Top Skin Lightening Products On The Market


There are so many products out there that are helpful in lightening your skin intensely. Using these products on a regular basis will help lighten the dark pigmentation on your skin. Even though there are natural products as well as synthetic products that are effective in lightening any type of dark skin, you should be careful when choosing the best skin lightening product on the market.

There are so many things to consider in this regard. Pay close attention to the ingredients in a product, and have an idea about which ingredients work best to lighten your skin. This article highlights the top skin lightening products out there.

pinkish glow on skinThe color of the skin varies from one person to another due to the amount of melanin present in their skin. The skin colors range from black to white with some people having a pinkish glow due to the blood vessels found underneath the skin.

Melanocytes in the skin produces a pigment called melanin which is stimulated by tryosinase. Melanin is also helpful in controlling the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. UV rays can help in the production of vitamin D, but it can damage the skin if overexposed.

There are some lifestyle changes that can aid in the skin whitening process. Here are some important factors to consider before using an effective skin lightening product. A balanced diet is essential for anyone planning to whiten their skin. Processed foods have harmful chemicals that will make your skin prone to redness and blemishes. Fiber rich foods are helpful in eliminating toxins from your skin.

Water is another important element to hydrate the skin, and keep it radiant and glowing. Two liters of water a day is important to keep the skin hydrated and release toxins from the skin. This can help in keeping out the blemishes from your skin.

Other than eating a healthy, balanced diet and drinking a lot of water, exercising is extremely important to deliver the right amount of oxygen and enhance the blood circulation. When the skin cells are filled with oxygen, it will help stimulate the skin regeneration process. These are some of the most important lifestyle changes to consider when considering the skin whitening process.

drink waterMost of the skin lightening products on the market act by blocking the production of melanin. Inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase is a major factor in this regard.

There is a wide range of selection in this regard with various lotions, gels and sunscreens. The following are some of the main ingredients that should be included in any skin whitening product.

Hydroquinone is a primary agent that is being used in numerous skin lightening products due to its antioxidant benefits. This ingredient is available in 2% or 4% concentrations depending on the skin whitening product. This element will not bleach the skin, but lighten it. Kojic acid is another important ingredient in effective skin whitening products on the market.

Kojic acid is a by-product of malting rice for the production of Sake. This ingredient is effective in inhibiting the melanin production, but it should be included in the right proportions. This ingredient can turn brown and lose its efficiency when exposed to the sun.

Arbutin is another important ingredient in any skin lightening product. This ingredient is harvested from mulberry. It is considered a potent alternative to hydroquinone. These are some of the major ingredients in an effective skin whitening product.

senvieSenvie – This is one of the top skin lightening products on the market. This product helps lighten acne, age spots and uneven skin tone problems.

The product is manufactured using natural ingredients such as vitamins E & C, green tea extract, CoQ10, gotu kola, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, gluconolactone and hyaluronic acid.

It is 100% natural and doesn’t contain mercury or any other banned ingredients. This is one of the best products on the market today. It is priced at $54.95.

Revitol Skin Brightener – This product has been receiving quite a positive review from the majority of users. It will provide a more even tone to your skin. The product doesn’t use toxic substances, but natural ingredients. Lumiskin helps inhibit the effects of tyrosinase.

Arbutin helps reduce the appearance of dark areas. Shea Butter is extracted from the Karite Nut Tree, Revitol Skin Brightenerand helpful to protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun. Evening primrose oil will help reduce the dryness of the skin.

Grapefruit seed extract will help regenerate the skin cells since it is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamins C, E and A are included for a healthier glow and elasticity of your skin. This product is priced at $39.95, and is available through numerous online e-commerce stores.

The aforementioned are two of the top skin lightening products currently on the market.


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