The Perfect Skin Lightening Treatment Solutions

It is without doubt that a blemish-free and light skin is an eye candy to most people. In deed, if you want to grab people’s attention, just do your best in lessening any dark spots or lightening your dermis.

Most people, especially women desire a flawless and even shin. However, only a few of them are lucky to have a clear skin tone. A number of factors usually cause skin darkening. Nevertheless, it is generally a result of accumulation of melanin in the skin over time.

We will begin by understanding what is implied by the term skin lightening. It actually refers to the practice of use of substances such as chemicals to enhance an even skin complexion or lighten the tone of the skin. This is made possible by reducing melanin concentration. In deed, melanin is the main determinant of skin color in humans.

Several chemicals have been proven effective for skin lightening treatment. However, some have been found to be toxic, or to contain dubious safety profiles. This hub will introduce you to the most effective skin lightening treatment. This is because most of us usually settle for products that contain dangerous chemicals, which eventually causes extensive damage to the skin.

Home remedies

You can get that pristine, bright and perfect skin tone using natural remedies. It does not matter whether you are European, Asian or African. The bottom line is that you want your skin lighter with as few dark spots as possible. It is crucial to note that you do not have to result to potentially harmful skin lightening products to reduce skin flaws.

The good news is that there is healthy skin lightening treatments to deal with skin problems. Most importantly, your diet is a crucial determinant of your skin tone. It is advisable to eliminate processed products in your diet for a flawless skin. Such products contain genetically modified ingredients, which are harmful to your skin.

Caveman diet has been proven effective in treating various skin challenges such as acne. Moreover, this diet can be an excellent starting point for a healthy skin tone. Although, it does not lighten your skin, it enhances the appearance and elasticity of your skin. This is necessary to eliminate imperfections in your skin quickly.

Once you have adjusted your eating routine to wholesome and healthy diet, the second phase requires a research on natural skin lightening treatments. If you want a light skin, look no further than lemon and lime. These citric fruits will definitely bleach the tone of your skin. Scientific research indicates that citric acid progressively lightens the tone of your skin.

Citric acid is said to be a progressive skin lightener because you will most likely not recognize any major change immediately. However, it is advisable not to venture out in the sun while using citric acid as you may burn. This is especially if you have a pale skin. The good thing about citric acid is that it is a nice remedy for acne as well.

To work with citric acid skin lightening treatment, create a mask using two limes or lemons, a teaspoonful of flour or glycerin and one cup of unprocessed milk. This forms a paste, which you can apply directly to your skin. Leave the paste on your face for about 30 minutes and rinse off completely.

Other natural options considered effective as skin lightening treatments include glycolic acid face peel, salicylic acid cream and kojic acid soap. The good thing about all these remedies is that they are safe. In fact, they have no proven side effects. Besides, they are easily available at health food stores and online stores such as Amazon.

Some other remedies to lighten your skin

You should apply sun block every time you are going out. You should be aware that you it is impossible to lighten up your skin if you are still going outdoors without sun protection. Invest in lotions and sun block creams with a high sun protection factor. Besides, always carry with you an umbrella to protect you from harmful UV rays. There are foldable umbrellas that you can stash in your bag for use when the sun is harsh.

Ensure you choose an effective moisturizer or lotion with natural ingredients only. They have been proven effective in inhibiting production of melanin. First, they target uneven skin parts of your body and match your skin color effectively. Subsequently, they lighten the tone of your skin, which can happen as fast as within two weeks.

Moisturizers and lotions also help you get rid of unwanted dark spots in your body. However, they generally lighten your skin as a whole. The good thing about these products is that they moisturize your skin as well. Nevertheless, avoid chemical based moisturizers or lotions because they contain harmful parabens, chemical ingredients and additives. Such ingredients essentially cause more harm than good to your skin.

Negative health effects and controversies about skin lightening treatment

In recent years, skin lightening has come under criticism because of its possible harmful effects. This is a clear indication that some skin lightening treatment products contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercurous chloride. In fact, Hydroquinone is banned in most countries and can only be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

On the other hand, the market for toxic free skin lightening products has been growing tremendously. Nonetheless, they are extremely expensive because they are made using natural ingredients.


You should note that skin lightening creams can damage your skin if left on for too long. Therefore, use them with discretion and ensure that you follow all instructions. If you are using a cosmetic product, stop using the product anytime you feel an irritation in your skin. Do not use products that contain harmful products such as Hydroquinone and mercury because they can cause cancer.
Although sun block is necessary when using skin lightening products, you should not use it always. This is because sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D. Therefore, you need some sun to stay healthy.