The Million Dollar Question: Is Nicki Minaj Skin Lightening?


In this day and age, it is hard to tell whether a not a person is bleaching their skin or applying other cosmetic treatments. Makeup is advanced, so it a person could just be wearing cosmetics that makes them appear lighter, or they could be applying skin lightening treatments that makes their skin appear much lighter. A lot of celebrities have taken to this, including actresses like Tempest Bledsoe and music artists like Trina–and perhaps Nicki Minaj.

The jury is out on whether or not Nicki is applying these treatments, but you can take a look at her appearances and make a decision for yourself. However, if you are not familiar with the process of skin lightening, perhaps this guide will put things a bit more into perspective.

How Does A Person Lighten Their Skin?

cosmology treatmentThere are a lot of high level cosmetic products on the market that allow people to lighten their skin. Some people “bleach” their skin with a series of cosmetology treatments, while others purchase skin lightening treatments that they can use themselves at home.

In a lot of places, you have to get treatments under the watchful eye of a cosmetic professional, to make sure that you are not dealing with hazardous side effects.

How Can I Tell If A Person Is Lightening Their Skin?

In many situations, a person will be lightening their face, but won’t necessarily lighten their entire body. When a person’s face appears to be much lighter than the rest of their body, this is usually a telltale sign. When a person uses high quality products, the lightening will appear more natural and not as jarring to their appearance.

However, sometimes it is still difficult to tell, because the photographer could have used a filter or editing software, or once again, their skin might appear lighter due to makeup, rather than skin lightening products.

These products are becoming more and more common, as a lot of celebrities are beginning to take advantage of it. A lot of people use them not to lighten their entire facial features, but instead to get rid of dark circles that might appear due to aging, acne or a number of other reasons.

nicki minaj skin lighteningRegardless of the reason, it is clear that these products work and are here to stay. They should only be used by following the directions outlined, as a person might end up getting undesirable effects if they don’t follow the directions.

So the jury is still out on whether Ms. Minaj has begun lightening her skin or not, but it is definitely sparking plenty of conversation. Their are a lot of racial narratives that play out in these situations, as there has been backlash on social media when other celebrities have started lightening their skin.

In Hollywood, a lot of people are getting all sorts of work done, so skin lightening is among the newer forms of work that people are enjoying.

However, it is important to realize that this is all a personal choice and people should be given the freedom to do as they please with their appearance. Nicki Minaj has not gone on record about any types of skin lightening procedures, but people who understand cosmetics largely believe that she has undergone some sort of treatment.

The other question remains, what types of products did she use, if she indeed is lightening her skin? What methods of treatment is she undergoing? These questions will remain unanswered for a little while longer, but the general public also have the freedom to form opinions of their own.


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