The Full Story On Skin Whitening Cream

The allure of whitening cream is nothing new in the world of beauty products. Some work, some don’t, and some can be just plain dangerous. But in a Jamaican town called Denham, the level of danger has reached an all time high. Or low, depending on how you look at it. The incident in question involved a reportedly tense situation between the women in the community that eventually sparked a full on fist fight, in the public arena of a convenience store. Did this cream make the women go crazy? Doubtful. Were they mentally unbalanced, or was something deeper to blame for this rift?

Girls Gone Wild, Over Whitening Cream?
The introduction of a new skin whitening cream in Denham was apparently all it took for a number women to lose control and attack each other. Citizens of the community are claiming that this new cream is creating a slew of new tensions, although police sources are quick to dismiss these claims. While the authorities laugh, the citizens grow even angrier, with many women stating this new fighting should not be taken lightly, or treated as a secret. Many women believe that if the situation continues to be swept under the rug, the consequences could be grave and severe.

How the Tension Started
Citizens of Denham are saying this entire tense situation started as a result of one woman buying an overly indulgent amount of the cream. In July, two women were spotted at the store where the whitening cream is sold. The woman in question bought well over twenty bags of the cream, with the other learning to her dismay that she would have to return the following day. What sounded like something akin to a playground brawl would not be saved by the classroom bell any time soon.

The woman who had supposedly been short changed apparently made numerous attempts to strike a bargain with the greedier of the two. When the woman who had bought all the cream refused to compromise, the situation became heated. Before too long, much to the dismay of onlookers, instead of resolving the situation like adults, the two women began throwing fists. This soon devolved into stones, and even bottles became weapons in this all out, seemingly juvenile warfare.

The End of the Bickering?
Unfortunately, this story of petty arguing does not end here. The women frequently return to this shop to try and one up each other in terms of purchasing the cream, but now their pettiness has infected a larger portion of the Denham community. These women each pool together with their supporters (one cannot help but wonder about the sanity of anyone who would be on the side of either of these individuals), and compete to buy as much of the whitening cream as they possibly can, so that the other woman will have to be subjected to a lack of availability. Sometimes the tension boils over into bickering, spats, and full on fights. But somehow, this behavior continues, seemingly without any kind of repercussion.

A Visit from the News Media
As this story began to grow, journalists and other media personas were naturally interested in taking a closer look into this bizarre story. One journalist visited Denham for the express purpose of taking a step into this notorious shop and seeing if the situation was as bad as the hype around it was describing it to be. They met the owner of the shop, and upon being introduced he begged that he be kept anonymous. He boasted about being the real inventor of the cream, and treated the fighting and tension as though it were a brilliant marketing maneuver on his part.
While that statement may seem twisted enough, the shop owner then revealed his secret as to why his brand of whitening cream was so much better than the others:
Because he had mixed two whitening creams together.

That’s all.

And yet that’s all it took for him to have what he proudly described as the “real deal” in whitening cream. Such a simple recipe (or lack thereof, let’s say), and yet that seems to be all it took for two women to not only fight each other tooth and nail, but recruit other women to do the same in their honor.
What is going on here?

The Reasons and the Repercussions

It is easy to dismiss a story as ridiculous as this as simply a joke. But it speaks volumes for the state of women in general. That two women would behave in an animalistic fashion over what is effectively a shabbily put-together generic hybrid of two beauty products, is an embarrassing blotch on the face of female history. Stories like this should never make it past the school yard during recess. Were these two girls in school, they would immediately be sent to the proper disciplinary forces. And yet when two grown women act like this, they are laughed at, as they continue to smear mud over decades of feminist progress. A detention slip is long overdue for these women.

The news team asked the shop’s owner for his own explanation of why the women could be fighting so viciously over the cream. He responded by saying that the women have had long standing tensions with each other for quite a while. They are constantly in competition with each other, for whatever reason, and now, the unveiling of this cream was an object with which to assert their dominance over the other.

The situation in Jamaica is an unfortunate one, of course, but more because of the actions of two immature women than the attitudes of the city as a whole. The whitening cream that was supposedly the best on the market was actually the hair-brained concoction devised by a shop keeper who did not mind watching women bicker if it resulted in a sale (or twenty) of his product. While the situation is too ridiculous to require discipline, the two women should be ashamed of themselves.

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