The Safety And Efficacy Of Skin Whitening Products


If you’ve been considering whitening or lightening your skin, you need to know that this is a serious topic. Skin lightning can be dangerous if not done correctly. In fact, permanent damage to your skin and even to your health can result from improper application of skin lightening products. In this article, we will discuss the safety and efficacy of skin whitening. Read on to learn more

dark spotMany people with darker complexions or with dark spots on the skin turn to skin whitening products to improve their appearance. It’s important to remember that these products are part of a multi-billion dollar industry, the skin care industry.

Just as with any other popular product, there are good and bad products and good and bad producers. That’s why it pays to look out for your own safety and avoid being tricked.

Some ingredients found in skin whitening products have been banned in some countries and not in others. For example, the chemical known as hydroquinone is banned in the United Kingdom but not in the United States.The reason for the banning is that this ingredient can have a number of negative effects on the skin. Additionally, it is believed to have been responsible for outbreaks of the illness known as Ochronosis when used by people in Africa.

Hydroquinone is a toxic chemical, yet it is a very commonly found active ingredient in skin whitening creams in the US. You should be aware that hydroquinone is not the only culprit when it comes to dangerous substances found in over-the-counter skin treatments. There are also bleaching creams that contain steroids

It’s easy to see that if you are interested in lightning your skin tone or eradicating dark spots on your skin, it pays to do good research and find a product that is made of safe ingredients and has a good track record. Acceptable skin whitening creams should be free of toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. They should also come highly recommended by both users and skincare professionals such as dermatologists.

bleachingIn order to select the best cream for lightning your skin tone, it’s important to understand how these creams work. First, you should realize that skin lightning is not a one size fits all proposition.

Your skin type and skin tone or shade all play an important part in your choice of skin lightning product. Different skin lightening products work in different ways.

Some use acidic ingredients to slough off surface skin and expose new skin. This type of bleaching process may cause skin dryness, itching and peeling. In this case, your skin may be lighter; however, it may also be quite unattractive.

Some skin lightening products work with the help of ingredients intended to inhibit the production of melanin. Licorice extract is one such ingredient. Another is extrapone nutgrass root. Other ingredients that work essentially via sun screening action are octyl–p–methoxycinnamate, oxybenzone and octyl salicylate.

These work by absorbing UVB and UVA rays from the sun. This prevents an exposure on the skin, reduces melanin production and results in lighter skin tone in the long run.

Other skin lighteners are acidic in nature and work by abrading the surface of the skin. Kojic acid is one such ingredient which is frequently found in skin lightening products made in Japan.

One aspect of your personal research into skin lightening creams that you should not neglect is that it is ongoing in nature. Ingredients that we believe are safe today may be found to be unsafe tomorrow For this reason, it is very important that you stay on top of the latest information regarding skin lightening products.

lemon juice for skinBy and large, you are best off staying with the most natural ingredients possible and avoiding harsh chemicals. Gently effective natural ingredients include lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, buttermilk, yogurt and other naturally acidic comestibles.

These sorts of ingredients do not have dramatic effects. Instead, they work gently over a long period of time with very consistent use. The very big upside to using these types of natural ingredients is that you are unlikely to experience any negative side effects.

When lightening your skin tone or doing away with dark age spots on your skin, you must remember that your safety should be your number one consideration. You should discuss your wishes with your doctor and/or your dermatologist to determine what sorts of products will be right for you. Do your research carefully, and treat your skin gently for the best results.


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