasons. For a starter, when we get older, it is normal when our skin starts experiencing skin spots or discoloration. Because of it, we experience the so called age spot, uneven skin hue, melasma, or even acne scars. Some of the people may also experience skin disorder that may cause uneven skin proportion. That’s why these people are very interested in using the body whitening lotion so they can deal with the skin flaw in order to improve their appearance.

The Ingredients in Skin Lotion

When people are looking for the best body whitening lotion to improve their appearance, they need to pay attention to the content and ingredients as well. Don’t recklessly choose any kind of lotion they want, just because they think that the products are expensive or come from well-known brands. If people are interested in finding the perfect products, choose the ones with the following contents:

– Arbutin. Arbutin is considered safer than hydroquinone and it has become one of the most popular ingredients in this industry. The reason why it is considered very safe is because it is taken from blueberry extract. The benefits of arbutin are preventing the damages caused by free radicals, making the skin look younger, and minimizing the sun damage effects.

– Vitamin C. Since the body can’t produce the vitamin naturally, we need the vitamin from other supplements. This vitamin can stop the production of melanin and improving the collagen production. Collagen is important to make the skin look younger and firmer. It is also able to repel off dangerous free radicals that can cause early aging signs, like the visibility of wrinkles and lines.

– Retinol or vitamin A. vitamin A can help dealing with skin issues, such as sun damage, acne treatment, and dark skin. The retinol will remove the upper layer of the skin so the fresher and newer skin layer will be visible. It will boost the skin complexion even more.

– Lemon juice. This substance can remove skin blemishes and spots. However, when people use the products with lemon juice content, the possible side effects are stinging sensation for sensitive skin or dry skin issue.

How to Improve the Skin Tone

Besides using the body whitening lotion, people can also incorporate these natural methods within their daily activities, such as:

– Consume water. When people drink enough water, the water will transport the blood and the oxygen throughout the body in order to enhance body’s overall health. The water will also remove the dangerous toxins from the body so people won’t have to deal with skin problems anymore.

– Manage the proper and correct diet. Consuming more veggies and fruits are good, instead of consuming processed foods that usually contain high level of sugar.

– Limit the sun exposure. The sun ray before 10 PM or after 4 PM is good for the skin. But in between those hours, the sun ray can damage the skin. It is crucial to wear skin protection products.

– Exercise. Exercising can also help washing out the toxins out of the body, especially when it is done regularly.

Other Possible Treatments and Contents to Avoid

It is advisable that people need to avoid ingredients like mercury, steroids, and hydroquinone. These ingredients may be able to make the skin brighter, but they usually cause side effects that can make the skin have greater issue. Hydroqunone and mercury can even cause cancer issue.

It is also possible to use products containing:

– Sandalwood paste. It can make the skin look brighter and healthier without damaging the skin.

– Lemon extract. It is good to improve skin brightness and clarity.

– Citric acid. It can improve the skin brightness naturally.

– Niacinamide. Not only this substance can whiten the skin, it is also good to use in various skin condition and type.

Of course, it is necessary to always consult the doctors or professional medical experts when people want to choose the best body whitening lotion for their needs. Be wise and be careful when choosing the right products or they may make the problems get worse.